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  1. Real crowd noise or pumped in? Kidding. No idea if it's true but I read somewhere they were installing metal plates inside the roof to have the noise vibrate off it and make it louder. Could be internet BS.
  2. I finally watched the video. Was trying not to. Not sure about the legal car stop part. He told the guy why he pulled him over. Not sure what that state's laws are but that was a legal stop in AL. His car stop techniques were awful. His approach, passing the door jam, and leaning into the car were not what anyone teaches. If he had stopped short at the drivers door jam and the drivers says, "I have a gun". You have the ability to retreat and handle the situation a different way. The secondary officer was equally awful. He has the ability to see more from that side of the car. **** when the shots were fired that dude ran out of the picture. To me after watching the video...taking judgement out of it. Their technique and approach was a bigger contributing circumstance than whatever the officer thought he saw the driver move for.
  3. The whole "smoking in front of his kid" story was probably some crap he thought would sound good. Or some crap his lawyer came up with. No one thinks that in real time. He or his lawyer was trying to save his *** from going to jail.
  4. Agree with most of this. There are some that don't need to be on the job for various reasons. Too macho, trigger happy, scared, cant make a decision, etc... But to my knowledge there is not a test you could give a candidate to see if they meet any of the qualifiers to discount their application. The facts are what they are. This is not a high paying job. You are stuck hiring the best of a pool of people that are way overqualified but need a paycheck or have no business doing this but want a paycheck higher than min mage. There are ****** employees in every line of work. But being a ****** Police Officer can cause someone to lose their life over something that didn't need to escalate to that point.
  5. not jimmy Maybe his EX. Chuck had more feelings for her than any living relative he had.
  6. Had to watch it late last night after another long night at ballpark. But what was the deal with Kim counting out the weeks on her calander and then deciding to be a couch potatoe? At first I thought she might be pregnant and learned it at hospital after wreck but I don't believe that to be the case when she wanted the perscription meds over the aspirin.
  7. Chuck pulled the reverse mind f$&@ on Jimmy. After Jimmy told him he would die alone. Was as a little disappointed with the final episode. But it was still very intriguing
  8. Maybe "lantern" refers to Nacho's dads shop. Thinking Hector burns it down when he gets resistance or Nacho does it to keep Hector away. Im guessing two more years of BCS. I really hope they do another spin off from a different character.
  9. No but hate drove him to do what he did today. I was just using that as an example for a question. I can use different... Are they mentally ill or are they just full of hate or whatever triggers them? A kid gets bullied at school and comes back and shoots it up. Is he mentally ill of did someone just push him too far? Guy gets fired at work, he goes back and shoots up the place. Mentally ill or pushed too far? Guy loses his girlfriend and he shoots an elderly guy and streams it on facebook. Mentally ill or pushed too far? There are no doubt cases of mental illness that cause someone to do something irrational. But not irrational behavior is because of a mental illness.
  10. I guess I should ask it this way... Are you a member of a hate group because you have a mental illness or do you have a mental illness because you are a member of a hate group?
  11. I will say we are quick to say "Mental Illness" on both sides of the equation. Yes there are more people than we want to admit who suffer from a mental disability, but does that mean every racist, pedophile, rapist, murderer, or hate group member have a mental illness? Are all people who depict killing politicians in music videos, theatrical plays, or twitter posts mentally ill? Are all members of the KKK or black power groups mentally ill? Are all school shooters, workplace shooters, or domestic violence offenders mentally ill? I have no idea... just throwing it out there
  12. Are you saying blaming Bernie is stupid or the violent portrayals the left has been putting out there? Or both?
  13. This sounds like a yearly take.
  14. His ego has something to do with it as well. But if you watch the scene a few weeks ago when he was telling his Dr. about the party he wants to throw... to me he has a fear of being alone like Jimmy predicts. Or maybe he just wants everyone to know he's not mentally ill. who knows.
  15. What am I missing? What is this picture even suppose to mean/symbolize/represent?