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  1. I wonder if he is still kinda gun-shy and just trying not to hurt the knee again. Anyway we need him because whoever we play next is going to load up to stop Roddy and Julio, and he will have oppurtunities to make plays.
  2. I Like Harry Douglas a lot. But he doesn't seem to explosive after the catch. What are you guys opinion on this?
  3. Man it will be so awesome if and when we host the NFC Championship in the Dome! Man im getting amped already , and its just Tuesday!
  4. Hey guyz! Been a fan since the old fulton co. stadium when the like of Bartkowski, Mike Kenn, Bill Fralic, William Andrews, C. Miller, Tuggle,etc. graced the field. Been lurking for years on the boards with an occasional post. Just wanted to hear some other members final score predictions and why. I'm going with 30-24 Birds. Turner goes for 120 yds. with a defensive pick six by grimes or spoon.Join In!
  5. Agreed. I remember when we also signed another "aging" vet for a couple of years,(remember Chris Doleman?) and he still came in and reaked havoc in the backfield. He's an extraordinary athlete, with exceptional physical attributes, who has had very little injuries throughout his career until recently.
  6. I agree Tandy. I've always thought he was a special player, and would'nt mind seeming him in a falcon uniform. ( By the way you look nice up there in that tree girl!) :wub:
  7. Man sandford stadium is beautiful in the snow! Great pics PIT! I'm a big dawg fan. thanx for the pics. Let's get behind Joe Cox this year. Go Dawgs! Sic'em! GATA!
  8. While we are at it let's just go ahead and release Abe. You know he is what 31, or 32 right? We've already lost 3 starters on D. Let's at least try to keep ONE key reserve with tremendous upside. ****, Trey Lewis may not recover from knee surgery(300lber's don't usually come back 100% immediately from knee surgery you know?).
  9. That sucks, man. We're gonna wind up losing him. Dammit!!!
  10. Agreed. I saw that rant earlier also! Come on man, what's up with that?
  11. In a previous post you said you were 36.
  12. Does anyone know or have heard anything about us trying to signhim. I just saw someone post that he's gone. Gone where? Somebody help me out. I think he's an integral part of our defense with JA underperforming, again? Some help please?
  13. I agree. I also like Crowell, and Burnette. I got flamed for them earlier. Didnt I Swarzz32?
  14. agreed, and well said. Finally someone with a brain.
  15. Most of those guys i named has played WLB at some point in their career, and would do better than Brooking. Crowell is a huge upgrade at WLB over your boy( 3rd and 16, getting beat by backup running backs, pile diving, cant cover any tight end in the league) #56. :P
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