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  1. Do we still have an open roster spot? Essentially don’t we have 2 assuming they’ll move either Frank’s or Rosen to PS? Wonder why they’re waiting so long to fill the spots
  2. I feel like he had quite a few untimely drops too. Still a great pick and valuable player.
  3. https://www.al.com/auburnfootball/2018/03/how_auburns_jeff_holland_perfo.html
  4. Sensei Mud (Holland) was dynamite his last year, including against UGA and Bama. Left too early, though I think his slip to undrafted had to do with underwhelming pro day numbers
  5. Josh Harris, an Auburn alumni, played in all 16 games but played significant snaps in zero. I guess he’s never played in the NFL. P.S.-I’m all for trading Julio if the price is right. Im just against red, size 72 aggressive typeface calling other people stupid for ignoring “facts” while misstating them.
  6. I’m an Auburn fan, and you’re not making the school look good with either your attitude or math (9/16 = greater than 50%).
  7. As others have said, playaction and motion to create mismatches; WCO. Use of running backs in the passing game is actually one of the ways their most different—AS historically has not used his running backs in the passing game (though that could be that it’s not Henry’s strength).
  8. I mean…in the grand scheme of things, you want as little dead cap as possible because it’s wasted money. But your have to make your decisions now based solely on cap savings and whether you’re better off with $15m + a draft pick or with Julio. Sunk cost fallacy is defined as holding onto a player because there will be dead cap if you cut them.
  9. The cap savings are what matters, not the dead cap. Essentially, are we better with $15m + draft pick or with Julio? If you can sign the draft class, pick up Houston and Casey, and nail the first rounder (e.g., new WR, QB of the future), then you’re better off trading him.
  10. Love the hire and plan to blitz. How have his defenses done with giving up the big play? Seems like a combination of aggressive blitzing with relatively unathletic or inexperienced safeties (depending on who wins the jobs) could leave us vulnerable.
  11. Still insane to me that baseball and basketball have fully guaranteed salaries and football does not.
  12. Anyone think Gono could beat out McGary at RT. They’ve both had flashes but been in consistent. New regime won’t care about McGary’s pedigree and chose to pay Gono a $3 million tag
  13. I vote yes. He got snaps (but not touches) last year because he is a great blocker on third down, and he has showed a bunch of promise as a runner/receiver in past years. I also think this Leveon-style running (incredibly patient, then hits the whole when it opens) would work well in our system
  14. Some scouting reports said he needs to work on his anchor, so I think the primary concern is a bull rush in pass pro. He’ll need to do some squats and get a little help from the Gs early, but I think he should be fine (if he beats out Hennessy, who had very similar scouting reports last year and then played like trash but under less than ideal circumstances).
  15. Agree but there are some available now like Houston, Vernon, and Ingram. Not studs but adequate in a package with Fowler
  16. Edge could really use some juice. We only have one player under contract long-term, and there are a lot of quality vets available. Fowler and maybe Grady are the only guys on the roster that are solid bets for 5+ sacks (and that’s no guarantee). I’d love to see Davidson and Cominsky bring some juice as 3-4 DEs, and I wonder if Walker will get some passrushing snaps at Edge; however, I don’t like the idea of Fowler and Means being our primary passrushing package
  17. But after his pay cut, he’s only signed for next season...
  18. Ideal would be to restructure Grady and sign Houston, Ingram, Murphy, etc. On a backloaded 2 year deal, but we don’t have ANYONE to play edge long term
  19. Ideal would be to restructure Grady and sign Houston, Ingram, Murphy, etc. On a backloaded 2 year deal, but we don’t have ANYONE to play edge long term
  20. I’m worried about the pass rush
  21. I was thrilled when we picked him last year, but his play was less than impressive, despite some legitimate adverse circumstances. With semi-viable competition at guard between Gono, Andrews, and Hennessy, I would’ve thought we’d pick someone with G/C flexibility rather than G/T flexibility like Mayfield. Does this mean Hennessy has the C job, or will we bring in another body to the crowded IOL room (maybe Nick Easton)?
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