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  1. That's nice stat and all but considering the fact that Julio isnt even on that list 100% confirms its offseason fluff lol Dont get me wrong huge fan of both but any metric that doesnt acknowledge Julio as a top 10 receiver is trash.
  2. The team is built the way its built. Just look at the home stretch in 2k16. The defense in particular is built to run sideline to sideline and succeed once the opposing offense has became one dimensional in a situation where the offense is humming and rarely makes mistakes and to be serviceable enough. The thing that got us was all the injuries against Philadelphia the following year. The team as a unit lost its swagger. I believe Gurley is going to once again provide crucial balance to the offense that we have lacked since then but as far as lining up and running right at the Vikings and playing smashmouth football for 4 quarters? Na. Not our game.
  3. Is that an actual question? Lol Shanahan reached the super bowl in his 2nd season as OC and Head Coach. Koetter has never reached one in either position. Never reached the playoffs in Tampa for that matter. I have hope the offense can be as good or better with Ridley and Gurley but no contest
  4. Honestly I'm over it already. I don't need validation from the media and other fans. Outside of the 18-1 Pat's that was likely their best team under Brady and it was the moment Brady eclipsed Montana. The way I see it both teams stand out in the history of the NFL and were head and shoulders above the rest of the league. The media wont talk about us positively. We will see highlights until we die. The team wont be forgotten and the sooner we all get over it the sooner we can appreciate pushing Brady to the highest he ever achieved. More people will remember that Falcons team then the giants teams or the eagles.
  5. That is a pretty ambitious question. I mean that was prime Vick in all honesty. Before the world told him he had to play a certain way. Truth is, if we are assuming we could beat the Bucs that would be a 14-13 type game. Our defense wasnt the 02 bucs. It's fun to dream about. 40+ point efforts by both offenses. Vick super bowl mvp off the rip but in a warm climate game against a top 5 offense. They would have eventually out lasted us though.
  6. Maybe I should have been more clear to those of you without the ability to use context clues. (No one bothering to exercise their right to talk about the falcons. One and done. Period. Not to keep and with no expectations. One chance and banned from team activities. No risk high reward.
  7. I appreciate you're actual response. All valid points. I work at Amazon on Sunday and last season never really existed to me. I was struggling to come up with a third pass catching option of note. I'd be more worried about him being cancerous if we had a positive climate going in. Any sign of trouble and like I said he can join the practice squad otherwise known as not torching our sorry secondary for 200 yards in the playoffs. Lol
  8. Someone got an actual reason not to at least keep him off of the field against us? Brees and Brady were the 2 most likely QBs to be throwing him the ball last season. Worried he might ruin this great team atmosphere we got going? Lmao I suppose that's my fault thinking to come here of all places expecting anything other then whatever this is lol
  9. Because that's productive behavior, I got an idea how about you go away. I was gonna be pretty annoyed if we hadn't got Gurley in response to Brady being in the division. I wouldnt be surprised to see anyone in the NFC signing him to strengthen their position. Not like he was washed up and we definitely wont be paying what he is worth talent wise.
  10. I know, I can hear the groans already. I'm aware of the cancerous tumor that is Antonio Brown. Been leading the crusade against him in Julio's name for a few years now. That being said I cant see him never playing again. The way the NFC south is rolling out at the moment I sure as **** dont want to see him in the division with Brady or Brees this year. If he wants to cause problems he can get used to Atlanta's practice squad. This is all over "armchair GM" territory but is so easily accomplished with league minimum money I cant imagine not jumping on the opportunity. If we go back 3 years Gurley, Brown, Julio and Ryan I THINK were first team all pro. I feel like the addition of Brown along with Gurley will officially ignite a something to prove atmosphere across the board. Julio and Brown in competition with each other for the leagues best. Ryan trying to win his 2nd MVP and first superbowl. Gurley doing his best AD impression and Ridley showing he is the future with a full compliment of first round offensive lineman, 1st round TE and a defense that has EVERYTHING to prove and a coaching staff to match. Beats the **** out of him hurting us at least twice this year.
