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  1. Wow. I’m 49 going on 62 with this team. Huge night for Trae and JC. Clean some stuff up and we should advance. Nate and staff did a great job with rotations even if it drove me crazy. On to game 2.
  2. Congrats boys! That was stressful but sure is sweet
  3. I disagree with the "ahead of schedule" "house money" mentality. We can and should win this series. We can win the next one. This team will not look the same next year, for better or worse. Gotta go get it now. Heard that stuff when the Braves "were a year ahead of schedule" and their play this year has been blah at best this year. Not intended to point the finger at any posters, I understand where you are coming from... But I will be pissed tonight if it's the last time I see this team play.
  4. Debating not watching Sunday. Prob just dvr it and watch it after I know the outcome. Never thought I’d do such a thing but here we are. I was quarantined in my basement with covid when the Braves blew 3-1 last year. Not sure I can watch Sunday.
  5. Hope everyone enjoys their night. Sitting outside with a full cooler watching on TV. It’s been a fun ride. Let’s close this ish out!
  6. I’ll admit it. I gave up on this one. Unreal.
  7. So Cam has been cleared medically. Give him Snell's minutes and work him in a little
  8. That’s what irritated me. In the 1st they had a shooting foul. Same exact play happens in 3rd and they call it on floor for us. Think that’s when Trae got the T. and the 2-3 obvious walks that weren’t called
  9. I don't know who these two coaches are, but I noticed them game 4 v. Knicks and then again last night. They were coaching their a$* off last night during the comeback. I think they are Melvin Hunt and Chris Jent? Those dudes were on it last night. Kudos to them!
  10. 1. Loved the game plan. Pound the paint. If we made 5-10ish easy buckets early in paint it would have been easier. Giving Nate his due. 2. Heurter has to foul cause he doesn’t trust his feet on D. 3. Second half was the best half of JC career. Can’t remember time left 4-6 minutes maybe. He tipped an offensive rebound that we eventually got and converted on. Play of game. 4. Please don’t play Tony Snell. I can’t take it. 5. Thank you Waze for getting me home before midnight. 6. My son and I are 3-0 this year. If you want to give us tickets
  11. Umm No. If they put Tony Snell in again jumping from from section 220 awful idea
  12. Just stopped by to say why is Tony Snell in game. I like the game plan tonight. Pound the lane. Just not finishing.
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