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  1. you are an idiot. My old login was deleted when they transfered to falcons life... I have been on these boards for three years and have had hundreds of posts.
  2. I have to admit after we drafted Ryan first and Sam Baker second, I was initially disappointed with our draft. But after checking into the details of the young player we got I am not so disappointed. I checked everyone of our draft choices and read their take on each of them. Everyone of them up to Kroy Biermann seems to be a real player... Zinger and Fontenot I am not so sure... but they're 7th rounders ... It is possible that TD has figured out how to find players. I am not saying these unproven players are THE ANSWER etc... but TD's philosophy is to build through the draft and ultimately if we get real players, not primadona's or overhyped celebrities... he will construct a competitive team, over time. I encourage you to read up on our draft picks and see if it doesn't help your outlook. I think Lofton, Jackson, Douglas, Decoud, Brown and Biermann could all be quality contributors. That's how you build a winning organization, bit by bit, with solid contributors. What do you think, good, bad or ugly on our building strategy... don't reply if you haven't checked into the background on the players we have selected.
  3. Cuz It seems like we might be burned all year... Chris Houston and who are going to start? and please don't say Von Hutchins... 6 passes defensed in 15 starts... little help somebody.
  4. http://www.nfl.com/videos?videoId=09000d5d80743072 I had no idea it was the best scoring defense ever!
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