  11. I mean if they do they do. I wanted Crosby out of college in the draft. He would do well in doors with his leg strength and he is considerably younger I think. I'd still have both, just save Bryant's leg for clutch time.
  12. Oh if someone other then number 3 missed a game winning super bowl kick youd think Vick got released for defeating 50 Kkk members in hand to hand combat whilst defending an elderly African American sunday school teacher in front of her 12 adopted troubled youths while they all ran a soup kitchen lol The joke being blank would be ran out of town and TD made to do a GoT walk of shame Cersei style to the gas chamber.
  13. I mean if you just take account of the offensive coaches on staff who were hired on *** head coaches its evident Quinn was going to be all in as defensive coordinator and he's likely the best in the business and while Koetter and Mularkey aren't Kyle Shanahan the run and play action game excelled under MM and Dirk was able to utilize 2 wrs and a te to the tune of (let's just round up) 3 1000 yard WRs. With veteran leadership like Ryan, Julio, Mack and freeman. A young stud in ridley. Two first round picks on the offensive line its obvious the offense should be the second best in falcons history. With young talent on every level on defense and the Quinn era being devoted to building depth as well as speed and talent it only makes sense that the best young defensive mind in a long time can mold his hand picked unit into something special. He managed to turn a poor performing unit into a force in tandem with the 2016 offense coming in mid season. This team should be down right dominant when all is said and done.
  14. I reckon there isn't much choice but to at this point. I mean the scrub we had to replace him looked undeniably legit last season and it made relative sense to move on from a really old player but Bryant was still the league's best in my humble opinion last season and he flat out deserves to get one more year. Ryan has his first two OCs and an elite offense around him and Quinn has taken over the young fast and talented defense. It would really be a crime if we won a super bowl this season without matt bryant.
  15. Once again I dont have to read this article to give my two cents. If I were to rank the top 5 WRs in the nfl is would be as follows. 1.Julio 2. Hopkins 3. Michael Thomas 4. Antonio Brown 5. Beckham. Why are brown and beckham at the bottom of the top 5? Well because they changed cities at the first sign of trouble of course. They cause an incredible amount of distractions to the team they are on and they will never have the QB/WR connection Ryan and Julio have. **** Brees is about to retire. Thomas probably isn't long for this world on that list with everyone behind him but Julio is going to be here in the ATL where he will probably break 2k yards one day. Julio deserves to be the highest paid WR in the NFL because he performs at the highest level and is loyal.
  16. Matt doesn't get respect because his own city doesn't support him. Go join a Falcons Facebook group and watch the Vick is better threads roll in. McNabb isn't respected as a hall of fame QB and Vick was, as time has came to pass, his little brother. When you have the 3rd largest media market in the world that is where he calls home constantly calling him garbage no one else is going to take him seriously either.
  17. Trading for him for the season to win a bowl but technically they are both 27 and Freeman has never performed at an MVP Level. Not gonna suggest we sign either one to a max deal but I am suggesting Freeman cant hold Johnson's strap and at the very the least both of them greatly increase our chances on getting a Lombadi in the ATL.
  18. Just to stroke what I said in another topic go after Dobbs. Dude has been performing in Pittsburgh during preseasons and had a nice "I have a mind too" degree too at UT who I am a fan of. Guy is a fringe player at best. Someone might take a way to early shot on him any time now but we could bring him in and place him as Ryan's back up for about 5 years and you know he would be happy for the opportunity to show up 7 or 8 years deep when Ryan retired and be the..imma shut up. I'm due to incur some wrath but I will say ain't nobody down in the city gonna complain will Dobbs starts throwing TD's to Ridley in 2k24..
