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  1. Google had nothing but I called flowery branch and It is not open to the public this year, for any of those wondering
  2. 249 views and no reply? Lol yall ******* suck
  3. June 11-13 mandatory mini camp has always been open to the public , but I’m not seeing anything about it this year, any news ?
  4. I've been screaming for this. We're about the same age, my high-school team played against his. He's just an athletic freak, and was actually a better baseball pitcher than a football player. I watched some of his games at Tech though, he can definitely make plays at WR. I would love this pick.
  5. My theory is that Spoon is upset that we don't seem to be re-signing Corey Peters either, those guys are tight and also probably want slightly more than we're willing to pay them. It's unfortunate because they're two of my favorites.
  6. Dan Quinn will be running the defense. Richard Smith and Morris are just puppets with good coaching experience.
  7. A lot of you don't really seem to be understanding how devastating this could be. Do you think the league isn't going to come down hard if they find reason to believe this is true? It's ******* Rodger Goodell, I'm just praying we don't lose our first rounder.
  8. Who cares, this guy obviously wants to get PAID. He's already won a superbowl and could potentially win 2. Someone who's hungry for money is the last thing we need.
  9. As is yours. This is a message board sir, I hope you didn't come here for cold hard facts.
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