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  1. All you need to know is Aaron Donald at DT first step is one of the best I've seen at that position in long time he was splitting olineman all game
  2. The nice thing is with the 6th pick we trade down to mid 1st and if he's our guy get him there and then we would have 2 picks in the 2nd for DT,TE, OL options...just need a quality DE,DT, and OL in free agency and we will be looking good
  3. Rod Coleman was undersized but he always made a impact in putting pressure and stopping the running game because of his ability to get inside quick into running lanes... while i agree we could use a space eater or 2 to help that undersized doesn't mean useless against the run
  4. If Falcons trade down the 6th pick to mid 1st rounds and pick up a extra 2nd rounder this year the potential moving up from the 37th to the 30s or early second is easily swingable and not that costly based on trade value calculator that can be done with giving up one of the 2nd rounders plus a couple of later round picks 4th on back.So you would be still be left with 3 picks in the first 2 rounds
  5. I stick to my thoughts Trade down your pick draft Hageman to be your one of your large DTs and got out and bring back Vance Walker and then get Donald in the 2nd even if you have to move up in the 2nd to do it...
  6. Well he had 28.5 tackles for a loss this season alone... he lives in the backfield basically the closet comparison is Rod Coleman in his prime
  7. The realistic scenario of trading down from the 6th spot to somewhere in the 10-15 range and picking up another 2nd and possible later round pick seems like possible the best fit. The general consenus is we got some outside DEs that have shown flashes now give them a interior that would push the pocket and let's see how good the DEs can be... Hageman and Donald in the 1st and early 2nd and use the other 2nd round pick on a OT like Richardson from Tennessee Then go pay these guys G.Schwartz, Vince Walker, and Michael Bennett our defense will be a complete turnaround
  8. We would just have him do a roundhouse kick from the sideline the force alone would knock over the opposing teams oline.
  9. If we have the option to take Clowney or Matthews with the 6th pick it's obvious we take Clowney and go OT in the 2nd and get a guy like Turner even raw he still bound to be a improvement over what we had out there and has tremendous upside.... If Clowney's gone and we can get Matthews we should take him though he's a safe pick and going to be a very solid OT for years to come and he can play RT for a few years until we can cut Baker
  10. Let's hope he lines them all up and in true 3 stooges style gives them a good slap in unison.
  11. We do have personal decisions that have to be made in the offseason...everyone realizes that no matter who we had at Oline coaching the few positives we can take from this hire is his overall experience and ability to produce good running attacks now I don't think we going to go back to the ground and pound but he will be able to get the most out of the opportunities to run the ball. We most likely will be getting a olineman in FA at G/C and Konz has been better in the RG spot and that may be where he ends up long term and still could improve with some coaching. We will get a OT with our 1st o
  12. In regards to drafting a tackle look at it this way say we draft Jake Matthews if he's there we would have him play the RT spot which he had a good bit of experience doing in College for a few years while hopefully a healthy Baker holds down the LT spot and in a few years when we can financial afford to cut Bakers contract we have the flexibility to do so
  13. Haha... Don't worry your constant rants are hilarious but not anything to be bothered by but I was just having a little humor at your expense that's all
  14. Just didn't post often and when i did it usually offseason discussion just thought i would have a lil fun since you seem to be with all your bashing threads
  15. Matty Melts & swiffcheese It's like Clark Kent and Superman strange right....where's Swift when you need him???
  16. I'm just being a Homer but I really hope people think were just going to go out and grab up Cowher or Scheinheimer i me Cowher is going to come expensive and he's got time to pick the perfect job i don't think he would imagine Atlanta as the perfect job at this moment & Scheinheimer this is just my opinion but he's not really a great coach he's okay but same thing applys he ain't going to want this team, But heck anything is better then a quiter
  17. Head Coach:Dan Reeves Off. Coordinator: Hue Jackson Def. Coordinator: Mike Zimmer I think everybody thinking back realizes Dan got a Raw deal out of Blank when he got fired. Let's compare Dan's firing season to Petrino quitting season both guys lost there superstar starting QB before the season the one difference is Dan knew what he was looking at as far as the season and he did keep the team focused and coaching staff together. Petrino cause everything to fall apart by the mid way of the season. Reeves had developed a system that worked around Vick and let Vick excel with his talents who knew
  18. This team has minus a few individuals have packed it in this year, all the issues with Vick, New systems & coaching have caused a majority of our vets show their true colors and it's sad. It wasn't going to be a necessarily great season even if Vick was still around we still got a suspect O-line and players that don't fit the scheme and gameplan. My opinion is that these Vets such as Dunn, Crumpler, Coleman, Brooking, Hall have been instead of leaders they have been dividers these guys were allowed to basically do what they want under the previous regime and Blank let them run the team unc
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