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  1. My impression in the opening was he was buying something to put in his office to defend himself if Lalo showed up. Then he used the balls on Howard's car. Did he have that planned all along? The scenes with Mike and his daughter in law are painful to watch. The acting is sub par compared to rest of show. Was I suppose to recognize the two guys in the car that made the money drop? I didn't Did Gus save Mike's life and that how he gets him back to work?
  2. ig-bah-NOG-ah-knee Noah Igbinoghene was one of 23 recruits to officially sign with Auburn on National Signing Day, but his new head coach still isn't quite sure how to pronounce his last name. "Noah -- I'm just going to start calling him Iggy, OK?" Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn said during his Wednesday afternoon press conference. "I don't know exactly how to pronounce that last name, so it's Noah Iggy, OK?" Igbinoghene, a four-star wide receiver prospect at Hewitt-Trussville, committed to Auburn on Thanksgiving. He picked the Tigers over offers from Duke, Maryland, Notre Dame, Ole Miss and others. The 6-foot, 185-pounder racked up 1,463 yards of offense (751 rushing, 712 receiving) for 18 total touchdowns as a senior. While checking in for the Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Classic last month, Igbinoghene cleared up the pronunciation for several reporters. (It's "ig-bah-NOG-ah-knee.") Malzahn may never get the last name right, but he's excited to bring the youngster aboard. "Noah's a guy that is a wide receiver," he said. "He played wide receiver and running back for his high school. A dynamic guy, we think he's got unbelievable upside. Extremely fast. Both his parents actually ran track in the Olympics and he's a young guy too as far as age goes."
  3. Last night was the first time where she got on my nerves. I loved it when the guy kicked her in the gut at the end. Best part of the show last night.
  4. So the group of guys just let Mike (50-60 year old guy) break their buddies arm and they just stood there. They did nothing. What was it like 8 on 1?
  5. 5'11 198 is overweight (not obese) I should weigh under 179 according to the BMI chart.
  6. I wasn't talking about the meaning of the scene. I was talking about the actual acting. He didn't sell his look off thinking about everything and then the yelling at her. Thought it was a sloppy scene. It just wasn't what I have seen from these shows.
  7. I thought the Mike scene yelling at Kaylee was the worst acting I've seen in the entire BB/BCS journey. It was like an intern shot that scene. But I have enjoyed the two episodes. Glad it's back.
  8. Can we just enjoy the moment? TATF has a wonderful track record of predicting what this organization will do
  9. never-mind I found it...
  10. she has something in her left hand
  11. I saw this on twitter this morning. What is the back story on this?
  12. Sounds like we need a beer summit with TGA and Jay. it worked before