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  1. Quinn did something that few of you realized. We score and go up by one. If we try the XP and it is fumbled or blocked, the 9ers can return it 100 yards to destroy us. So he decided to take a knee so we control our fate by squib kicking the kickoff and, of all things, score another touchdown. I was impressed to say the least. No, I haven't been a Quinn admirer this year, but this may have tilted my opinion to stick with him a while.
  2. I am a Ronald Acuna fan. I enjoy the energy and enthusiasm. However has he gone blind? Do the Braves have a hitting coach? Can someone tell me why he is hit less in his last 15 at bats? Without being over dramatic, I have never seen someone so completely helpless at home place. Enough of watching him slowly walk back to the bench and sit there.I remember they got Donaldson out to hit against a pitching machine and it did help.Acuna has 160 strike outs so far. Hank Aaron's worst strike out season produced 97 SO. He never broke 100 in 23 years of playing in the majors. What is wrong?
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