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  1. The Atlanta Falcons defense was the fastest most atlhetic and hunger D in all of the playoffs last year minus a quarter in a half where they just ran out of gas and it cost us... This year we've built on the depth of the D and hopefully can stay healthy cause when the young guys jelled their was no better play-making, aggressive D in the league at end of season alot to build on and this D can definitely be one of the best in league
  2. Doriah Johnson, Dion Dawkins, Feeney these guys don't suck they may not be periennal all pros but they are improvements over Chester and will be solid starters in NFL particular in a ZBS like ours... If we are talking about draft depth then you have to look at next year as well for planning and next year OL outlook looks probably worse while the Safety spot looks 4-5 good safeties deep like this year so you have to weigh if we get a Safety this year will they be the starter... most likely not as R. Allen knows the D has alot of responsibility in making calls as well, but if you get a Guard he
  3. It's the Browns who knows how they think... next year they will probably trade all there picks for a Ryan Leaf trading card
  4. I think looking at our depth chart currently the priorities for them would be G/T, S, DE/LB I would assume if Dion Dawkins, Doriah Johnson, Feeney are around that will be pick they are automatic drop in starters day one at Guard and improves the overall o-line depth If those guys are gonna either trade back and pick up a 3 rounder and another 4th or 5th or get Justin Evans I doubt B. Baker will be there and don't see us trading up with the remaining depth out there
  5. I like the thought now of having another guy who at times we can have him on field and let him drop and spy QBs like Beasley did alot instead of Beasley and let Beasley go... it's versatility too depending on game calling
  6. I don't know I really just want to see Austin Hooper blow up I guess as a low cost can never have enough quality TEs.....Dan Reeves get out of my head
  7. Man he hates field markers too!!!
  8. For all the cursing and the antics the article points out one thing that makes the world of difference on how one should look at this... He wasn't praising himself his emotions it's direction it was all for his Grandmother it was him wanting her to be highlighted not necessarily himself on that stage he wanted the world to know that moment in time of him reaching a high point of excellence and work was because of her and what she did and was to him for that I can forgive any emotional antics because I know the guy's heart is in the right place and tells me he's full of respect and good will
  9. Can we start calling them the Odd Couple it's funny almost off the initial impressions different they are but I think we saw that game day fire get lit in Beasley this past season though
  10. I know Quinn likes the guys athletic ability and all but you got to imagine knowing this kids story and his passion comes thru Quinn Probably was strangling people in the Draft room as it got closer to go get him... he sorta is the epitome of what Quinn's about... passion, intensity, drive, heart
  11. True but he's not slow either he could spy at times against other mobile QBs just fine like D.Jones/Beasley did last year... so in passing Downs you don't have to force Beasley to spy and let him pin his ears back more as well
  12. This guy with some tutoring by one of the better technique teachers in the league in Quinn he's gonna succed him and Beasley complement each other nicely over next 3-4 years...people question some college players passion for the game every year this guy is not one of them you can tell he truly is driven and love just to ball he's going to give you all he's got
  13. Hmm.. I wouldn't say that 26 reps on Bench here's a few guys on our current line Bench #s Alex Mack 20 reps, Jack Matthews 24 reps, Andy Levitre 23 Reps I would say probably not a really good fit for Power-running team but in a ZBS scheme he has plenty of strength and function skills to hold up in Pass blocking and running game
  14. Gave up 4th and swap 3rd to move to the top of 3rd round
  15. I wouldn't state that at all of pocic, he's viewed as a very good fit for guard in ZBS just with skill set to fit in at c or ot and be serviceable
  16. Yeah Texas AM I don't know my brain sees that Maroon color and goes right to MSU for some reason
  17. This is how I would hope the draft goes I think first 3 rounds are strong players for starting positions over next 3 years and other guys will continue to build decent depth and versatility. Round 1 31: Jordan Willis - DE Kansas State one of our top targets and checks off all the things Quinn looks for and will provide book-end DE for pass-rush over next 3-4 years Round 2 63: Justin Evans - S Texas A&M Could be eventually FS starter will give R. Allen some competition this year good special teamer and depth Round 3 (A trade to a spot in the top 10 of the round? A
  18. I'm don't know much about his playing career at Alabama but if no reports of this type of stuff before and how he addressed the diluted test people should give him the benefit of the doubt on it... much better situation to explain and get thru then showing up on social media with a gas mask and a bong...
  19. I will trust the staff to do what's best if they feel that RG can be adequate filled with what we have I'm good just don't want a repeat of prior year where interior line was crap... But that's why we got Mack, Levitre played better and Chester was not all that great to be honest so don't have far to go to atleast match his level of play
  20. I like Doriah Johnson not sure where he will be going in the Draft but in 2nd or 3rd round especially if we do trade back and get more picks I would be interested in him almost perfect ZB guard and strong on run and pass with plenty of playing experience
  21. Well point being he probably isn't the primary backup SS anymore but much like he did last season at OLB can contribute in a pinch
  22. Interesting tells me Ishmael will be a cog for weakside LB depth and will probably still float between SS as well still I like the primary move to LB while keeping him in back pocket for safety
  23. I do prefer to continue to grow on Defense I have a few guys on my personal list that I would take over Lamp and I doubt he's there at 31 but if these guys aren't around then and he is I think the wise and best long-term is to take him for Guard with 31st pick he will be a quality long-term starter it seems and rather Wes wins the RG spot or not this year we may need another Guard in a year or 2 as well so best player available and a position of need. But I would take these guys over him though if had choice. B. Baker, H.Reddick, T.J. Watt, Derek Barnett, T.Mckinnely are guys I probably would
  24. I believe the argument I made about Levitre and his contract matters next year does bare weight in discussion of this overall draft. If this team wants to build a longevity of success it's completely about the roster and long-term planning too as much as it is about other matters. Levitre is a solid LG and will be this year and probably next year as well. Decisions are part of football and player development and planning years in advance are all of that as well. I'm trust this staff completely in the Draft if they target and get a guard with one of our top picks this year then I'm with it and
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