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  1. This is a stupid signing based on everything I've laid out and makes no dang season to give a guy a 3 million dollar increase from what he made last year to be the backup to one of the most durable QBs in the league and forego crucial resigning money or FA money and I would argue Matt Simms even played better then him last preseason
  2. We paid him 1.75 M last year you don't go from that to 4.5 M sorry when he did nothing to earn that pay increase as a journeymen QB
  3. You know what you could've done with that 4 million you could have used that to get a guy like D.Poe for maybe a 1 year deal for 6-7 million and he would've been much more impactful then Schaub over the course of a year, or you could've resigned your Pro Bowl FB which is a contributor in this West Coast Offense
  4. AGAIN 1.75 M last year to 4.5 M this year tell me what part of this makes sense... it isn't like he stepped in and helped win 2 or 3 games while Matt was hurt or something this makes no logical sense
  5. If this is valid you want to know how stupid this is.... Matt Schaub contract#s last year was 1.75 million....NOT 4.5 million why would you pay a guy nearly 4X what he made last year as a back-up to continue being a backup!!!!
  6. Tell him to get a QB coaching job which doesn't hurt the salary cap then or get to walking
  7. WORST SIGNING since Edwards at DE I'm not gonna give a crap about the rest of this offseason if this is true...that crap is how you don't build upon your run last year
  8. Get that out of here... Matt Ryan has been in the league long enough to breakdown what was happening without a Backup QB telling him such and not a good excuse for spending that money
  9. Not when were spending 9 million over 2 years for a Back up QB when we have one of the most durable QBs in league
  10. Nope just not smart money with a limited salary cap if true... sorry going rate our not Matt Ryan track record is hardly ever misses time and Simms looked pretty good in Preseason and I would rather pay a guy 700k that could maybe if need play solid in a 1 game situation then Schaub 4.5 to do same...worst signing since Edwards... no offense schaub just not good for our situation now
  12. WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. A benefit of being in a proper rotation would possible be enticing to him long term and getting a long term contract in a year. If you can sign him for a 1 year deal around 5 million. Let's say we have what OTC has for us 16+ million we cut both Tyson Jackson/Brooks Reed that as Post June 1st Cuts that's saves us roughly 8 million and let's say we sign Trufant long term and maybe getting a million or so cap relieve this upcoming year we get up to 25+ million in cap space Cut as June 1st cuts T.Jackson Saves Resign/Add D.Poe 1 year 6 million deal (Improvement ove
  14. If we was signing the guy for like 5 million contract per year then I'm all game but rumor is he's looking for 10 million a year and I doubt him being a Pioli guy is getting that deep of a discount
  15. Good player would make the Rush D alot better and we most definitely would be cutting T.Jackson if this was a think but he's rumored to be looking for 10 Million a year and that it just out the price range I think they are looking for at that position based on where the cap is at if it was 25+ we had maybe but not the 17+ we are reported to be at whichever source you believe
  16. So which one is actually right about his salary figure?
  17. Probably spend 60% of our snaps with 3 CBs on the field in Nickel as most nfl teams do nowadays, So a combo of Trufant/Collins/Alford is one of the better CB groups in the NFL as Collins is coming on as a good CB and Poole providing depth at both Safety and CB that's a pretty good fit for a undrafted guy and I wouldn't be shocked whatsoever if Ish is resigned and fits a similar role at OLB and SS next year... he played pretty darn well perhaps better then some of our other depth guys at LB last year in short span
  18. This is Therapy after the loss..haha Extensions/Re-Signings Falcons Salary after these Signings and Draft: 4 million * This is without cutting a guy like Tyson Jackson Matt Ryan 5 year extension so existing 2 years plus additional 3 addon... (41 Left on existing Contract + 62 for next 3 years) Total 5 years 103 Million (60 Guaranteed) Cap #s : 2017: 19 Million (Saves 4.5 Million next season), 2018: 24 Million, 2019: 24 million, 2020: 18 million, 2021: 17 Million Devonte Freeman 5 year extension (34 Million *19 Guaranteed), 2017: 4 million, 2018: 6 million, 2019: 7.5 m
  19. The defense is already head above heels better getting Clayborn/Shelby/Trufant back along with the continued progress of Beasley, Jarrett, Hageman, Jones, Poole, Campbell will continue to make this defense a rising and strong unit without any FA or Draft Picks but definitely needs to get a lil deeper. Offense will stay the same with details from today and perhaps with Matt having a little more control which is a very very good thing and it will continue to be one of the top offenses with basically all positions back and perhap a upgrade at Guard. no injuries please
  20. This is what I've heard that I like and is where we can leave it at this point... He has experience in the ZBS and WCO offense and is familiar with the terminology. He apparently has been in the scope for awhile of Quinn which strengthens the fact he's got familiarity with the plays and playbook, not a big ego and will allow more feedback and decisions to Matt ....at moment this is fine by me
  21. The drinking problem has been discussed and everyone is well aware of it, many fan favorites McDaniel had the same the past year and Sark did get help and has been clean since then, and USC it's hard to judge him on cause he was in the midst of cleaning up the one Lane Kiffin violation messes and issues in program was handed alot of crap to work thru
  22. Well if all that is true then he should be able to pick up this where this offense left off and I'm okay with that
  23. At end of day Quinn is the head coach, I think in the Super Bowl in those situation you pull the Trump card parctically when we are on 23 with a chip shot FG chance making it that much more impossible to come back to tie...I think you call up to Kyle and say run the Dan Reeves play Double TE up the middle 3 times and kick the dang FG The DL is pretty good with Clayborn & Shelby coming back maybe retain either Babs ,Freeney or upshaw for depth and either convert Garland full time to DT, if you cut Jackson for Cap space you can get a mid round guy to replace him... The DL can't play tha
  24. This team on defense/offense is very talented and should be favorite's to win their division and one of favorites to get back to Super Bowl....but nothing's guaranteed very impressed with that defense last night they have the ability to be top 5 in a year or so and they played their butts off last night but no one can expect to play that wide open for that many snaps and not be gassed... Kyle/DC failed us on the offensive side with the calls and thru the 2nd half and did them no favors, a loss like that goes one of 2 ways they never really recover from it or they become hardened steel and say
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