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  1. If Matt Ryan is going to be our QB for the next 3-4 years (and that seems like a pretty sure bet), trading away young weapons that he has a rapport with during the twilight of his career in hopes to replace it in the draft is quite the gamble. When a team drafts a guy, the hope is that he one day proves he's worthy of a being paid at least near top dollar at his position. Isn't that why you drafted him in the first place? Hooper isn't the most athletically gifted TE in the league but he has great chemistry with Ryan and they're close. Often times, that's more valuable.
  2. The defensive line hasn't been all-world but it's been pretty dang solid (Takk included) and is the least of our issues on defense. The secondary has been straight garbage. Combine that with bad angles/poor tackling and tons of penalties keeping opponents' drives alive....THOSE are the issues. Not the line.
  3. Jordy Nelson > Michael Jenkins. I'm not saying we need Calvin Johnson and Welker but when the packers' number 4 receiver is better than our number 2, that's a bit of an advantage. Wouldn't ya say?
  4. I'm not defending the play, it was an awful decision but don't you think part of the reason could have been that he was forcing something because he knew they needed 7 since the defense wasn't doing anything to stop the packers?
  5. Manning yes, but in New England, it's the system. Brady is excellent in it but so was Matt Cassel.
  6. Green Bay's punter didn't even need a shower nor does his jersey need a wash. Shame.
  7. Trust me, we aren't the bungals. We actually have upside and potential.
  8. Manning is one of the greatest ever. Period. Brady is a master of the dump off/bubble screen system he's in. Guys like Rodgers and Brees are great because they are 5 deep at WR. We have one really good one in Roddy and a decent one in Jenkins and that is it. It's kinda hard for Ryan to slice up a D when we don't have receivers who can get open. It's real simple. He needs weapons that can move down the field. I'm disappointed because I thought Douglas might have had a better year but he was basically invisible.
  9. I'm actually a little worried that we are getting a jersey change soon because if you look around different sites like nflshop, eastbay, or dickssportinggoods, there is a shortage of falcons jerseys. It's like they aren't restocking them.
  10. Pretty good interview. Sorry if posted. Just happened to stumble across it. Ryan Interview
  11. yet without a boneheaded play by McClure and Turner's FIRST fumble of the season, there's a good chance we win this game. Pretty nifty eh?
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