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  1. I'm just personally on the Dexter Lawrence bandwagon...340+ pounds and great speed for his size and will solidfy the middle against the run while still be able to collaspe pocket very much Poe like we did see that Poe presence made everyone better on the D-line and he had a similar role at Clemson...OL in FA and DL in Draft primarly I hope Lawrence
  2. I'll play the game with some add-ons Trufant stays Alford goes as they both last season played at about the same level last year and finincal Alford contract adds more to the pot and is designed to be a lot more cut friendly. Resign Beasley 4 year extension on top of 5th year and my cap # for next year for him would be around 6.5-7 Million still thinking he's capable of averaging 8 sacks a year and impact player with proper handling Rush Ends of him, Irvin, and Mckinnley is solid Resign Jarrett of Course and Resign B.Irvin something along the 5-7 million per year for 2-3 years Resign Sambrillo on a 1-2 year deal let him come into camp with opportunity to win th RT job outright risky but your hoping that he maybe is finally maximuming talent to be decent RT Sucks but cut Bryant tough decision but other kicker looked pretty good and that money would help greatly in other areas Extend Julio 2 more years on top of existing 2 year maybe this saves a million or so off of 2019 cap depending on structure. Cut Schareder, Reed, Alfords, Bryant & Extending Beasley adds about 28.75 Million to the Cap next year overall that give us about 51 Million to play with which would be plenty to do all mentioned plus still have enough to target a Guard in FA, and some depth pieces and draft while retaining a rainy day fund
  3. 2 words... Jameis Winston
  4. Good outlook definitely believe both Koetter and Ryan have had some discussion and probably some excitement there to work together again and it is true that Ryan is a different QB then his previous tenure and is now fully more comfortable being directly involved in all aspects. We still got to touchy up the O-line and hope for a healthy freeman. I'm most excited about Quinn handing off some of the overall involvement and getting be primarly focused on Defense with it's planning, development, and game-day I believe with Quinn being in charge and a healthy Jones, Neal, Allen back and a few tweaks this Defense can be up there next year.
  5. People losing their minds over Koetter going to be end of the running attack and need to temper themselves just a little bit such a over-reaction...Provided some stats to compare and then please do yourselve some extra leg work and compare the Offensive line/Running back talent between these groups comparatively. The Post Falcons RB stable for one is better then any running back at the time Koetter had with Atlanta/TB. D.Martin is the closest in talent and the one year he had him healthy/not suspended D.Martin put up 1400+ yards and the next year probably finishes around 1000+ if played all season and no issues. The O-lines during Koetter tenure here were be all accounts pretty trash and makes our O-line this year just eyeball wise still more talented then most of his lines he head except maybe for 2012. No doubt Koetter likes his vertical passing and it's safe to say running attack won't be exactly the same but with Freeman,I.Smith, Hill and a little tweaking on the O-line still should easily be middle of the pack and we know Koetter and Ryan have a great relationship and with the current offensive talent and both with knowledge learned it a recipe for success together once again plus the main excitement I gather from this is because Quinn is fully taking over the Defense,Gameplanning, scheming and that 2016 second half of the year makes me have hope that with healthy players coming back and Quinn running it and not having to be so deeply wrapped into the whole package that this D can be top 10 again next year with a very good offense as well and get back to playoffs. Post Koetter Rushing Stats 2018 27th - 98.3 (Coleman, I.Smith) 2017 13th - 115.4 (Freeman, Coleman) 2016 5th - 120.5 (Freeman, Coleman) 2015 19th - 100.4 (Freeman, Coleman) Koetter Tenure Falcons/TB 2012 29th - 87.3 (M.Turner, JRodgers) 2013 32nd - 77.9 (Stephen Jackson, JRodgers) 2014 24th - 93.6 (Stephen Jackson, JRodgers,Asmith, Freeman) 2015 OC (TB) 5th 135.1 (D.Martin, C.Sims) 2016 HC (TB) 24th 101.0 (D.Martin**, C.Sim, JRodgers) by way this is still better #s then 2 of our past 4 years hmmm **In Trouble/Injuries after his 1400 yard season only played 8 games.
  6. Sark wasn't great it's been stated over and over with stats that Sark while seemingly better this year still had no answer for above average defenses and shrink against them and Manuel while young and seemingly okay guy probably solid defensive mind was odd-man out because his firing probably had more to do with the internal decision made to let Quinn take full control over the defense and game day calling(WHICH we all should be happy about based on 2016 second half alone) and returning healthy players and getting someone they felt could truly handle the Executive role of managing the offense without much involvement required of HC that's why they brought back Koetter, Muluraky, and have Knapp in tow for their overall experience apparently based of feelings must have felt Sark couldn't handle that full role and pressure... ohh and Armstrong been bad for years so he needed to go
  7. So what your saying is we should all be pulling for Seattle to sign Hardy and then we can start going crazy
  8. and we should give it to him after the trade...nothing crazy but a bump in pay and guaranteed money
  9. Haha yes it was sarcasm over this he said she said stuff
  10. He may truly be unhappy with no guaranteed money after this year and the fact they have brought in players he seemingly has beef with plus showing interest in paying people to take snaps from him?!?! Perhaps his agent is telling them that right now...
  11. Does anyone have Michael's # can we get to the bottom of this!!!
  12. Think of it this way even if he signed a brand new contract for exact same amount as last year he would get his 6 million from Seahawks this year plus new guarantees in our contract... one reporter put it this way as he would get himself combined around 20 million guaranteed over 2 years that's a pretty sweet business deal on his part if so... and Seahawks do have to pay Russell Wilson his gold contract soon too so cutting salary long term for them makes sense
  13. Again even if it's a Second I think we can swap 2nds and that can hold substantily value as well of course we would still need more on table
  14. Ohh trying not to put my cart before the horses.... but If Quinn/Front Office pulled this off and somehow got Vic Beasley in the draft. This would be the most amazing turnaround based of one coaching move in Atlanta ever...barring the Hawks currently of course
  15. He's more of a complete pass rusher then anybody we currently have and plus is first year may not be right at 10 million if that contract was to be... plus after 4 years his contract is up and we have that money to resign hopefully our successful DE pick at #8 spot off his rookie contract!