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  1. So everyone here post for artistic value and no view count?
  2. And then I will tell you who I am, if you care.
  3. I understand your frustration but the ocean story was true. I did almost drown.
  4. Ok ego I have lied to give this board something to do, to have some fun, but what have you done to entertain this board? This is all anonymous, and still you can give it no fun. You may yell because my threads get so many pages, but it also means I am doing what I meant to do. Entertain. What do your threads do?
  5. Is that what you believe I do? So who is dumber?
  6. I also talk football all the time. This is personal ego. So what is it? If not here PM me.
  7. Do you care about fun? That is what I come here for. It is people like you, and you are one of the few, to take it so seriously, to suck the fun away. I come here for fun , to say whatever I want, why ? Because it is a message board.
  8. Get a life with ego, maybe you can get a two for one.
  9. I am a troll? I have been on this board for six years and I am a troll? I have been a Falcon fan since I was ten. I come here to have fun. I have enough stress in my life, I do not need someone who has no life sucking that away. If you take this board so seriously than you have no life, go somewhere else. Let us have our fun. This is not national security, it is a message board.
  10. What have you against me ego? Am I having to much fun here?
  11. I have been banned before but what exactly did I do this time that you think I should be banned for?
  12. Somebody needs to get this son of a ***** a sense of humor for Christmas.
  13. Anyone ever tell you you are a ****. Well I have.
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