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  1. I agree with Matt Scott on the state of the Panther receiving corp.
  2. It that were true, you'd have manufactured a reason for sending in troops.
  3. Cause most of you couldn't find Canada?
  4. Isn't this the Cajun faves thread? My bad.
  5. LeBatard got two days vacation for his Cleveland billboards.
  6. DC needs an equivalent to Hulk, Thing or Juggernaut.
  7. They are drawing 15k fans a night, new facility or not. Why spend the money?
  8. It's just the artificial turf and lack of a full dirt infield.
  9. It's more complicated than that. The offense gets tight in the second half, makes questionable decisions, blocks, throws while generally executing with less precision. That's not playcalling.
  10. Put up 40 points 3 times before Jones and 3 times after. The recent efforts came wk 1 (KC) or meaningless late (JAX, SF). It is not the play calling.
  11. Smith's fault is 2010 thinking. Since that time, it's been on the offense.
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