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  1. I have no problem with what we paid Ryan...he is just under the 4 elite qbs in this league. He is doing wonders with a high school level oline, horrible OC playcalling, and no real run game to speak of. Ryan is LEGIT!!!
  2. I just read an article that supports my point...it referred to us as "a team of stars and scrubs" a few superstars backed by a bunch of bums. I'm sorry man, but DeCoud is one of the worst players I have ever seen as far a tackling and taking angles, so we ARE NOT good at safety. And as for LBs, come on man, what team are you watching?
  3. Dont forget that our 13-3 season came against one of the easiest schedules that year. We are now playing some real talent, and getting beat...IN PRIMETIME mind you
  4. I agree, but its going to take more than 1 year to get back in contention. Safeties, Linebackers, O and Dlinemen, Tightends, Rbs, etc dont grow on trees and we cant get them all in one offseason...but we do have a franchise qb and that is half the battle.
  5. I think it was good on both sides. It lets the Browns start over, it protects A. Luck with the threat of a punishing runner. Don't hate on other teams making sound decisions...just admit our current regime can't draft fo sh#@ and that besides a few razzle dazzle players, we really dont have a good team.
  6. We appreciate the dedication Tony, but you should DO YOU! Sorry we couldnt get you to the dance man...thought this was the year. Last year was a best shot for quite some time I think
  7. yeah, its bad! TD should have factored that in during the offseason...just another example of how NOT a genius he is. Skill players dont win championships, trench players do!
  8. That is a negative! Brees dumps it to their AWESOME back Sproles(who their coach had the smarts to sign) to set up his bombs. I hate the saints, but they are a FAR better team than we are...and it has to do with coaching
  9. He's worth a first and will only get better as he learns the playbook and how things are done in Indy. He also protects Luck and adds an attitude to the team...better than SJax has for us
  10. I agree, if you want to run the west coast offense (which is what we look like due to oline woes), they should have traded Matt and signed Alex Smith
  11. I say we trade away some players this year and stock pile some picks. Trade Roddy, Gonzo(just bc he deserves a shot at a title/playoffs), SJax if we can, Decoud, HD...we are not going to go to or win the SB with this current roster. We have no passion or fire and to be honest, no real difference makers. Look at Seahawks and 49ers, ****, look at the Colts! They made legitamite acquisitions in the offseason and are contending. Trent Richardson for a 2nd!!!! They are set for the next 5yrs at that spot, but we overpaid for a guy who got hurt and wasnt even tackled when it happend.
  12. We dont have ANY starting caliber LBs...NONE! Weatherspoon is decent, slightly better than average. Not trying to piss anyone off, but we are just not built well as a team.
  13. just "there" meaning he can't carry the load. Neither can Rodgers by himself. He's not really a key player
  14. We can look towards 2014 all we want as fans, but step back and look at the team as a whole. Tony is gone, and we really shouldn't have paid him so much to come back when we could have drafted a cheaper replacement (Jordan Cameron anyone) this year. Roddy is getting old, and if he isnt, his sh#$ talking on twitter only to not be backed up sure is. Julio is hurt, and hopefully this is not the beginning of an injury prone career. Our LB corp is one of the worst in the league, if not history. Both lines are not NFL caliber...plain and simple, there are not to many players on either line that would or should start for 31 other teams in this league. HD is straight trash, as are our other WR not named Jones or White. Matty is a good qb...i truly believe that. I'm happy to have him as our qb and think that outside of maybe 4-5 teams, any other team would be lucky to have him...but we cant protect him. Our coaching staff is terrible. I do like Nolan (look what he did for Sanfran and Miami) he just doesnt have the players here in ATL. DeCoud is horrendous!!! In fact, Willy Mo is only average...he is there to make a play on the ball a lot, but he doesn't make the play!!! (i.e. last night or Pats game on long bomb) Besides Matt, Julio and possibly 1 or our new corners...WHERE IS THE TALENT NEXT YEAR? Oh...jaquizz is too small to be a consistent threat(he's not doug martin, sproles, ray rice, etc.) Snelling is just there....
  15. I will always be a Falcons fan!! That being said, I am sick and tired of hearing and watching other teams make trades and develop their draft picks while we look like we have no idea. Jimmy Grahm, Mark Ingram, Jon Beason, Blount, Victor Cruz, etc. These are mediocre players who are playing about their heads due to coaching. This season is all but done...sad to see. Time to gut our coaching staff and change the atmosphere at Flowery Branch!
