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  1. Not sure any commissioner would be liked. He has done a decent job. The knee situation was a no-win for him. My only issue under his watch is the slippery slope when you start punishing behavior off the field. Probably should be left up to the individual team. But now they have created a genie that can't be put back in the bottle.
  2. I've seen a few videos of him drunk off his butt. Shouldn't be too hard to find more ****ing material.
  3. looks like the dirt digging on JJ has already started...
  4. Not much. But if true does bring more light to his FSU days.
  5. Who would have seen this coming???? The NFL Is Investigating Jameis Winston For Allegedly Groping An Uber Driver In 2016
  6. splitting hairs... I would take andrews, riggs, then turner. riggs was probability the best but andrews is my favorite falcon
  7. First two replies failed. no
  8. They sold them. They literally had the auction company auction them off to the highest bidder. They have the ring of honor outside, if they put new banners somewhere I haven't seen them.
  9. That's funny. Yea. I can't complain about how my life turned out
  10. Don't blame me I voted for Mo Brooks
  11. No. She married my old college roommate.