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  1. Come on bro. If your points were valid you wouldnt need the profanity. Does Swift use that kinda language? No, 'cause his arguments valid.
  2. It's ridiculous. People go out their way to try to dog Flaco and say he's just Trent Dilfer blah, blah, blah. But then they turn around and say it's a new, qb driven league. Huh? They just mad cuz the "sponsored one" aint producin' so they gotta take other qbs down. Tebow win a playoff game and instead of pundits trying to learn something from it, they turn up the rhetoric. All for wonder boy. The most coddled dude in the league. FACT... Arthur Blank, "Matt was pressured ALL DAY!" After it was pointed out that there was only one meaningful sack given up in Giants game (two total). ^^^ Unbeli
  3. Come on bro... I love Abe. I love'm i do. But Chris Chandler was our greatest free agent signing ever... Hands down.
  4. Full head of hair. Camera friendly face. The writing is on the wall folks. Save this post. Mark it now. Nolan has EVERYTHING Blank looks for in a head coach. Mike Smith might not make it past pre-season.
  5. Huh? Did I miss something? Did Ryan win a playoff game or something? Who, exactly, are you suggesting has been vindicated in this?
  6. "It can't be me"! Boy this guy is letting everyone take the wrap for his failures. While all these people are getting fired for alledgedly being inept. He gets credit for, supposedly, being one of the best coaches ever. Question, what role did these pigeons have in the supposed 4 great years of Smith's tenure? And the way he is actively throwing MM under the bus? Wow. Keep it classy bro! Tell your new oc to stop making comments outwardly suggesting the MM was the sole problem. Comments about screens, vertical passing game... If that's what you are gonna do then do it, but don't sell MM out lik
  7. G-Dawg... You are a true falcon fan bro... I just don't think they appreciate ya.
  8. How is this one? "Going Rogue... We don't need your Lombardi trophy... We can just buy our own... b2b champions."
  9. ^^^^ I don't know if I want this guy to be our general manager but I sure wood like for him to be at the table when some of the decisions are made.
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