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  1. Need a little help. My son just said he put the new xbox on his Christmas list. Is there multiple versions of the new one? Where will be my best bet to even try to get one? Accessories that it will need to be play ready Christmas day? Also.. do I buy the disc version? or no? thanks
  2. The problem with the Blank ownership philosophy is what he is talking about on his book tour. He empowers the employee. Running a Home Depot that is a great mindset, but in the NFL it is hard to compete at a championship level thinking like this. "Falcon for life." While as a fan that sounds great, but it's no way to run a franchise. The Patriots have shown the last decade plus that players are expendable. When it is even close to the end of the road or at that point when you have to over-pay to keep someone, you have to let them go and find the next man up. We over-payed Freeman,
  3. https://www.wikihow.com/Make-Zaxby's-Sauce Scroll down it shows several different zaxbys sauces
  4. Sorry. But I laughed. Your last two posts were my wife was allergic to shell fish, then you made shrimp last night.
  5. They say each reaction is worse. The first time I went to ER cause face had swollen and skin was itchy. Second time... by the time I got to ER I couldn't talk because my throat was so swollen. I accidentally ate some peanut butter this weekend. So luckily they were right it was tree nuts and not legumes.
  6. I’ve been to ER twice for a tree nut allergy. Sucks.
  7. It is. Ordered off Amazon. Watching MvF or another show and it made me want one. Didn't seem to get the right ratio of sauce to cheese. I'll keep trying.
  8. First time using my Detroit style pizza pan. Tried it three times for the family. Each one was better than the last try, but still not happy with results. This was the last one. Looking forward to the next pizza night to try again.
  9. the small one on the right is for my picky eating kids
  10. Made queso on the BGE for first time this weekend. Pretty simple. Will be a staple for football tailgated from now on. Used this video as a guide. But used ground pork and added three chopped jalapeños https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&muted=0&autoplay=1&v=4bhmC-FHNn4&mute=0&fbclid=IwAR0mSnvZV2QM_RDAQ48Fh-MuLhNehNTdsy4JJaXqEET-rt8oZZlUrL61pCk&app=desktop
  11. https://slickdeals.net/f/14049815-b-b-oak-lump-charcoal-11-99?src=frontpage&attrsrc=Test%3AjfyGaleProvider%3ARecombeeNoCache|Feature%3AisPersonalized%3Afalse BandB lump for $11 at Ace Hardware (not starting a lump brand debate)
  12. I don't disagree with his opinion that we reached by trying to fill a need. But for him to say we should have taken Player X or Y instead is just speculation at this point.
  13. Thanks for the list. You making another one for today?
  14. this draft isnt over, so yea, yell in December when these guys have played a year
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