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  1. Sure if he signs a clause saying I won't be a moron in the last 3 minutes of the superbowl and cost the team and the city it's first ever Super Bowl title again!!!!
  2. No hindsight is not 20/20 every high paid half a brain OC knows where it was at that time and forcing NE to burn 3 timeouts and kicking a field goal going up 11 with under 3 minutes left is as close as a death nail as you can get with a NE offense that didn't get over the top all game and would require time to march down field even to get it within a 1 possession game again at best if they scored and got a 2 point conversion then.... at most they would have 30 seconds left and have to make a perfect on-side kick.... at end of day when it counted THE COACHES LOST THIS SUPERBOWL
  3. 32 year old father of 3 wearing my batman pajamas that I wore for previous 2 playoff wins
  4. Good it may not sting as much then when your boys don't get it done and then you can go back to hibernation up there in that bitter cold.
  5. I've got weather models and a getaway trip with my wife tonight to keep me distracted somewhat but when get back home tomorrow afternoon, it's what to eat for the big game, nerves, and anticipation from then till Kick-off....
  6. Welp, we have reached that point I agree and it's only Tuesday
  7. "A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week."
  8. I still expect both Lafleur and Mcdaniels to get interviews and if they show they are ready to be a OC and run this type of offense then one of them may go with Shanny but with him all you are is a position coach with OC title, here they would be the OC the guy calling the plays with a already loaded offense and a chance to make a name for themselves so I expect one of them to stay and get a nice payday and a higher role in the coaching staff
  9. I'm sorry this offense has bounced around enough and we finally have a upcoming good defense along with a offense with a scheme and player design that excels with Ryan. We are not going to jump to a different scheme when the players we have fit that scheme particular O-line and have excelled we will be finding somebody to stay in this WCO type offense and run it while we are in a legit window of contending sorry makes no darn sense and front office has to be to smart for that...
  10. You paint your objective opinions and refuse anyone the same on our board
  11. No you just say you are 4-4 against top 10 Ds etc and have no idea what caused those said loses and matters it wasn't 1 for 1 simply defense stopping our offense in fact many of those losses the offense moved and scored well over the D average PPG those games...again your hillarious really comparing our Red zone as mediocre when the are right beside your team haha...brilliant
  12. So NE must be mediocre as well my friend 63.77% for NE to ATLs 63.16% both top 10 in NFL I guess the main difference is we have the true ability to do it both with big plays and in the 20, are you really just speaking out your you know what or what... Hilarious you bring up red zone efficiency but don't even know they are side by side with your beloved team.
  13. ohh boy already discussed that whole 4-4 thing easily explained why your assessment in that is wrong as far as the actually games and how mostly offensively those loses had little to do with offense performance you saw that post and not repeating but believe whatever
  14. Go on about how that defense has anything to do with the players on this defense... That defense was a much better defense with many talented players compared to this defense, Plus comparing 2001 Rams to Falcons is night and day a offense that mainly ran thru 3 players out K.Warner--- T. Holt, M.Faulk, and I. Bruce Falcons have about 8 productive players and a OC that by play design help those guys win their matchup so completely different sorry
  15. If you roll out with 6-7 DBs on the field, Shanny and Matt will go quickly to a no-huddle 2 TE set and literally run you down the field like the old Denver teams did and it will be 6-10 yards a carry and points within 3-4 minutes simple as that they will exploit that just like they would any other defense that's what great QBs and OC do so sure Bill may do that if he's dumb like you but he won't cause he knows that... you have become like the annoying/uglier 2nd cousin of Skip Bayless to this board and if anybody posts anything including Media about Falcons you are first one in here whining of
  16. I would prefer the DTs just take those C/Gs and push them right into Brady the **** with disengaging just put several big bodies including his own guys in his face up the middle haha man-handle them
  17. In Quinn I trust he's shown to be one of the better gameplan defensive coaches around and will have the guys ready to fly and he's seen alot of NE too
  18. I'm just saying this if you played our schedule even with T. Brady all season you would lost 2 more games thru the year.
  19. Yeah you played a back-up QB too who proved to be a highly over-paid QB all year for Houston at Gillette. Your rookie QB and running backs basically played a wing T running the ball and Hou had 3 turnovers. That team truthful outside of their D is horrible and their D can't do it all sorry and horses and hand grenades but Ari must a field goal or they would've beat you too.
  20. It's been said till blue in the face so it is what its is about competition if Pats has played our schedule they probably would've ended up with a similar record as us this year 12-4, 11-5, or 10-6 and their D would have took a hit on rankings cause truthfully teams like Oakland, Carolina x2, TB x2, NO x2, Green Bay, & Chargers would've put up points on them and maybe stole a win or 2 and Kansas City had the Defense to make it a grind out type game this year. The fact still remains we are talking one game and Pats are still a very good group and don't make many mistakes and have the e
  21. I hear what your saying alot of that is valid and same thing can be said for Shanny & Quinn with time to plan wrinkles will be most definitely added on both sides. It's a matchup of good coaching staffs and it was a completely different team but I believe in 2013 we played and Bill tried to focus on shutting down Tony G and let Julio play I think both of them ended up with 100 + yard receiving days etc so just because Bill wants to shut down the #1 option doesn't mean it will play out as being shut down. Julio has been bracketed and all types of different coverage thru the season and still
  22. The thing about the Philly game that will be different this game is the fact that Philly OL starters that game across the board where bigger then NE starting OL and Matthews/Smallwood being more mobile Running backs where able to use the whole front to find holes made by their power run blocking line. The NE line is lighter particular in the G/C spots and while good sound blockers they can be muscled with in a 4-3 front and Blount particular is not gonna be able to attack the edges or change direction like the Philly RB. Dion Lewis is a threat but more so as a pass catcher.
  23. Biggest need to get to Blount and make him ineffective is to be stout in the middle and perhaps some push, if you make him go lateral he is reduced greatly and much easier to bring down that will be huge angle to making him less impactful runner.
  24. Outside of a few outliers no one on this board are calling for a blow-out whatsoever. The main point of all this argument is some points to be made on behind the Stats on Falcons Defense and NE Defense and the story behind them. No one has said NE defense is absolutely garbage because of their Schedule just that it is skewed when you look at the details and Falcons D isn't as bad as their stats when you look at the details around them. Most everyone on this board has respect for Brady/Bill and how they make the best out of whatever and have no doubts this will be a good game and both teams wil
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