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  1. I'm all for Wes winning the RG spot but lets remember Levitre contract situation makes him a almost guaranteed cut next year unless they resign to a longer deal which would be unlikely at his age. so everyone should still expect 1st or 2nd round guard pick from us this year because of next years situation. If Lamp is available at our 1st round pick only a few guys at End/LB/Safety that I would say I would take over him but Lamp probably won't be there.
  2. This whole conversation about Salary cap is a whole bunch of bunk... why we have roughly 40+ million in cap space next offseason this is including truant #!... this is before all these potential avenues of getting more cap space 1. This is estimate of total cap next year the actual # could be higher 2. A Matt Ryan extension probably on a yearly basis particular next year or this year saves us a couple of million on cap hit 3. Levitre being cut saves over 8+million dollars him and Reed will be favoritea for getting cut next year and most likely will be...Alford is a candidate fo
  3. Not in a hurry to get rid of him either he plays a solid role on this defense they only truth I believe is though if Falcons do draft TJ Watt the business wise and logic would state he probably will be cut cause as June 1st cut that's 4 million dollars saved and TJ Watt is very similar to Brooks with a lot more upside. I don't even know if Falcons are truly interested in Watt but if they are and is picked up I understand if Reed was then cut...4 million back the cap (June 1st) would go along way to getting a another Vet in other positions of need or to a new contract for Trufant or Freeman so
  4. I believe it will most likely stay the same for this year unless we actually perhaps drafted T.J. Watt which if that happens Reed being cut would be a given to save 4 million on cap as June 1st cut and TJ Watt could play Reed's role with a whole lot more upside too.
  5. It all depends your gonna pay them respectable around same ball park of averages for tops at those positions but contract structure and cap hits can vary all sort of ways particular the first year and last year of contract. Looking at RB #s Top 5 pay for Freeman would be between 6-8+ million a year and most likely first year will be the lower end, Trufant depending on how structured could be anywhere from 8-14 million a year I just don't see while paying Sanu/Jones big money spending another 6+ million on Gabe cause you can find similar players as a slot with talents in Draft or diamonds in ro
  6. As far as Cap hits in their new contracts particular the first year or so we probably focus on resigning Freeman, Trufant, and either Hageman/Poe depending on which one played best in their eyes Freeman 1st year cap# probably looking at between 4-6+ million dollars Tru probably looking at 8-9 Million Poe might be more pricey if he plays well compared to Hageman but it will allow depend on his impact with rest of defense if plays well he'll be every bit worth 10+ million in a longer term contract Gab good but not worth a larger contract from this teams prospective and Ish ne
  7. Going into Next Off Season I believe the Falcons are roughly between 47 to 53+ million over the cap depending on where you look we have to spend to keep guys like Poe and Freeman around if deserved Clayborn contract expires this year and Brooks Reed and Andy Levitre contracts are both very cutable at 4.5 and 7 million respectfully. So we realistically could be going into next off-season with 60+ million dollars in Cap. That's without figuring a resigning of Matt Ryan which may actually drop his cap hit that first year if they would like by a million or so etc, We have plenty to resign guy
  8. He's has ability to play same role as Brooks Reed next year but has much much more upside and athletic ability. I like Reed but if you do draft TJ Watt basically it would allow you to choose to cut Brooks Reed saving 4+ million as a June 1st cut so business wise it does make sense in that manner as well.
  9. I don't believe that whatsoever... It's widely known he played a whole bunch of snaps just about more then any other DL in the league and he was asked to be a nose tackle and limit his pass rushing chances. Here he will be allowed to stay fresher in a rotation and be in a 4 man front which will give him opportunities as well
  10. True should target another DE in draft but Clayborn wasn't chopped liver when healthy
  11. The Lamp Pick or at least getting one of Lamp, Freeney, or D. Johnson makes all too much sense with the first 2 picks we have because anyone of them should be ready to start and improvement from Chester and after next year we have Levitrie last contract year which was basically structured in a way to cut him no way we keep him when we can save 7+ million and hardly any dead money so at end of next season we would be in spot that 2 guard spots would be swapped out perhaps the kid we got last year will be one of those but mostly like we got to get other in draft this year.
  12. http://www.thephinsider.com/2017/3/13/14906802/miami-dolphins-free-ageny-rumors-donatri-poe-visit actually found another article from 2 days ago about his pending visit to Miami seems like Josina is just reading already known details and then expanding a little bit still in GA and "expects" to visit Miami
  13. This was scheduled yesterday before he even got to ATL so with that said he may or may not be going to Miami meeting
  14. I have my concerns too, I mean several Guards in this draft I believe could step in day 1 and at least perform up to Chester level as a Rookie and most likely better. Lamp by far the best but both Freeney and D. Johnson would start day 1 at that spot as well so good position to be in to maybe get one of those guy in first 2 picks depending on how draft setups
  15. I have my doubts about just switching to guard all of a sudden but comparing Mangold prodigy to where Chester performance has been at at this point on paper its much improved
  16. Been talk about him moving to Guard etc etc, Not sure how much he's got left in the tank but comparing him to Chester you got to believe would be a improvement if that was something that happened...of course the whole guard angle has been rejected from his camp but hey he's rounding out a hall of fame career now if he wants a ring you would think that would be something he would entertain if he could do it?
  17. I think a lot if people get he's much more then space eater maybe even drops a few pounds but he's bigger and stronger then any or dt and teams will be forced attention to him which will create more 1 on 1 for others and help keep our lbs clean to eat
  18. Now sign poe, maybe bring back freeney and I'll be good going into draft
  19. Good signing and value solid backup ss and can play a pretty good nickel lb in pinch
  20. 1 year 8 million for Logan to Chiefs per Schafter I just read
  21. 5.5 Million might not be the # it will depend alot on what Logan #s look like I would expect in a 1 year situation Poe will get probably a little bit more the what Logan got by a million or 2 Poe last year at NT tackle I believe played around 70+% of snaps for KC, of course that's probably why you hear talk of his back aching him doing that over so many seasons can catch up... a rotation in 4-3 and him playing 50% of time is probably better for him and his longevity
  22. Would love to know the Logan #s could be very informative on what to expect for a potential deal with Poe
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