  16. I'm thinking about the deep ball. I'm watching NFL replay and Schaub and crappy J Campbell can get the ball to their mediocre receivers far better than Ryan can to our stud receivers. I know it's MM's fault, I do...but Ryan's arm is weak, even up against Campbell's...I'm very saddened by this season. I expected so much. When are we going to cut Decoud?
  17. I think it would be a fantastic decision! Send them Matt or Turner or something. Palmer would take us DEEP into the playoffs. your thoughts...
  18. Brian Billick would actually be a great DC...or head coach. I'd love to have Cowher, who lives just down the road btw. Regardless, Smitty seems like a great guy, but thats not what we need as our head coach. The coordinators are straight trash and need to go NOW!! not at the end of the year, now! We dominated GB for the first quarter. Why did we shy away from our gameplan??? Heads need to roll for this guys! I find it hard to believe that nobody has been fired yet!! I'm furious about the way this team is being coached. TD may have set this organization back further than the Vick scandal. It comes down to Arthur...maybe he isn't into this team as much as we think. I dont see how he could not call for some coaches heads. PS. Matt Ryan is NOT a good qb. He might be the best we have ever had, but that doesnt make him good.
  19. Matt Ryan is not good! I have been saying this for 3 years. He is Chad Pennington 2.0 Game manager at best. He doesn't have "all" the throws a good qb should and needs to have. Why did we stop running the ball last night? I honestly think we are going to send Cleveland a top 15 pick...hey, at least we got a beast receiver that our qb can't get the ball to:(
  20. I am amazed at the fans on this board! wtf are you watching? why did we stop running the ball? is the nfl fixed? there is no excuse we lost this game except coaching!!!! we are horrible! we gave this game away and there is nothing ANYONE on this board can say to convince me differently! Tonight, I am EMBARRASSED to be a Falcons fan...utterly embarrassed!!!
  21. Because our corners are not elite players...including Grimes. They don't have the size or speed to play bump and run effectively. Let's be honest...our secondary sucks, compared to others(GB, CIN, PHI, etc.) I'm not a huge fan of Dunta, but I will say he comes from man, so putting him in zone is stupid...it was stupid to sign him. OH...and BVG sucks! I love my Falcons, but I'm becoming a little indifferent about this year. We are obviously not gonna make the Bowl, if even the playoffs...Super Bowl loser is the same as the worst team in the league. All or nothing, and this year, we are not gonna get it ALL. Sad really...we had so much going for us last year, and now this. We look lost out there...
  22. I agree 100%. Matt Ryan is NOT an elite qb and never will be. He doesn't have the arm strength...he's Chad Pennington 2.0! Great game manager, good at check downs, but can't get the ball down the field. Look at what Flacco did with Torrey Smith last week...and they didnt mortgage their draft to get him like Julio. TD has had far more misses, Julio for one(he can't be a hit after what you gave up for him, he's not Megatron) so I dont buy into GM of the year either. Smith needs more fire!! I want a Rex Ryan, Jim Harbaugh, Sean Payton type! We need some coaches that are willing to get up in their players faces and take chances. Roddy needs to stop tweeting and admit he is not Calvin or Andre or Larry or etc. You dont see the greats tweeting and dropping balls...MAKE PLAYS AND SHUT UP!!! This team has no direction, we didn't even when we were winning last year. Turner is slow, but could still be a beast if we had a legit 3rd down or change of pace...Slaton or Ronnie Brown would have been nice, even Reggie Bush. We just need to get our act together and the front office or coaching staff is 80% the problem. Even if we get rid of MM, Tony is old now, Roddy is older, Turner is all but used up, HD is a non-factor for reasons unknown to me, Abraham is old....we have quietly put ourselves in a position where we are going to be a perpetually young team trying to compete...our defensive pieces will begin to get some wear on them by the time offense gels. To think Julio was the answer is ********! Way to go TD! Oh...and Dunta Robinson is one of the worst signings of all time!!!! Straight robbery! That guy should restructure his contract just bc he has to know its the right thing to do since his skills are average at best.
  23. And yes my man, I am a diehard Falcons fan! No troll here! I HATE every other team in our division with a passion! never challenge my loyalty again. RISE THE FU UP!!!!!
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