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  1. If Matt Ryan is going to be our QB for the next 3-4 years (and that seems like a pretty sure bet), trading away young weapons that he has a rapport with during the twilight of his career in hopes to replace it in the draft is quite the gamble. When a team drafts a guy, the hope is that he one day proves he's worthy of a being paid at least near top dollar at his position. Isn't that why you drafted him in the first place? Hooper isn't the most athletically gifted TE in the league but he has great chemistry with Ryan and they're close. Often times, that's more valuable.
  2. The defensive line hasn't been all-world but it's been pretty dang solid (Takk included) and is the least of our issues on defense. The secondary has been straight garbage. Combine that with bad angles/poor tackling and tons of penalties keeping opponents' drives alive....THOSE are the issues. Not the line.
  3. My favorite memory by far was seeing the NFC championship there last year. My wife and I made a last minute decision on the Tuesday before to buy tickets and drive down from Kentucky for the game. Right behind that memory would be the Thursday Night Football vs. the Saints that I came down for in 2012. Brees threw 5 picks and we ended his record streak of games with at least 1 TD pass. The dome was so electric that night. What a great time...
  4. Well this sucks... http://www.ajc.com/sports/plan-stadium-roof-will-closed-for-rest-falcons-season-open-for-one-soccer-game/eFcG6uolRi3qcGatIffwxL/
  5. What's great is if scroll down the comments, you'll see that she acknowledges this herself! haha. She said something like "regretting that my emojis made it into the screenshot" then typed 3 eggplants lol
  6. This was my summer project this year. Turned a nook in my basement into my own personal sanctuary. My wife is pretty cool.
  7. ...The Patriots play New Orleans next week. Boy, I'd hate to be the next team on the schedule after seeing New England take that shellacking.
  8. Looking for a way to watch tonight's game up here in Kentucky. Any ideas?
  9. I hear you. I dropped a coin or two for the GB game and also the Miami game. And I am coming down from Kentucky each time! To say I am disappointed would be an understatement.
  10. I would love to buy one if someone has one available!
  11. Alex Mack.... It's amazing what knowing you can confidently step forward in the pocket without getting your head knocked off can do for a QB. Especially a pocket passer.
  12. Schaub was traded before Vick got into trouble because had he not been, he would have walked the next year (assuming Vick was still there). Believe me, I am sure if they could have seen the future, they would have much rather held onto Schaub rather than a season full of Joey Harrington and Byron Leftwich.
  13. I say we go for it on every 4th down. No punting!
  14. Matt Ryan: 37/45 for 397 yards, 2 TD's and 1 INT. Hit 10 different receivers. The offense is fine. Matt Ryan is fine. Tampa Bay scored 20 points off TO's. Stop turning the ball over (especially in the red zone) and we win these games comfortably. It's that simple.
  15. I think I am going to look into this tunein premium 7 day trial. Thanks everybody!
  16. I was wondering if you guys know of any apps or ways to possibly listen to the radio broadcast of the Falcons @ Titans game Sunday. I'm traveling for work and will be on the road all afternoon. It's causing me to miss my first Falcons game in 8 years but I was hoping to at least be able to check out the radio broadcast somehow in the car. Any surefire ideas? Go...
  17. Haha. Yep. Kid is a rookie. Give him a minute... I think DQ will have this team ultra focused next week @ Tennessee. This loss might be what they needed.
  18. ...I would have taken that and been thrilled! Losing to the Saints always stings but don't worry folks. It'll be alright. We played a desperate team with their backs against the wall and that's how they played. We knew in our heart of hearts that we aren't the Packers or the Patriots. We are a pretty good football team - not a great football team - but a pretty good one. I'll take that right now. Let's enjoy it. On to Tennessee!
  19. My apologies if previously posted... http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/matt-ryan-threw-the-best-deep-ball-in-the-nfl-in-2014-063015
  20. Meanwhile, the Patriots "investigation" continues...
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