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  1. Can we pick a offense coordinator with one of those
  2. Stopping running stupid leads... with Freeman pass the **** ball
  3. Question is can Sark shut up for 6 minutes and let him
  4. If I'm Matt freaking Ryan I'm walking over to Quinn and telling him to turn off the mic to upstairs I got this
  5. It's been the thing the whole year if you cant get your offense in sink, call plays to get players in best position to succeed, and outscheme what others try to do to you... then it's come down to your coordinator he stinks
  6. No defense is gassed cause we can't gain more the 44 yards in a freaking half... stupid sark
  7. I thought Sark didn't believe in throwing the ball past first down markers apparently he doesn't believe in throwing ball past line of scrimmage most of time... what a joke and completely over matched peice of garbage
  8. As stated earlier, I'm a Tech fan you will never hear me say I hope that team from east of ATL wins... but I'll say I hope Alabama loses hate them.... Pats of the NCAA #stillangry
  9. I'm a GT fan and I'm just catching up to this chat but geez is this what it's like for Alabama you don't have to worry whatsoever about calls, the fake offsides blocked punt, the shot clock facemask, and pushing QB neck hilarious... with that said I've always hated Alabama so my opinion is I would like to see them lose... even if it's Georgia
  10. Well we've all grown to appreciate Allen roll in the D but most everyone was excited for Kazee because all the tools if he's the future he's gonna have a game or 2 to proof his worth don't recall a anything negative last week when was In
  11. The Coleman pass was out in front of him and he did have his head turned looking at ball and while rushed pass and had lol pepper still a pro catches 9 out of 10 times
  12. My talking head says screw you Sanu and Coleman get your heads right both those ints on them ball right in your hands and you pop it up in air.... Coaching nor Defense didn't almost cost us game
  13. So Carolina already got a QB who is notrious for holding onto the ball too long and now they have a guy seemingly causing him to hold onto the ball longer while he poop-plops downfield...I see nothing wrong with this from my vantage point
  14. It was after Freddie getting hit and before the one guy called Motte a F****t and bat flip.... That's the stuff that probably got this even more heated imagine being hit like 7-8 times in 3 games and then one of them seriously hurting your star player having is best year ever and then they yell obscenities at you and show boat with bat flips....PISSED
  15. He played like a mad man in the GB playoff game so much so late in the game I believe on the Rodgers scramble that Alford performed the greatest flop ever on, Shede started to pursue and just fall over apparently dead cause he was gassed from going all out I truly thought the guy knocked out haha...