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  1. So what your saying is we should all be pulling for Seattle to sign Hardy and then we can start going crazy
  2. and we should give it to him after the trade...nothing crazy but a bump in pay and guaranteed money
  3. Haha yes it was sarcasm over this he said she said stuff
  4. He may truly be unhappy with no guaranteed money after this year and the fact they have brought in players he seemingly has beef with plus showing interest in paying people to take snaps from him?!?! Perhaps his agent is telling them that right now...
  5. Does anyone have Michael's # can we get to the bottom of this!!!
  6. Think of it this way even if he signed a brand new contract for exact same amount as last year he would get his 6 million from Seahawks this year plus new guarantees in our contract... one reporter put it this way as he would get himself combined around 20 million guaranteed over 2 years that's a pretty sweet business deal on his part if so... and Seahawks do have to pay Russell Wilson his gold contract soon too so cutting salary long term for them makes sense
  7. Again even if it's a Second I think we can swap 2nds and that can hold substantily value as well of course we would still need more on table
  8. Ohh trying not to put my cart before the horses.... but If Quinn/Front Office pulled this off and somehow got Vic Beasley in the draft. This would be the most amazing turnaround based of one coaching move in Atlanta ever...barring the Hawks currently of course
  9. He's more of a complete pass rusher then anybody we currently have and plus is first year may not be right at 10 million if that contract was to be... plus after 4 years his contract is up and we have that money to resign hopefully our successful DE pick at #8 spot off his rookie contract!
  10. I'm telling you now swap 3rd round picks and give them our 4th this year for him... Re-do his deal for 4 year 40 million 18 Signing Bonus Pick up top DE for LEO spot with first pick COMPLETE PASS RUSH turnaround I have sugar plum dreams of Beasley at the Leo, Clayborn kicked inside, Bennett at 5-Tech and Schofield rushing from OLB spot on 3rd and long
  11. This has gone from grain of salt status to.... rumblings???
  12. While still sitting with dead money for this year and next cutting Tyson Jackson as June 1st cut does save lil over 2 million... Of course that's if we had Michael Bennett
  13. Apparently he's from Texas maybe has connections to writer somehow?
  14. I think they call it that because the franchise is worth just one buck... *Drum Rimshot*
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