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  1. I think you an I agree on most if not all the topics when it comes to Police accountability. I'm all for it. Where your message gets lost on me is when you say in one post... "most cops do a good job." Then on page 89 a guy posts "**** the police" you an a handful of others liked the post. If that doesn't send a different message I don't know what does. Speaking of bigotry, stupidity, and hate.
  2. Not sure how you connected those dots.
  3. I’m sure you have seen the twitter and Facebook posts about what I was referring to. They even refer to one of the cases where the detective took the white guy to get something to eat through a drive thru. I believe it has been discussed on this board maybe even this thread.
  4. although after watching it a few times it looks like 82 and 26 caused the play to breakdown.
  5. interesting gif showing what might have been if given time to throw...
  6. hope these numbers continue monday night...
  7. Barkley will have a monster night. 250+ total yards I just hope they stall in redzone and we can put up some points. Should be an entertaining game.
  8. And he was taken into custody without being killed. Another example that blows the false narrative of how white shooters are arrested and black shooters are killed by police.
  9. It's also a black-out game for the fans. But you won't be able to tell on TV because they are all on the concourse.
  10. Possibly Rico is the reason. Jones and Neal were out pretty early. Good point tho.
  11. Ko returns. And every team plays by same rules... we (Armstrong) apparently don't know them.
  12. It isn't like this year has been the only bad year. We are constantly taking the ball out of the endzone and failing to get to the 25. When we would get it there without even touching the ball. I'm not even sure at this point if Armstrong knows this is a rule. It's been happening for years with different return guys.
  13. I would imagine 4 games. Grady has played 4, and the game Takk missed might have been one of the ones Grady was out too?