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  1. So Carolina already got a QB who is notrious for holding onto the ball too long and now they have a guy seemingly causing him to hold onto the ball longer while he poop-plops downfield...I see nothing wrong with this from my vantage point
  2. It was after Freddie getting hit and before the one guy called Motte a F****t and bat flip.... That's the stuff that probably got this even more heated imagine being hit like 7-8 times in 3 games and then one of them seriously hurting your star player having is best year ever and then they yell obscenities at you and show boat with bat flips....PISSED
  3. He played like a mad man in the GB playoff game so much so late in the game I believe on the Rodgers scramble that Alford performed the greatest flop ever on, Shede started to pursue and just fall over apparently dead cause he was gassed from going all out I truly thought the guy knocked out haha...
  4. Sanu has done what was asked of him in this offense and I would rather has a good talented #2 that see limited usage and fits a role then a crap #2 that sees limited use and when does is crap at it... Sanu is a heck of a blocker, made clutch catches last year when needed, helps keep teams from just putting all the size against Julio cause he's a big boy too and when he catches and gets up-field he's a finisher and lays into defenders.
  5. Hageman has the proper tools to be a regular Solid DT who can wow you with his athleticism at times... but his ability is all tempered by the role he is assigned and his attitude. He's very much like the Hulk...he's most effective it seems when he's just pissed and angry which is contrary to nature of a professional player you got to execute play in control etc but for him the attitude leads to just less effort for whatever reason but when he's seemingly angry that meanness just makes him 2 inches taller and 2X times stronger
  6. I have no opinion of this I like the guy hope he wins the job and balls out but every time I hear the short arms discussion this always comes to mind and gives me a good laugh
  7. The Eric Saubert kid I bet... Definitely not Poe guy had like 44-45 reps on bench
  8. I would be shocked if this guy is wasn't working at FS in OTA/Training camp if you read his scouting report compared to one Earl Thomas the strengths are very good matches Earl is slightly faster but both guys in college were recognized for their ability to recognize pass routes and where the ball was going and react to it... the only downsides to Kazee is points related to him playing at Corner-back and not key in regards to if played at Safety... We had talks in the Draft of Falcons needing to target a Safety at some point and we know we are have seemingly 5 spots at corner which are probably locked down, I think they picked this guy to convert to FS and build that depth with guys who can play that role
  9. I like Rico too and definitely seen growth in him last season in his role at FS and communication improve as year went on... I have no doubts Rico is the guy next year and he's got contract discussions ahead etc so this seems very much a future/insurance policy pickup for Falcons a guy that has the proper skills to excel at spot and can learn to eventually take-over job if it came to that
  10. Yeah remember the true job of the FS in Quinn's Defense is to the be deep guy and diagnose plays make call outs to D and make plays in front of him... The guy's got decent speed lil better then Rico coming out of College and sounds like his strong set will allow him to fit perfectly into a FS spot here... I'm not saying he's replacing Rico next year but it's a safety net no pun intended for them to groom a guy who could eventually replace him if Rico goes elsewhere or has significant injury
  11. If you watch Beasley highlight reel and look to pick out that move the one that he truly excels in.... I mean you can't beat his speed but he burnt many a ol it seems with that Juke that speed he get's going full tilt has a Lineman back pedal or get stuck in tracks and just pops a Juke and the lineman is completely off balance and easy then to get a arm/body into the OL and turn corner to get to the QB... it seems one thing he really made a jump with is his decisiveness he done alot of dancing his rookie year it seemed and truly just didn't attack the lineman and that changed in year 2
  12. We've built the starts of one of the better pass rushes in the league along with getting athletic LBs that when they started getting experience and settled in have showed a big improvement on covering those short dump offs that killed us for years... we've greatly improved in that game and are cutting off one of the main tactics against a very good pass rush which is short passing game teams can't even get away with that now...
  13. Quote I picked up from a interview of Duke around Combine the one thing all these guys share thru and thru is a competitive work ethic and toughness... all these guys just seem to love football and understand that for themselves to succeed it will be continually hard work "the Combine was a grind, but my advice to someone if they were going is to stay away from negativity, negative thoughts. You hear guys talking about it saying, ‘Man they’re killing us throughout the process. Why are they waking us up so early? Why are they making us wait so long?’ Every time I heard somebody say something like that I tried to separate myself from them.”
  14. The Atlanta Falcons defense was the fastest most atlhetic and hunger D in all of the playoffs last year minus a quarter in a half where they just ran out of gas and it cost us... This year we've built on the depth of the D and hopefully can stay healthy cause when the young guys jelled their was no better play-making, aggressive D in the league at end of season alot to build on and this D can definitely be one of the best in league