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  1. Fields terrifies me. I also want to remind the UGA folks that he transferred and took virtually every meaningful snap of his career at OSU, which has produced countless college stars but the best pro QB they’ve had in years was, I dunno, Troy Smith?
  2. Also played in at least 14 games every year before last.
  3. Just released by Broncos. Multi-time pro bowl DT whose put up 5-7 sacks regularly and has ties to Smith and Pees from the Titans. Coming off an injury where we only played 3 games, but still only 31. Could be the type of player who really outplays his contract in true Fontenot style. for the first time ever, I gotta say “Bring ‘em home!”
  4. Yup. Plus, if we trade down from 4 and get a future first, that gives us more ammo if we need to move up from say, 32nd overall.
  5. I think the big back idea is lazy. Freeman tore it up in a similar system and is the polar opposite of Henry. With that said, a Henry-style back that can catch like Najee or Williams would be a welcome addition. I care more about it being a three down back that can make Ryan’s life easier as he loses arm strength (like Kamara with Brees) and/or give a young QB easy first down throws than i do size.
  6. Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, and Matt Stafford are not like the others. They had sustained success and their teams definitely do not regret drafting them. The others...
  7. He passes the eye test, but this article scares me https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2021-nfl-draft-mac-jones-despite-gaudy-statistics-at-alabama-lacks-in-key-areas-as-a-prospect/amp/ 34% of his passes were behind LOS, and 53% of his yards were YAC. (Also makes me like Najee and Smith even more...)
  8. I’ve been impressed when I watching him, but I recall reading somewhere (maybe CBS?) that a disturbingly high percentage of his throws were less than 5 yards down field or something like that. Seemed to reinforce that he dumped it off to Smith Or Harris and let them do work. (Actually sounds like the perfect successor to Brees now that I think about it)
  9. I had the same reaction. My guess is that the poster is making the Ragone connection.
  10. But that’s kind of the point, drafting BPA at a position of strength allows you to move on from high paid players and improve your cap space. Ridley wants to be paid top 10 money? Ok, enjoy the Bengals. Patriots decide they need a competent wide receiver in a couple of years? We’ll take a 2nd and some cap relief from Julio.
  11. I agree and would prefer to trade down, but BPA helps salary cap in the future. Draft Sewell/Slater and play them at OG this year, then cut Matthew’s later if needed. Draft Chase/Smith/Waddel and have a killer trio (Quattro? Though Gage is good, not great), injury fill-in for Julio, and the ability to trade Julio and/or let Ridley walk later.
  12. The BPA will be WR and OT, and I am fine if we draft those. WRs like Chase can give us a killer trio, fill in for Julio when hurt, and then then make him expendable by trade or cut (or make it where you can let Ridley walk if he wants WR1+ money). OTs like Sewell and Slater can play guard for a year or two and then move to OT, making Jake expendable by trade or cut. If you’re worried about our future cap, drafting these positions can help with that long term. With that said, I am listening to all trade down offers. I am **** sure not drafting players like Fields or Surtain at 4 thoug
  13. Sure. But it doesn’t mean you HAVE to draft one this year at 4. It means that you can trade down or take BPA this year and then draft a QB over the next couple of years and have similar odds that they’ll be a stud, even if you’re picking from a playoff draft position. its just a fallacy to think that we must draft a QB at 4 because this is our only chance to ever get a good one
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