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  1. This is the REAL preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wabq84N8y2M
  2. I agree, only I would add more touches for Snelling. Freethinkers represent.
  3. After coming out strong, the offense didn't execute and the defense didn't tackle and the DBs looked lost.
  4. WIthout revealing trade secrets, what was Coach Smith doing during the breaks on Falcons Live? He had a stack of paperwork. Game planning during even that short breack?
  5. It's been too long. Sportin' the Roddy jersey today as the Harvey Dahl edition hasn't arrived yet. Headed to Claddaugh's Irish Pub on the Square in Canton, MD for the game. Just found out that one of the bartenders there has relatives in Griffin, GA, my hometown. It's an omen. GO FALCONS!
  6. I think he's going to be a good one. His Mom should get a ton of credit for raising such a polite young man. Yep, I'm a fan.
  7. I love his attitude and the way he plays. I wore a Roddy jersey last year, but it'll be a Harvey this year. Anyone else enlisting in the Harvey Dahl Army?
  8. Vick was a great runner, average passer. That said, I agree that QB is where he should play.
  9. FINALLY! I hope the delusional will move on. Good luck to Vick. I hope he gets another chance and does the right thing with it. However, I couldn't resist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjMfQG4DejQ
  10. At least Vick wasn't going around making public service spots about how bad dogfighting is BEFORE he got arrested. He was an idiot, but not a hypocrite. Robinson was a huge hypocrite and so was Petrino. I'm pretty sure that Petrino constantly preaches character and dedication to the Razorbacks, yet he lacks any trace of character and dedication. He can't even SPELL character or dedication. When it first went down. I would have put Vick at the top of the list, but I particularly dislike hypocrites, so I'll put Robinson, the Petrino ahead of Vick on the "Hate List".
  11. Yeah, it's a close tie between Petrino and Robinson for the title of Biggest Hypocrite. I may have to give the nod to Robinson for his selfishness. It's bad enough that he was considered the moral compass of the team (I imagine he got that leadership role from being VOCAL.) yet decided to try and hire a hooker. The worst part is that HE COULDN'T FREAKING WAIT UNTIL AFTER THE SUPER BOWL! Good grief, it was the most important weekend in Falcons history, and getting "serviced" was the biggest thing on his mind. I have no doubt that Robinson made SEVERAL speeches to the young players about focus,
  12. I think it's going to be a running play. Whether it's Turner or Norwood is a toss up. I think we want to make a statement that we're going to establish the run regardless of the ARSENAL we have in the passing game. Of course, all that's out the window when Harry Douglas runs one TO THE HOUSE on our first punt return.
  13. Winning season, make the playoffs, win at least one playoff game. That would be successful to me. Disappointing, because like everyone else, I want us to win the Super Bowl, but I'll be OK with a winning season and a playoff win. Humble and hungry!
  14. I'm pleased with Jerry as a football pick, but I also think he comes across as a real, genuine, and likable guy. I think he'll lose the nervousness as time goes on. I love listening to Yogi Berra speak and I hope Peria continues to speak his mind. I love the guy. When Jerry is dominating the line of scrimmage, I don't think I'll be worrying about his test scores. Hopefully, he and Norwood will put on a celebrity fishing tournament. Matter of fact, I think a Falcons team fishing tournament at one of the nearby lakes would be even more fun to watch than last year's bowling and golf tournaments.
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