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  1. First of all good read, its nice to read some well thought out thoughts and ideas. And actually i would not be mad at all if we selected a guy like Warford in the 1st round. People keep saying that is not a value position and all that, but if this guy ends up being an all pro guard people will not care that we "reached" for him. This guy has talent, he did not allow a single sack in the SEC in 2012, dominated against Georgia, Florida and Missouri, going against the number 1 and 2 DT's in the Natíon and he more than held his own. He then continued his dominance at the senior bowl. This guy is a BEAST! Give me Warford in the 1st! B. Williams in the 2nd and i am happy!
  2. I would be happy to trade up in the 2nd to around pick 45-50 and then give up a 4th or 5th and then secure a guy like Warford, The guy just straight out dominates people and is a punishing player to play against. Think Mike Iupati from 49'ers or Carl Nicks when he was with the Saints. I believe he could be all pro within the first 5 years of career. He would solidify the right side of our O-Line with Holmes for the next 5-7 years. He held his own against the top DT's Floyd and Richardson, and Had a great game against Georgia, go watch the tape. He also had a good senior bowl. Bring him home TD!
  3. I really hope we trade down as well and also have a feeling that TD has something up his sleeve. Trade down in the 2nd, Grab Johnthan Banks, Larry Warford and Brandon Williams with the 2 2nd round picks and first 3rd round pick. And yes Ryan will get 20+mil its the price of doing business in the NFL, if people cannot understand then well, its their issue.
  4. He tore something not sure if it was MCL og PCL or something in the preseason and returned to play the final 2-3 weeks of the season.
  5. Keith Armstrong was considered for head coaching positions. I know he did not get any, but he is one of the best ST coaches in the league. We have great coverage on our special teams, yeah we might not bring one to the house, but you know what. With our Offense, as long as we don't allow ST TD's then we should be good, and the coverage has given us great field position.
  6. Dude.. He is a solid cover corner who will come up at support in Run Support. not many CB's can say that, yeah i know he was not a playmaker per say, but last year he did not allow alot of big plays either. I hope we sign him back to around 4-6 mil.
  7. How big are the chances that a guy like Jonathan Banks CB Miss State falls to us at 30?
  8. What about if he then goes down into our Nickle position, as Smitty said that is a starter position. Then we have McClain outside, I thinke he has the skillset to go play outside corner, remember that is from where he picked Peyton Manning. That would also help our run D tremendously.
  9. How about getting a guy like Matt Elam Safety from Florida in the First. and getting Warford or Brandon Williams in the 2nd. He is a very good tackler, almost never any yards after contact when he hits you. Watch his LSU tape, he is an enforcer. I also believe he could play almost any position in our Secondary with Nolan. But he would be the Big Nickle that Nolan has been missing, plus he could sub in as a CB, He could back up both Willy Mo and Decoud but I believe Elam playmaking and headhunting playing style would fit nice in our D. Think about Willy Mo, And Elam roaming the secondary together with Decoud free to just roaming the deep end. Plus he is an excellent blitzer plus run defender. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rREjDTpTedE
  10. Hahah no, it was just a brain fart, don't know why i did not see that.
  11. Hunt. Montgomery Ansah. Yeah I don't think the DE are as good as people think.
  12. Resign Grimes.... Then trade him for Revis
  13. Yeah hes also young (26) Sign him for 4 years with 15-18 min guaranteed and with certain incentives, 9+ sacks, All Pro selection, Playoff Appearences, Etc. If he reaches the incentives it can be a 4 year 29-32 mil deal.
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