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  1. I have no problem with what we paid Ryan...he is just under the 4 elite qbs in this league. He is doing wonders with a high school level oline, horrible OC playcalling, and no real run game to speak of. Ryan is LEGIT!!!
  2. I just read an article that supports my point...it referred to us as "a team of stars and scrubs" a few superstars backed by a bunch of bums. I'm sorry man, but DeCoud is one of the worst players I have ever seen as far a tackling and taking angles, so we ARE NOT good at safety. And as for LBs, come on man, what team are you watching?
  3. Dont forget that our 13-3 season came against one of the easiest schedules that year. We are now playing some real talent, and getting beat...IN PRIMETIME mind you
  4. I agree, but its going to take more than 1 year to get back in contention. Safeties, Linebackers, O and Dlinemen, Tightends, Rbs, etc dont grow on trees and we cant get them all in one offseason...but we do have a franchise qb and that is half the battle.
  5. I think it was good on both sides. It lets the Browns start over, it protects A. Luck with the threat of a punishing runner. Don't hate on other teams making sound decisions...just admit our current regime can't draft fo sh#@ and that besides a few razzle dazzle players, we really dont have a good team.
  6. We appreciate the dedication Tony, but you should DO YOU! Sorry we couldnt get you to the dance man...thought this was the year. Last year was a best shot for quite some time I think
  7. yeah, its bad! TD should have factored that in during the offseason...just another example of how NOT a genius he is. Skill players dont win championships, trench players do!
  8. That is a negative! Brees dumps it to their AWESOME back Sproles(who their coach had the smarts to sign) to set up his bombs. I hate the saints, but they are a FAR better team than we are...and it has to do with coaching
  9. He's worth a first and will only get better as he learns the playbook and how things are done in Indy. He also protects Luck and adds an attitude to the team...better than SJax has for us
  10. I agree, if you want to run the west coast offense (which is what we look like due to oline woes), they should have traded Matt and signed Alex Smith
  11. I say we trade away some players this year and stock pile some picks. Trade Roddy, Gonzo(just bc he deserves a shot at a title/playoffs), SJax if we can, Decoud, HD...we are not going to go to or win the SB with this current roster. We have no passion or fire and to be honest, no real difference makers. Look at Seahawks and 49ers, ****, look at the Colts! They made legitamite acquisitions in the offseason and are contending. Trent Richardson for a 2nd!!!! They are set for the next 5yrs at that spot, but we overpaid for a guy who got hurt and wasnt even tackled when it happend.
  12. We dont have ANY starting caliber LBs...NONE! Weatherspoon is decent, slightly better than average. Not trying to piss anyone off, but we are just not built well as a team.
  13. just "there" meaning he can't carry the load. Neither can Rodgers by himself. He's not really a key player
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