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  1. I agree it is all about quieting the players and protecting the cash. But the NBA has been doing it for years.
  2. Not sure what the uproar is about. This is straight from the NBA rule book... 2) Players, coaches, and trainers are to stand and line up in a dignified posture along the sidelines or on the foul line during the playing of the National Anthem.
  3. A Black woman who accused a law enforcement officer of raping her is now under fire after newly released video shows that no rape took place, reports Bodycam footage cleared Texas state trooper Daniel Hubbard of sexually assaulting Sherita Dixon-Cole, who was pulled over for a traffic violation in the early morning May 20. She was arrested on a DWI charge and taken to the Ellis County, Tex., jail. But after the arrest she claimed that the trooper made sexual advances toward her, and when she refused, she was sexually assaulted both inside and outside the vehicle. After her family posted bond, Dixon-Cole was released several hours later and went to a hospital for medical treatment and testing. Her attorney, S. Lee Merritt, publicly demanded that the Texas Department of Public Safety release footage of the arrest, which was echoed by activist and writer Shaun King, who posted the alleged incident several times around social media and the internet, which then went viral. READ MORE: Activist and attorney both allege a Texas trooper raped a Black woman who was pulled over for DUI But upon investigation, the Texas Department of Public Safety determined that body cam footage showed no evidence of any such assault. The nearly two-hour video shows a routine traffic stop and arrest, but nothing to suggest Hubbard was guilty of the accusations against him. “The video shows absolutely no evidence to support the egregious and unsubstantiated accusations against the Trooper during the DWI arrest of the suspect,” wrote Lonny Haschel, Staff Lieutenant with Texas DPS in a statement. “The Department is appalled that anyone would make such a despicable, slanderous and false accusation against a peace officer who willingly risks his life every day to protect and serve the public.” Merritt released a statement early Wednesday morning on Facebook addressing the release of the body-cam footage.
  4. Baltimore County Police Chief Terrence Sheridan said at a news conference the fallen officer was wearing body camera, and the footage will be reviewed later as part of the investigation. He added that that Americans are "seeing something in this country we've never seen before." "Officers who have died at the hands of gunshots is up," Sheridan said. "This is a bad time in the United States for law enforcement."
  5. They misspelled nose tackle.
  6. NAACP leader's racial profiling claim challenged after bodycam footage released By Robert Gearty Published May 20, 2018 A South Carolina NAACP chapter president who says he was racially profiled during a traffic stop was accused of lying after police released video footage of the encounter, according to reports. "Tonight, I was racially profiled by Timmonsville Officer CAUSE I WAS DRIVING A MERCEDES BENZ AND GOING HOME IN A NICE NEIGHBORHOOD," Timmonsville NAACP President Rev. Jerrod Moultrie said in an April 13 Facebook post, according to Fox 5 Atlanta. "He made a comment that the officer accused him of having drugs in the car,” Timmonsville Police Chief Billy Brown said, according to the station. “He said that his wife and grandchild was in the car. He asked them not to move because the officer looked as if he might shoot them or something. He also made mention that the officer continued to ask him about his neighborhood. Why was he in that neighborhood? And threaten[ed] to put him in jail in reference to something dealing with the registration to the vehicle." Brown told the station that after reviewing the bodycam video of the stop, he determined there was nothing to Moultrie’s claims. "When I saw the video, I was shocked that someone who is supposed to be a community leader, a pastor, and head of the NAACP would just come out and tell a blatant lie,” the police chief said. “It bothered me. It really bothered me, thinking about the racial unrest it could've cost in the community and it's just troubling to me that someone who held a position like that would come out and just tell a lie.” Based on the body camera footage, the officer who stopped Moultrie neither asked if he had drugs in the car nor why he was driving in the area,” the Raleigh News & Observer reported. The paper reported that the officer stopped Moultrie for making a turn without signaling. According to the paper, Moultrie’s Facebook post had been deleted. Fox 5 quoted a local community activist as saying that he was so upset by Moultrie’s claims that he went to the police department to take a look at the video. Timothy Waters of Florence said the video just made him more upset, the station reported. "Once I got a copy of that bodycam, it's as if he made the whole story up. And I felt like he set us back 100 years because think about all of the racial profiling cases [that] are true," Waters said. The station quoted Moultrie as declining further comment. Click here for more from Fox 5 Atanta.
  7. Her pettiness or racism (whichever you want to believe) has brought a community together.
  8. Moronic statements knows no political boundaries.
  9. Came here to post the door tweet. I guess sometimes you think of something that sounds like a good idea, then the entire internet shows you what a moron you are.
  10. So all the memes about this lady are currently owning me. If you haven't seen them, she called the police on some African/Americans who were having a cookout in a park. Here is the source pic.