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  1. I've kicked around the idea of not paying for my PSL anymore as well. My balance is due in February.
  2. nice post. which is rare these days.
  3. I just thought it was funny/odd. Wasn't trying to go to Legendary SB area of expertise
  4. Colleges have been doing it for years/decades. At Auburn it is tigers unlimited and at Bama its tide pride. You basically give them money so you can keep the right to buy your seats each year.
  5. That is the beauty of the PSL. They don't care. You are on the hook for 30 years. If you decide to not order tickets in the near future.... they get to make more money by re-selling your PSL to another person.
  6. And apparently a lot of fun to watch the Falcons with.
  7. OK. WE SUCK. DONT RELAX!!!!!! i feel so much better now.
  8. Don't think he was comparing teams, but comparing the grind of an NFL season. Last year we had some head scratching performances as he noted... tampa, chargers, philly, and the pick two to KC. This year we have had a few as well. A sixteen game schedule is a long brutal grind.
  9. I would respectfully disagree with your group of friends. Not only are those people out of their seats but there are a few thousand standing room only ticket owners walking around too. At the Bills game they had the pullout bleachers above the 300 level pulled out and people were sitting in those too.
  10. dude doesn't care about job security. there are probably 20 out of the other 31 teams that would take him right now.
  11. Jerry Jones as he walked into the meeting yesterday... From the article... It cuts in the middle, but the man in the video had this to say to Jerry: "You want to treat [the players] like $40 million slaves, gladiators who are well paid to beat each other's brains out, but have to keep their mouths shut when talking about injustice. Look at the videos of the police getting away with murder and tell me the players are wrong to protest it and that they have no rights to do that. "People need to take a knee against white supremacy and people need to take a stand against you and your buddy Donald Trump and drive his whole regime out and it begins November 4th." Jerry doesn't talk back or do much, he just stands there protected by his security with a quizzical look on his face.
  12. There are two or three threads just like this on the front page alone. There is even one you can pick the score.
  13. Wasn't disputing "momentum" but "must win" or "make or break" are not accurate at this time.
  14. It is not a make or break game. We haven't even play a divisional game yet. Worst case scenario we lose/panthers win still only 1 game back in loss column.
  15. Not a fan of players replying on social media, but this guy is some kind of special dumbass.
  16. I believe they will win too. My only hope is that we get up 28-3 at some point so twitter will meltdown.
  17. I take solace in being 3-2, when we could easily be 1-4. I take solace in not having played a divisional game yet. Thank goodness for the goofy second half divisional schedule. I take solace in the fact that these guys know what it takes to make a Superbowl run. I take solace knowing NE is in just as bad shape and we have a good chance of winning Sunday. Having said that, I am not sure any of this will make a difference.
  18. Either I didn't articulate my thoughts very well or you read it how you wanted it to read. I apologize if it was my poor writing skills
  19. I am not sure why people keep posting in this thread. You are not going to change people's minds. If you say "X" someone will post stats for "Z." I mean how many videos do we have to see where someone runs from the Police and they get shot, yet some on this board think that's is a great plan of action if an Officer talks to them. I enjoy reading all of your points of view, but no one is changing anyone's mind here. There are good people... there are bad people. Some of both wear a badge and gun each day. I am trying to raise two kids to be good people, but I worry each day about what kind of world I brought them into.
  20. Think I read somewhere the old guys were complaining all game about the two of them standing up and blocking their view. But you can tell something happened right before the punch that set the guy off. who knows? I take my 10 year old to the games and sometimes its hard when people are cussing and acting foolish. I'm no angel and understand especially if alcohol is involved...if it gets out of hand I'll gesture to my kid so they know a kid is around. Usually that helps.
  21. Awesome. thanks!
  22. Thanks. Is this a common issue should I always just buy from Xbox store?
  23. So I guess I screwed up. I ordered my son the new WWE deluxe edition for xbox one. He is driving me nuts because it is out today. I called the wwe shop and they said it would be next week before they ship because of a delay. But I see on twitter people are downloading/playing it now. I asked wwe shop if they were offering download codes since it was on a delay and they said "no" I quit playing games when you needed an actual disc to play the game. Does xbox offer a download from their store? And then just cancel the wwe order? Sorry just trying to make my son happy and I have no idea about these gaming systems anymore.