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  1. AJC has always been a joke. I don't expect any hardball topics from them. The local media is too afraid they'd lose ALL Access to the teams if given a truthful critique. Don't forget to add DLed to that list. His passive aggressive columns are a waste of time.
  2. Ask and you shall receive. We got both a Dominant D Line and an pretty good job of protecting Matty Ice last night. They blitz us a lot. Matt made some mistakes, but he also made some great audibles too. Game had its ups and downs, but looks like the O Line jelling and that D Line on passing down is down right NASTY.
  3. All I want for Christmas is a dominant DL or Roadgrading OL. I think we have the pieces, they just have to apply it. Takk needs to play with more discipline and technique, love his confidence. Vic I don't know what to say about that guy. Can you teach aggression? He's extremely soft out there. With all his talent he should be killing Tackles. Big ups to Grady and the DTS. They balled. My buddies and I talk about TDs inability to draft OL. It turns out he can't even sign a viable FA. I watched our OL get pushed around all preseason, and now regular season. Matt will not survive the season. No wonder he's overcompensating by throwing INTs. Freeman is met behind the line. I'm hoping to see more stability this week up front. All our issues can be fixed. Not sure about Vic though. Can't teach a kitten to be a lion. Everyone else can get better. Protect Matt! Do your F#$%% job! Plow the Eagles D into section 125.
  4. I know, I'm hoping there's a huge turn around. This video only validated what we saw all season. I guess we were spoiled by Shannies play calling. Players were consistently wiiiiide open in 2016. There was motion in every play call as well to help Matt diagnose the defense. If he just makes a few adjustments, we'll be unbeatable.
  5. https://thefalconswire.usatoday.com/2018/06/06/3-ways-steve-sarkisian-can-improve-the-falcons-offense-in-2018/ I know the WR need to take ownership for drop passes, but the article made an interesting point about WR routes put them in harms way. What are your thoughts? Not sure if this video was posted before. Just wanted to chat about the Offense.
  6. This is unbelievable the way they're calling this game.
  7. I agree, he's just being realistic. I watched the show and all he did was list all the Atlanta letdowns. Our SB loss will just be added to the list of disappointments. Shyyyt I feel the same. Doesn't make me any less of a fan, but I don't get my hopes up like I used too. Took too many letdown blows, I'm punch drunk at this point.
  8. OMG this kid killing people. I'd love to see him on special teams and sub for the starters in 3rd and 4th qtr. I want to see him hit Breezzie Cam and Jamie like dat one time.
  9. I agree, with Mike Will, Metro Boomin, London on the Track, Zaytoven, and TM88 could've been a banger. I like the song, just wish it had that window shattering base to go with that OK hook. Good to see the players working with the artist in town.
  10. I'm gone trust coach on this one. I saw his highlights and the kids brings the wood. Something we haven't seen in a while. I like the pick. None of us are getting paid to evaluate talent. Too many cry babies on here.
  11. Yeah baby....Now our running game will be very good along with much needed protection up the middle. This should help give Matt a solid pocket.
  12. That's a positive. Let's get it done TD.
  13. I'm hoping we make a push for this guy. I know we all have to be patient. So I'll try and remain optimistic once again. Just hope TD doesn't disappoints us again. Just reluctantly paid my PSL. Not confident with the TD at this point. With the release of White and no other option at WR with his skills to replace is not comforting. An OC that doesn't listen to his players is not comforting. Next season we'll be looking at another losing season unless we shore something up. At this point what can we confidently say is our strength? Corner maybe?
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