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  1. I am 100% behind this action right here, Plus on a business side if Brooks Reed would become expandable and save some cap space cause him and Watt are very similar as edge sitters in Run game? I mean wouldn't be mad if we got Watt and kept him never have enough depth but it's creates a option
  2. That's pretty good there pretttyyyyy good
  3. I think the most tantalizing thing about Poe in a 4-3 rotation for us he's a natural space eater who is very strong and he will demand a-lot of attention and double teams when on the line. That mean's more 1 on 1 situations for a guy like Jarrett who in my eyes is on the verge of dominating on the interior if he's not pressed with double teams constantly and Beasley will face less double teams as well. That could the biggest win if anything with signing him, plus he would benefit from a proper rotation no DL can play the amount of snaps at NT for several seasons without a impact getting him ba
  4. I trust Dan got him fired up I'm sure and probably had alot to say about playing DL in this defense, the thought of him and Jarrrett/Hageman in the middle and his impact on just keeping Blockers from getting upfield and our heat seeking LBs flying around is enticing and with him in a rotation and perhaps a lil slimmer he could definitely make a impact in getting to QB as well
  5. They do ultimately his call Colts/Jags have tons of money maybe even be long term signings and I mean heck Falcons have a very health cap going into next year too so nothing really stopping up from give him a longer term deal if they truly felt his back is good to go a cap friendly deal this year and next few years being more premium DT pay... but feel if they sign him long term Hageman if he continues to play well will be looking to get a good payday and would be odd-man out
  6. 1 year 7.5 million straight Guaranteed and dinner at Bones for free thru contract period get it done
  7. Ultimately, going into next season we are gonna have plenty of cap space wiggle room and really 3 things that could be done by the start of 2018 Long term deals with Ryan, Freeman, & Trufant and truthfully under 2018 # we could redo all these contracts and still have plenty left to team build Cap is healthy going into next offseason Next year depending on Roster and setup we will have these 2 potential cuts as well to really add to cap figures Levitre been solid but with his final year if cut saving 7+ Million dollars then as long as we get a Guard early and the guy we got
  8. Plenty of good DTs in the top rounds of the Draft I do believe the top 3 focus in this years draft will be G, DT, LB and next year if we do sign Poe to a 1 year deal we will have to make a decision based I'm sure off performance and fit in resigning Hageman or Poe most likely
  9. I mean from what we show in splashes last year he done his job played well probably 4-5 on the Depth chart but I feel we got 5 quality corners that can do what will be asked of them.
  10. I think get Poe on a 1 year deal and bring back Freeney on same vet contract like last year (*Asterisk play 2 positions) DE: Beasley*, Clayborn, Freeney, Shelby, Reed*, Crawford*, Upshaw* DT: Poe, Jarrett, Hageman, Garland, Crawford*, Upshaw*, Shelby* LB: D. Jones, D. Campbell, B. Reed*, V. Beasley*, L. Reynolds, K. Ishmael* Then in draft you get to got BPA most likely with 1st pick unless you target guard but top 4 picks you target these spots (G,DT,LB, S & DE) Brantley DT Mcdowell DT Lamp G Freeney G D. Johnson G B. Baker S
  11. He already moves really well for 340+ would imagine him dropping down to 325-330 is a reasonable idea keeps that bulk/strength but probably lil better on his back and burst
  12. That contract is coming around the corner, he either reaches that potential and gets paid top LT money or he get's middle of road LT contract
  13. Yeah I'm pretty sure this is a reference of $$$ not health, back problems can suck but I believe I did read somewhere that past few years he's played like 80+% of snaps on defense that's pretty high it seems my back would hurt to he could benefit from a rotation and a chance to rush QB more so a 1 year deal to prove health and value makes most sense for him and might as well come to a team expected to compete again next year in the NFC
  14. The thing about Poe on a 1 year deal is cost-efficient most likely for us and future. The back problem stuff seems far less worrisome to me for sure on a 1 year window cause let's be honest he played NT on a defense which he played A MAJORITY of the Defense snaps. I would have a sore back too after doing that for past few years. If he comes here sure he could lose maybe like 10 pounds are so but he will be on a 4-3 where he can do several things for one he can be in a rotation which doesn't run him ragid, he can have chances at being more of a pass rusher which his quick speed/strength for his
  15. This is a good deal for a rotational player that really did hit his stride late last year
  16. I agree either need at least 1 more true contributing DT for this season along either early in Draft of FA signing. If you do get a decent 1 year deal for Poe as reported and then draft a DT at least going at end of the next year you could lock up either Poe or Hageman if they play well and then continue to build depth.
  17. Hage is still under contract and then you have Garland, plus Shelby and Upshaw will play inside some but... Definitely could use another FA DT and drafting one at least for depth too
  18. Ohh Thomas D and them have plenty of screw-ups in their closet and it is a mistake to pay Matt Schaub 9 million in guaranteed money, don't wonder why we couldn't bid for this good DL FA or resign a proven FB in next few days if the Schaub Salary plays out as 4.5 cap hit this year
  19. I'll back out and await the full details I agree if we are on the hook for 4-4.5 million over next 2 and rest if bonus/incentive that won't or may never hit cap then it's okay resign
  20. Nope it's not and the inflation thing is well Cleveland Browns have X amount I can go make... Then you say well big boy go make it then and I believe Matt Ryan has been a probowl caliber player in the league for quite awhile and Sarkisian has coached awhile too that you don't justify keeping a Backup QB cause you believe he's some sort of OC (WHICH HES NOT). The going rate on Matt Simms which you have rights on is about 600k and by way he did play better then Schaub last preseason...glad he knows the offense but so does Matt now
  21. Let me hurt you more... last year he got 1.75 M
  22. Either the contract is just like that or the #s are completely wrong maybe it was 4 million for 2 year? Guy just read it wrong
  23. Apparently doing it just to piss me off
  24. Schaub at 2 million I can understand, Schaub at 4.5 million and 2 years I Cannot
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