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  1. I’d be on board with the curry signing but would prefer someone who plays SLB and can rush the passer like Matthews. I think people expecting us to sign multiple players with Tru’s $11 million need to remember that the draft class with cost a couple million and we like to have $5-7 million for midseason signings and to roll over to next year. So I think we really only have about $4 million to play with absent additional cuts (Carpenter or, god forbid, Mack). Could we still make Free June 1?
  2. I’d take a flyer on Darron Lee or add Deone Bucannon for more legitimate depth. Possibly Mark Barron for a cheap veteran presence. I know we just traded for Harris, but I still feel like a 3rd down speed rusher (preferably one who can play SLB on early downs) is our biggest need. Thinking Clay Matthews, Cameron Wake, etc. Dennard would make our CB depth fantastic, and Reid, Tony Jefferson, etc. Could help our safety depth (though I’m. It sure our coaches view that as a need)
  3. We have some money that will become available from Trufant’s release, and we could free up some additional money by releasing another player (e.g., Carpenter) with the other 6/1 designation. We could also release Mack now that we drafted Hennessy, although I wouldn’t recommend it. We will keep some for in-season acquisitions, but how do we spend the rest? I see our biggest remaining needs as a third pass rusher and linebacker depth. (Unfortunately, one of the reasons that I did not want a CB or S in round 1 is that there are quality free agents remaining at those positions) Assuming we can’t afford Clowney or Everson Griffen, who are the best remaining options? At linebacker, I think Darron Lee or Mark Barron could provide depth and a little competition for Foye at WLB. Markus Golden, Clay Matthews, Vinny Curry, Jamal Sheard, or Ansah could provide some juice DE. Who do you want?
  4. https://www.espn.com/espn/now?nowId=21-41093558-4 A lot of folks would like us to draft someone to compete at guard, backup Mack, and takeover for Mack after this year. Could McCray be our backup center this year, allowing us to find Mack’s successor next year? Before this, I had only seen reference to him as an OG or OT.
  5. Could be. Would likely need to extend Mac to free up some money short term since I doubt he’ll be around after the draft. I suspect we could be adding veteran CB and SS after the draft though
  6. Kamalei Correa - SLB from the Titans that’s only 26 and can cover a rush the passer a little. Would open up our draft a lot to have someone like him where we could then focus on BPA between pass rushing DT, corner, and edge (and to a lesser extent, SS, OG/C)
  7. I knew Tru was 6/1, but did they confirm Free was too? I hadn’t heard that and figured they were saving a slot for Carpenter or Brown
  8. Daniel Thomas from Auburn should be a core special team we and could be an eventual replacement for Keanu in the 7th. Great combine scores:https://www.nfl.com/prospects/daniel-thomas?id=32195448-4f09-1876-a61f-71eebb43a299 Still would like some veteran insurance like Wilcox or Eric Reid.
  9. Also likely does not include the $10 million for Trufant that we will gain after 6/1, right? If not, that could be used to sign draft picks (albeit a little late), some cheaper vets (e.g., Clayborn, Mathews, Darron Lee, etc.), and for the mid season slush fund they like to have. Plus, I would think Freeman could be a 6/1 if they don’t use the other 6/1 designation for Carpenter or Brown.
  10. Love the upside and big play potential. Hope he can develop chemistry with Ryan and find the soft spots in coverage for key third down conversations like Hooper always did. We’ve arguably lost Ryan’s three biggest third down security blankets in Sanu, Hooper, and (to a lesser extent) Freeman, so I am most concerned about converting those third and mediums now.
  11. Our division has three quarterbacks that struggle with interior pressure, don’t have particularly strong arms (anymore at least), and like to dump the ball off to running backs and tight ends. Plus, I think there is good value in the 3rd-4th at corner this year. Therefore, I’d focus on interior pass rushers and a coverage linebacker who can also blitz effectively. If Simmons, Brown, or Kinlaw are there at 16, run to the podium. Otherwise, I’d draft Murray (after trying to trade back a bit) as the coverage linebacker and then take Marlon Davidson in the second. Then I’d look for the best value at corner, RB, and LG/C in rounds 3-4, and grab a speedy WR or thumping box safety in the 7th. I’d fill out the roster with Blidi Wreh-Wilson, Adrian Clayborn or Clay Mathews, and maybe a veteran nickleback. With all that said, I’m expecting a corner in round 1.
  12. Are we able to designate Tru or Free as a 06/01 cut at a later date to save more?
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