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  1. Sorry no respect. I wish him the best at anything else but football
  2. Only way blank gets my respect..I'll honestly not watch another DQ game
  3. Cosign ..since 1995... First nfl game I saw when I moved here... Wish it was some other team would have saved me $$ and time.
  4. Who didn't see this coming .. for the last 5 years we come out flat in 3rd quarter...90% of the time .. we lose every game in the 3rd and then we get nervous and shhh ourselves in the 4th
  5. Phuck this guy. He's as weak as our D
  6. STOP talking Players... This is scheme and coaches.. end of F(ing) story
  7. It's not the players.. sorry... It's the coaches... These players are separated by milliseconds... On the field it's yards of separation..that's coaching
  8. Stupid... Go for the FG down by 2 scores instead of 3 .. coaching it's why we suck
  9. Season is over ...lasted a 1/2 game.. have fun on Sundays ... Hopefully not watching this ..
  10. How many years will we put up with this week D ? ... Can't even go into details about it . We all know what it is what it has been...what it will be.. if we don't have an O we simply don't go.. end of story
  11. honestly , It's either Him or Julio... I'll say this much.. He definitely has better hands than Julio. If it wasn't for Julio's size advantage Hopkins would def be #1. But JJ's size is a problem
  12. I want to agree with this..I'm just not sure we can win with Ryan under this staff, and by the time a new staff got their ish in order he would be too old.. that's my point..get a young QB under him and start grooming..
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