  19. STFU. Get off this black bias **** PLEASE. You gotta know our rivals are laughing at this. Guys I like scrambling QBS. If you want to get your black on why dont you suggest we trade for Dobbs? Dude has been performing in Pittsburgh. No one wants a more then washed up has been. Get your black lives matter stuff out of my football discussion. This guy hasn't played a meaningful down in half a decade. Wanna call me racist? I just said make a trade for Josh Dobbs. Get out of here with that Kaepernick BS. What's he gonna do? Tell Matt to scramble for 50 yards? Learn football and shut up.
  20. Ol sean was so much better the the beasnuss. He showed great potential and was on his way to becoming a great OLB in the NFL. He wants to see Beasley succeed like we all do and also because apparently he sees some of himself in Beasley but I'm sure it would stroke his ego a bit to hear Beasley is nowhere near as good as spoon.
  21. I dont have to read your entire post to remember him getting 4 sacks against a backup left tack in denver in '16. I really hope he can show back up but it's been two entire years since he led the NFL in sacks. I will have never been more happy to eat several servings or crow then I will be if he "returns to form" but Beasley is now and forever will be the pick we should have used o Gurley. I'm a Tennessee fan btw so no UGA bias here.
  22. No I'm not here to talk about the hall of fame game. I may not be the OG but I've been through about 15 preseasons with this team as a intellectually awake football fan and I could not care less what happens in the preseason. This is a team of veterans and we all know approximately how they are going to perform once opening kickoff comes around. My one concern and at this point that's it, ONE concern, is at the RB position. Freeman has proven to be made of glass the last few seasons and Coleman is gone and the front office did nothing to calm my nerves at that position but I was thinking and here goes the point. The Cards are going nowhere. I watched Rosen and liked him in college. He can throw a great ball. I mean sure Murray can make a few more things happen but before the trade deadline its going to be apparent out in Arizona that they need to put pieces in place around him and fast. Specifically in protecting him. So here is the question, assuming David Johnson is on the trade block as the trading period is coming to a close how much are you willing to give away for him? Remembering we have zero superbowls and for all other intents and purposes a loaded roster. I myself am thinking a first this year and next and Trufant. Maybe that's generous idk. There are so many players you can sling in there. Like Keanu Neal. We have 3 safeties at this point. Beasley can go for sure. Thing is we have more then enough to bring that monster David Johnson in here and take a shot at the greatest offense of all time and our first super bowl. I'm gonna assume everyone has the sense to know David Johnson would rock our roster to the max and that getting him here would mean the world. All those who wanna say Freeman can go for 2400 total yards with his fragile frame and if he goes down our backups are good enough can sit down. Your dumb and this topic isn't for you. And if you dont care about DJ, who are we targeting? What's the plan?
  23. Our offensive line has improved drastically since Mack's arrival. He is by far the most under appreciated player on this team. That being said he's getting older and we are STRUGGLING to keep our players. Julio and Jarret are just the top of the ice berg. There is going to be some restructuring and cutting mack seems like a patriot move. 1st round center incoming.
  24. I mean if you're assuming Freeman will actually go all year then we may be ok but assuming we dont do anything at the position I dont like the odds of him absorbing all of those hits. Jalen hurd towards the middle of the draft would be nice. He was a third down/goal line back at Baylor this year after converting to WR. Can slot him in at 2nd or 3rd TE, rotate him in as a power back to take off some of the load. Not to mention he can run WR routes like is expected of RBs these days.
  25. It doesnt make much sense for him to give it up as the coaching staff is right now. Dirk Koetter, Mike Mularkey, Raheem Morris and Quinn are 4 coaches with head coaching experience and I may be missing one but 3 of them are on the offensive side of the ball and have an extensive history working with Ryan. Quinn's input is not needed on the offensive side of the ball and he would only get in the way so he might as well focus on defense. And considering Koetter and Murlarkey have both failed as coaches I dont necessarily seeing teams falling over themselves to steal them so our staff should be in good shape for a minute.
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