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  1. I want to agree with this..I'm just not sure we can win with Ryan under this staff, and by the time a new staff got their ish in order he would be too old.. that's my point..get a young QB under him and start grooming..
  2. Yes, I'm very sad.. you should be also.. our team got it's *** kicked..and the saints literally ate Thanksgiving dinner on our turf... How are you not pissed and claim to be an Atlanta fan ? Sorry bro.. Ryan lost that game tonight. Can't argue that..
  3. My stance is ..I love the falcons.. I've never liked MR2.. sorry I just don't..he has a weak arm, he taps the ball , never looks off a defensive player, can't throw deep and has inflated numbers due to.. White84, Gonzo, Julio.. and a great OC .. Do I think he sucks ?? Not all the time.. tonight.. YES !! He suuuckkkkeed.. Would I trade him ? Yes , but only for a 1/4 of the QBs out there.. he's above average ..just not the God some people claim him to be .
  4. I hate when dumb people say this sh%t.. like do you divorce your wife because she messed up dinner ? Real fans are allowed to not like Every player on the team.. especially when that player is why we lost...alot of games... Sorry..truth hurts Hu ??
  5. I think he's more aware than you are.. Ryan is an average QB with a God at WR who makes him look better
  6. Oh lordy lordy let's insult sir Ryan who has done.... Oh that's right nothing for us.. Don't give me that he got us championships Bs.. that Julio and great OC.. Stop being so passive..
  7. I agree. Sorry but those sacks were mostly on him.. my wife doesn't hold on to the ball for that long .. We let them have dinner on our field !!! They are the bird in out nest !!! And it was most Ryan !! Take J11 away and he ain't sh*** t.. They had dinner on our turf!!! How are you all feeling ???
  8. Letw not forget how many times he under throws or throws behind WRs
  9. Bet my left one he wouldn't win anywhere.. sorry he's like 80% responsible for some of the f ups
  10. No. Just because you don't die from heroin don't make it ok to use...
  11. Approved. Should have fired him after 28-3
  12. How so ?? He's not the one jumping off and holding.. these guys are pros they should know how to not pull flags
  13. Sorry, this was a player issue.. coaching was not the issue.. flags were . Flag are on the players .
  14. Free will come into his own... Turner is one of atlanta falcons favs
  15. wish we could get an answer on this.. beating the sticks isn't hard..