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  1. I mean if you're assuming Freeman will actually go all year then we may be ok but assuming we dont do anything at the position I dont like the odds of him absorbing all of those hits. Jalen hurd towards the middle of the draft would be nice. He was a third down/goal line back at Baylor this year after converting to WR. Can slot him in at 2nd or 3rd TE, rotate him in as a power back to take off some of the load. Not to mention he can run WR routes like is expected of RBs these days.
  2. I agree in the sense that he had to of dropped some weight to play WR and I wouldnt necessarily want him to put it all back on but I dont see him developing into a pro bowl WR (not consistently anyway he could make a couple theoretically) but I could definitely see him being the next big time TE as well as a change of pace/goal line back. Not a 3 down guy or anything but comparable to the situation in new Orleans. He could line up at TE and motion into the backfield, he could be the beneficiary to the shovel pass Ryan and Koetter used to be so found of, he could split out wide like Jimmy Graham used to do in NO and just line up behind Ryan as the tail back. I didnt honestly think about the advantages of drafting him until last night but now I REALLY want to see the people in charge prioritize getting him in an Atlanta uniform.
  3. It doesnt make much sense for him to give it up as the coaching staff is right now. Dirk Koetter, Mike Mularkey, Raheem Morris and Quinn are 4 coaches with head coaching experience and I may be missing one but 3 of them are on the offensive side of the ball and have an extensive history working with Ryan. Quinn's input is not needed on the offensive side of the ball and he would only get in the way so he might as well focus on defense. And considering Koetter and Murlarkey have both failed as coaches I dont necessarily seeing teams falling over themselves to steal them so our staff should be in good shape for a minute.
  4. God, I'm so glad this happened to them lmao dont you just know they are blowing a fuse like this too because this was their last chance? I mean Brees is a legitimate Hall of Famer and all time great. I mean I believe he is going to come back for at least one more season but for them to have back to back seasons this good with him getting older aren't likely.
  5. Ok, maybe "best" is speculative but considering how his backup has taken over the division there isnt any reason to think he wouldn't be the highest rated RB in the draft this year had he not changed positions. I'm speaking of course of Jalen Hurd. The former star HB from UT that made Alvin Kamara the steal that he is. I mean sure he transferred to Baylor and switched to WR but since when does the NFL allow you to dictate what position you play? I mean consider it for a moment. Freeman is injury prone these days. Coleman is going to walk and the team doesnt have really anything to be found in terms of a power runner. Not only that but he did in fact red shirt and transition to WR for a year so you know he can run any route required of him. He has all of the tools to be a feature back in the league for years to come. Sure he fancys himself a WR but forget that noise. I went back and watched a highlight video from this season and Baylor still used him as their power/goal line back and he looked pretty good as a WR. Definitely wouldnt categorize him as anything we have seen before at that size with his ability to run routes and catch with his hands and runs after the catch like a RB and not a WR. I'd like to move him to TE and have him run more often then at Baylor and if the need presents itself in the middle of the season switch him to RB.
  6. At the start of the season it was a complete given that Coleman was going to walk in large part due to his stock. Now he has a unimpressive season as the number 1 guy under his belt and he shouldn't be as confident that he can carry the load alone. At the very least the number of teams willing to throw that same money at him has to be DRASTICALLY lower and I can definitely see him not diving on an offer to be the guy at a bad team that would effectively end his career. He can take a reasonable contract here and play a respectable career. I mean snelling did as the number 3 guy. That being said Atlanta may let him walk. He was very unimpressive this season and he would still be a pretty significant cap hit on top of what we are paying Freeman at the position. Its probably time to pick someone up no matter what. Maybe a second rounder. Let Coleman walk and be prepared for Freeman to go down again? Idk. Dont look at me. I wanted Gurley. What a miss that was huh? Vic Beasley is circling the drain so fast it's easy to forget he even plays here anymore.
  7. Not gonna lie, I dont see why people would pick the Saints in this capacity. I mean like someone else has already said they are a good team but if I take the Falcons and my fan bias out of the equation there are a handful of teams I still put ahead of them. Eagles, Rams and the Vikings. The packers potentially as well. Am I suggesting the Saints arent a legitimate contender? No. However as far as being a top favorite to win it all I just dont see it. As I recall it they havent been out of the divisional round of the playoffs in what is it now a decade?
  8. He signed a contract. In my opinion the fines they are tagging him arent enough. The man makes millions the number needs to be brought up to where he feels it in his wallet. It's one thing to hold out when you've been franchised but when you have 3 years left on a contract that at the time made you the most highly paid player at your position get you a** in camp. We are going into our second season with Sark and we drafted a WR in the first round and the team needs him there to get in sync with this offense but he is gonna pull some TO stuff and even considering the fact that he is my favorite player, potentially ever, I'm not impressed.
  9. Man I miss Antone. Every time he touched the ball you had told hold your breath because if he had an inch he was taking it to the house. It's hard to believe he never got more touches neither here nor anywhere else.
  10. I'm not sure why anyone is arguing with him about this. I personally wouldn't have lost any sleep if we had drafted him like I haven't for not drafting him. A need is a need and edge rusher was a massive one. I would understand if we had drafted Melvin being upset about not getting the guy you wanted but WOW. Its over move on with your life.
  11. Well Cutcliffe is out, does anyone want the UT coaching job? All I can really say is go Falcons. Tennessee might take a while to recover from this.