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  1. If I remember correctly WWE Survivor Series was that night at Phillips Arena as well. My son and I attended both events. There was a confirmed terror threat on the building and Homeland Security was everywhere for both events.
  2. I'm all for the police doing their jobs better and doing it equitable between the rich and the poor. But if we were really concerned with the minorities and poor we would be also be taking a closer look at the medical malpractice that they endure. WAY more minorities and poor are dying because of doctors who blow them off or give them sub standard medical attention versus the way they are treated by police. And I'm not talking about health insurance. I'm talking blatant malpractice.
  3. NFL and NBA athletes are the one percent of one percent of the best athletes on the planet. It seems like there has to be someone on our sideline who punted for their HS team or can get a punt off if needed. Maybe I'm being stupid, i drank a lot yesterday. But that is what I was wondering.
  4. I will cancel direct tv monday if this happens. Ill reddit my sports, that is all I watch anyway
  5. newish?
  6. $40 for redzone?|prt-3&src=featured
  7. I thought we hit the reset button after last season. New OC. New DC. New ST.
  8. Around the 16 minute mark he talks about the delayed release of season 5 so that they can release season 6 closer. So there is apparently a season 6. Not a bad interview...
  9. I'm aware. Was being sarcastic about the threads over the summer
  10. They are done shooting season 5....
  11. TATF said if we had a top 10 defense we would win SB.