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  1. I just wanted to give a shout out to my Louisville, Lexington, and Cincy folks. Born and raised in Da 'Ville, then moved to the ATL after college. Adopted the Falcons in '95 and have been a crazy fan since. Give 'em **** in Lucas Oil Stadium!
  2. I CAN'T WAIT TO GET BACK INTO THE DOME! TO HEAR THE ROAR OF THE CROWD, SLAP HIGH FIVES, SPILL BEER, AND CELEBRATE MORE FALCON VICTORIES! Folks we have to show even stronger this year in the dome. I'm a season ticket holder and last year there were too many visiting team fans around me. Each week the row behind me was filled with Saint, Bear, and even Lion fans. Loved the Bears game, their fans were singing some fight song when they scored the go ahead touchdown. I stood in my seat and told them it's not over. And the rest is history. This year don't sell your tickets and get your ***** to the Dome!
  3. I think everyone has mentioned the important points, but just in case. Boley wasn't working out for what Smitty and VanGorder were trying to do. He didn't fit the new system. It showed the most when Wire took over in his spot and performed well. I'm not going to go too much into his off-the-field incident from last offseason. We are trying to keep the franchise as clean as possible. Good luck in New York Boley.
  4. So if we are 4th and goal on the 1 yard line and the playoffs depend on it, yes give it to Turner behind Ovie. They get paid the big bucks. If it is 3rd and 1 to keep a drive moving, I want to see beef. I want TE's, FB's, and big backs clashing for yards. I like Snelling or Ovie for those situations. I use to be jealous of Alstott bruising for short yardage and TD's in Tampa. Ovie can earn more of that large FB salary by getting some short yard touches in my opinion.
  5. Not really. It's a Goodbye post to a guy I want gone. I just shot him the dueces! PEACE and don't come back! How about you though? Any comment on the thread itself?...or just padding your post count...hmmm?
  6. I like the 'hard hat and lunch pail' mentality. I like the kid. Also, the bit on Shockley's throwing motion. Not a Petrino fan, but he is a great qb coach. The change in the throwing motion may be needed especially since Shockley stands 6'0" in cleats and thick snow.
  7. I see that being the "open competition" that Coach Smitty is talking about. I don't care for Joey because of his happy feet, but he may be more comfortable with the Murlarkey offense. Kinda like Redman was more familiar with Petrino's offense last year. He had the advantage last year, while Joey has the advantage this year. We keep one to be the security blanket. Hate to say it, but it may be Joey.
  8. Ryan starting week one is fine with me. Let him get his education on the field. I wasn't spooked about the Pick 6. I was actually glad it happened. The league is not that easy. He had something on film to remind him and he now knows to be QUICK, STRONG, and TO THE SIDELINE with the deep out pass.
  9. Why? I ask WHY? Someone please tell me why Shockley will be our 3rd (some have even said 2nd) string QB. I need help with this one.
  10. If we need short yards I suggest going with Ovie at FB and Snelling at HB. Or Harstock at FB and Ovie at HB. Didn't like what I saw from Turner or Norwood in short yard situations this last week.
  11. If Ryan starts from the start, he better have more yards than 1,600. Also, it's Madden! Turner will have more on the ground, probably some of Norwoods and Ovie's share in your stats. Abraham with 10+ sacks would be my highlight of the season. Well that or Anderson turning around and getting 5 or more.
  12. We have to watch VY in the open field, but I want to see a pass rush. I want pressure from both sides to contain him in the pocket. Our corners should do very well against their receivers. Stop the run combo of White and Johnson, then pressure VY to mistakes. Now their defense is good. Great front 7, kinda shaky in the secondary. Let's see if Ryan can get something going as well.
  13. I think this may be the case as well. He might be moved there. We've put a lot of money into his rehab and have to see what he has before letting the time and effort go to waste.
  14. Not only has Shockley received a chance, but he's received the best of medical care, travel, and accomidations. All paid for courtesy of the Atlanta Falcons. Oh, and he does get a pay check during all of this.
  15. Can't say I care where Horn goes. Not hating, but not interested. He wasn't effective on the field for the Falcons. Let's grow with our young WR group (-Jennings).
  16. I would be fine with dropping both Harrington and Shockley. Go with Ryan, Redman, and a veteran. Harrington should be let go. He has the most experience, but he's a proven disappointment. When live game play begins and bodies start flying around him, his feet are happy and his decisions are erratic.
  17. ...and Douglas too. I can't wait for them to form a good connection. Douglas can be Matt's Mr. Reliable in a pinch. Like Welker to Brady, Ingram to Hasslebeck, and so on. Douglas won't be the top receiver here, but will be the guy to find in a pinch. I like the "like white on rice" comment, that's so Louisville.
  18. :sick: And flush. We just bought a million dollar baby in the draft. We can't protect him and definitely can't protect a future HOF'er.
  19. I can't wait for our team to surprise a few folks. Right now, our team is being looked at as the Bad News Bears of the NFL. Every televised game (at least the first 3-5) will have comments about last year's team and events. All the way up until we turn some heads and squeak out a few wins on some folks.
  20. Welcome. Yep, Atlanta is a melting pot. I came visiting from college (WKU, by way of Louisville) a few times (Freaknik) and moved her in 1995. Been a fan ever since I set foot in the city. I've embraced all of the Atlanta teams (Falcons, Hawks, Braves, Thrashers, and even the Dream). Sometimes its a heartache, but I'm not in it alone.
  21. I wasn't around for the Andrews era, but loved the Anderson days. If he hadn't injured himself you can make a case that he would have rushed for 10,000+ in his career. You have to leave the if's out and just appreciate what was. Dirty Bird!
  22. Easy to learn is one thing. Mastering and executing is another. The scheme may be simple, but the mastery and execution of it may be what makes it great. The pick and roll in basketball is basic and easy to learn. We all know that when Stockton and Malone stepped on the floor they were gonna run the pick and roll. Didn't matter though, their mastery and execution was too hard to stop. I hope we master this new scheme and become hard to stop.
  23. You're right, but he's still a troll. What's that about? :w00t: The thread seem smooth and his comments are on topic. Not trollish at all. I'm confused. Do you have anything to include on the topic besides your long sig?
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