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  1. Doktor, I went to Stanford and I watch all Stanford games. I don't have that discuss his injury. He was injured lots of time. He did broke passing records for the college. You need to understand, Stanford is not football craze like SEC schools are. here is one https://www.ruleoftree.com/2021/1/3/22211532/stanford-football-davis-mills-declares-2021-nfl-draft Here is one from Cardinal's report https://stanford.rivals.com/news/davis-mills-declares-for-the-nfl-draft
  2. If you have LTE connection, just sign-up for CBS all access and cancel it afterwards. I think you don't need to worry about shady sites that some post.
  3. I watched most portions of both the Pressers yesterday (I never watch these pressers, I watched it because he was a minority candidate and Coach AS came from a billionaire family). TF became very emotional when he talked about getting opportunity both with AINTS and in here. One of the 32 positions as a GM. I say that is a great achievement for a young man (at least he is way younger than me). Welcome to ATL and go take a shower to get rid of the NO stench. I am also really intrigued by Coach Smith. Being from a billionaire family, majority of those kids enjoy inheritance instead of proving themselves. But this guy starts from the bottom and rises up to be a HC. It shows, he has drive. Hopefully both of these will bring in success culture to the organization.
  4. I didn't know he is Mr. F.W. Smith's son. Heck I even worked for FedEx. LOL
  5. I am not sure what kind of coach is needed. Players seems to be mentally weak. I am hoping the entire coaching staff and GM are gone by the year end.
  6. I swear I did not call the Timeout. Why are you blaming me? It was my son who called the timeout because I and my wife were arguing on whose turn it was to get the pizza. It so happens, even when it is her turn, it magically becomes mine. Go Figure, I cannot win the argument. I lost again like Falcons did. May be next game I will have a chance.
  7. Blaming it on one guy does not seem to show the reality of this team. The entire D is bad. Why blame on one guy. At least O is trying to stay in game somehow. He is a rookie and will get better.
  8. No. Will be travelling. But will be glued to the score though
  9. There are other things like learn some Fibonacci series. In mathematics, the Fibonacci numbers are the numbers in the integer sequence which are characterized by the fact that every number after the first two is the sum of the two preceding ones.... It was first shown by an Indian Mathematician Pingala at around 200BC..... Now go learn something
  10. The man, machine and Icy cold veins is what he is. MVP type of year. Somehow if we start winning, he will be in MVP talks.
  11. I think with this Defense, even Browns will win on us or may be tie it.
  12. Probably Shanny will be looking for a job after this season the way things are going with SF. So he may be back as OC. We never know. LOL
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