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  1. AJC has always been a joke. I don't expect any hardball topics from them. The local media is too afraid they'd lose ALL Access to the teams if given a truthful critique. Don't forget to add DLed to that list. His passive aggressive columns are a waste of time.
  2. Ask and you shall receive. We got both a Dominant D Line and an pretty good job of protecting Matty Ice last night. They blitz us a lot. Matt made some mistakes, but he also made some great audibles too. Game had its ups and downs, but looks like the O Line jelling and that D Line on passing down is down right NASTY.
  3. All I want for Christmas is a dominant DL or Roadgrading OL. I think we have the pieces, they just have to apply it. Takk needs to play with more discipline and technique, love his confidence. Vic I don't know what to say about that guy. Can you teach aggression? He's extremely soft out there. With all his talent he should be killing Tackles. Big ups to Grady and the DTS. They balled. My buddies and I talk about TDs inability to draft OL. It turns out he can't even sign a viable FA. I watched our OL get pushed around all preseason, and now regular season. Matt will not survive the season. No wonder he's overcompensating by throwing INTs. Freeman is met behind the line. I'm hoping to see more stability this week up front. All our issues can be fixed. Not sure about Vic though. Can't teach a kitten to be a lion. Everyone else can get better. Protect Matt! Do your F#$%% job! Plow the Eagles D into section 125.
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