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  1. I’ve been trying to find something but there’s just nothing out there that seems informative and entertaining. I took a listen to Toby from P4P and I was just not impressed. The one video I was watching, he was talking about MR needing to work on his RPO’s and us running 5 WR sets. I highly doubt we run RPO for MR at the age of 36, I’m not even sure we could run RPO for MR in his prime. 5 WR will just get us killed as this just keys defense off that it’s a passing play. I really don’t think there’s a great content creator out there for the Falcons, either the content is too long (20 min+ ) or the content isn’t informative and entertaining. I’ve found other teams fan video that is entertaining. One of my fav is Purple FTW! Podcast. Found him when the Falcons played the Vikings in the opener 2 seasons ago. His content is straight to the point, informative, and entertaining. I enjoy listen to him talk about the Vikings even though I have no care for them.
  2. I highly doubt we’re going to draft a WR in the first couple of rounds, just look at our past history. The board always talk about BPA but history tells us Dimitroff arguably did this only once with our tops picks (Calvin Ridley). It’s almost certain we are taking a pass rush.
  3. It all stems from Dan Q. I remember the only reason he even hired Kyle was because he knew that offense gave them (the Seahawks) fits. After Kyle left, Dan asked Pete. Pete said he would hired Sark and so we got Sark.
  4. I don’t blame the players as much as the coaching staff. It’s the coaching that teaches technique and also puts players into positions to succeed. Brian Poole for example, goes to a place where he’s gets to maximize his skill set...guess what PFF has him not as one of the greatest slot corners but one of the best corners period. Alford goes to a Ari whose in a similar situation as us and gets lit up. Point is, coaching matters and we don’t have it.
  5. #10. Drew Brees #9. Tom Brady #8. Cam Newton #7. Matt Ryan To put into perspective, this is is projection for the upcoming season; not based on past history or performances.
  6. Do you agree or disagree of where the NFC south stand in terms of QB ranking? tl;dr afc west nfc west nfc north afc north afc east nfc south afc south nfc east http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001031777/article/ranking-divisions-by-quarterback-afc-west-nfc-west-top-list
  7. He’s the 35th best TE last year according to PFF and their fans are expecting at least a 3rd for return.
  8. Y’alls might have learn that I love me some PFF. Anyway, here’s their tidbits about this topic; they even have a little bit of our Falcons in it. Enjoy and discuss. After listen, what do you think of rushing 3 and dropping 8? I know we all hated doing this.
  9. Not a specific unit, but cornerbacks! Cornerbacks are one of the top positional value and getting a great one can tremendously help a team. On your example pats, who in their secondary is getting paid?...the corners! The pats can survive w/o having a great pass rush but they make up with great corners; they pay their corner, every other position on D usually just gets rotated to the next man up.
  10. Easy, look at the wins and losses. QB is the most important position when it comes to determining wins and losses. Even with Donald on the team, they had 3 consecutive losing season and didn’t starting winning until they had a competent QB.
  11. I’m not fond of trading up, unless it’s for QB and we don’t need one at the moment. PFF has a stat called war (win above replacement) where it accounts for a players contribution to the teams winning. As transcending as Arnold Donald is at his position he contributed like 2ish wins according to pff. On the other hand I remember listening to a pff podcast where they discussed had baker played at the beginning of the season his war would’ve been like 6-8 win games and Baker is like a top 12 QB. Point is, the #1 DT in league accounted for only like 2 wins. Trading up for a DT even if it was for Q. William ain’t going to drastically push us over the top.
  12. Im indifferent when it comes to drafting Ed, if we draft him cool and if we don’t cool too. I rather we draft the right person. If that’s Ed then so be it. From PFF’s perspective, the Falcons will limit his growth because if we draft Ed it’ll most likely to play the nose and though he good there he’s not elite. The bright side is that Ed has played the nose position probably more than anybody else who will be in contention for our first round pick. Do you want to pick Ed to play the nose if you don’t think he can be elite there?
  13. Here’s a video of what was discussed. Burns comparison, according to Jeremiah, is Vic Beasley. The topic at hands beings around the 20 sec mark.
  14. It may be skewed a little bit by having to play against #2/ #3 corners. Tell a 1st round DT to play against 2nd/3rd string Guard all year, 1st round Tackle to play against 2nd/3rd string DE all year, etc. The majority of the time the 1st rounder will win. Ridley supposed to win the majority of the time, as well as look good doing it. Ridley is well on his way to becoming a great receiver, now we just have to see if he can do it against number 1 corners and that may never happend unless JJ11 leaves or gets hurt.
  15. QB free agent this year is weak and some say teddy is the #1 prospect. He’s going to be stop-gap starter somewhere. As well, the saints traded a 3rd round pick for him in a year that they don’t even have a first round. I don’t think they’re just going to let him walk.
  16. i know it’s not the falcons but I just saw this and it makes a lot if sense, on top of being related to OP’s topic.
  17. When TB said Matt Ryan was the first pick...I cringed and stopped right there!
  18. He excel in a north south power running scheme like what the titans and cowboys do. Even at his best, he's not going to do well in our zone blocking scheme.
  19. Actually, I remember watching the nfl network somewhere and they said Carolina has been one of the best team to rush the passer with just 4 players; something about, just from their d-line alone they've accounted for 40 something sacks. I'd be surprise to see them stray from that.
  20. He was barely a starter. I'd argue Ovie Mughellie is the better prospect and has better accolades.
  21. I'm sad too in the fact that the broncos are, unfortunately, going to destroy the Seahawks. Wanted the superbowl to not be so lopesided but it can't be helped now!
  22. As long as the BPA is not a QB, K, P, or LS it doesn't matter what position he plays. The 6th pick should be somebody who other teams "FEAR," because of his elite skill set. People argue that the player taken must be need based, but rarely do BPA and need base co-exist. Remember when the Falcons lost Kerney to the FA and drafted on need base? Jamaal Anderson happened. Again in 09 when the Falcons lost both Rod Coleman and Grady Jackson. What happened? Peria Jerry! Losing OT Wayne Gandy forced the Falcons to go need base and that ended with the Falcons overdrafting Sam Baker. The verdict is still not conclusive on Baker but he is no where near as good as his draft status. Drafting BPA is crucial, at least in the first round, if any franchise wants to be successful long term. Another top WR with the 6th pick? I could care less, hey the Falcons will have TWO Julio on the field at the same time. A LB? I don't see how this can be bad it worked for the Panthers. They drafted Kuechly even though their LB was a strong stable in their defense already. How did that turn our for them? Kuechly is an all-pro turned an already good LB core into an elite LB core. The point is the #6 needs to be BPA over Need base. Here's another little history, with maybe only a little point. Portland Trailblazers skipped over Micheal Jordan because he wasn't need base. The team had too many good SG already and instead of going BPA went need base. The rest was history. I'll let you decipher the meaning. Good night and GO Falcons!
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