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  1. Lemonaid out of lemons? Block someone. Tackle someone. Late in year we had worst starting field passion post opponent score. I quit looking to see where we finished.
  2. Kill one?????
  3. Vince Sutton played quarterback at Alabama from 1984-88.
  4. Pete Thamel is a joke.
  5. I agree, but apparently the agent(s) went to this Bennight guy to see if he knew him before and after the shooting. But for them to say they couldn't locate him is bs.
  6. How the **** does this happen. He used his actual name....
  7. So I guess I took this totally out of context. My bad
  8. I watch the news. Cops shoot all colors of people. Daniel Shaver Justine Damond Dillan Tabares I can keep going
  9. So when people complain about militarizing our Police force, do they complain about this type of response too?
  10. Playing on a neutral field would have helped. But I'm still betting on Pats.