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  1. cant wait. need another coffee. its in the middle of the night over here in Germany
  2. If we beat the Saints we will most likely play NYG or DAL. If we lose we will most likely play the Saints again.
  3. Hey falcons nation! I am looking badly for a radio link for the game tonight which is not blocked for listeners outside the US. Dave FM and Star 1400 aren't working in Germany, so I need an alternative! Can anybody help?
  4. that is so cool. i would get myself one. but im too much a *****
  5. Hahaha just wiki jimmy johnson and click the hometown and u can read his name
  6. Peter King showing an underrated Falcon some love. Voted USS Babineaux to the All-Pro team. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2011/writers/peter_king/01/09/wild-card/3.html
  7. Hey all, I'm searching for a picture. On it u can see Michael Turner stiff arming Nnamdi asomugha. it looks like he is punching him in the face. can anybody help?
  8. Thanks man, learned a lot listening to the falcons on the radio during the time i couldn't afford pay tv
  9. Thank you all for your help i really appreciate that. I understand it this way: the only way to get a sideline pass is to hope some higher person in the falcs organization is helping me out. no way to buy it or something like that.... alright ill test my chances. who should i contact? who can arrange something like that?
  10. Hey guys, i need a little help on a question i have for ya. I'm a huge falcons fan. unfortunately I'm iving in Germany and I was unable to see a game in person. That is going to change this year when I'm traveling overseas to attend the game on MNF vs the Saints. But I would love to get a pregame field pass. Can someone tell me how it is possible for me to get my hands on one of these? I would be very thankful for help!!!
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