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  1. DC needs an equivalent to Hulk, Thing or Juggernaut.
  2. I enjoyed MoS, but Marvel isn't making many bad movies.
  3. Heat doesn't need to break the surface to penetrate.....but is what's inside vulnerable?
  4. Why do heroes still wear capes? It was handy for George Reeves as it helped with the flying illusion, but now they just look goofy.
  5. Heat vision brain fry brings down the not-so-jolly green giant.
  6. This scene from Rome is pretty good....takes a while to get moving http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pj8yq_urL5c
  7. Do you suppose Roman gladiators used to say "bollocks"?
  8. So would a "what's in your toilet?" thread.
  9. Page #200. What a testament to the quality of this program and the novels. To think 3+ years ago, I just flipped it on to see what it was all about and got completely sucked in.
  10. Fabulous episode. Looking forward to seeing who makes the cut next season.
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