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  1. How is he not the problem. He is playing flustered ... go watch the game any time opposing team member gets withing 10 feet of him he acts like he has to thorw it right away. Matty Ice is no more. I am ready for a new qb been ready for a while. I would like a mobile qb with a strong arm not immpobile qb with average arm at best.
  2. I want a new QB i want a new QB pllzz for the love of god. I am tired of the noodle arm statue that just sits there and takes ever fukkin sack.
  3. Id love to see someone new at the qb position season is done anyway.
  4. I been wanting a new QB for a while now. If you still think Matt Ryan is great i want to you to go watch the Browns Cowboys highlights and TB vs Chargers highlights. You will see some young QB's playing much much better then Ryan throwing deep ball completions with pressure in their face, maneuvering through packet avoiding sacks MAKING plays. One last question...when is the last time Matt Ryan came back in 4th Q to win the game. Hes great a padding stats when we fall behind and thats it.
  5. Holly crap i want that white hoodie so bad. I only wish they will have it in Tall size as I am 6'5 with long arms Any word on how much it will cost? Plz pm me when they are available.
  6. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Get him out of here
  7. Why would there be a peep. We are 2-7 **** team we dont deserve any news on nfl.com. Not sure how we won but i am sure it had something to do with Aints stinking it up .
  8. What kind a **** fan are you that would turn his head back on a team because they hired a coach you dont like. Dont let the door hit you on the way out
  9. Lol you guys seriously think we can actually win out of top 10 ?
  10. I remember when Atlanta Falcons would comeback in games...that hasnt happened in a while these days.
  11. This lol ....we GOT LUCKY to win AT HOME vs a team that was riddled with injuries...a team that literally asked a women broadcaster if she wanna come out and play for them at half. WE 100% deserved to lose this game. QUINN doing quin things on that 4-14 last drive doing the stupid prevent play that has 100% FAIL RATE !!!! We gave up 25+ points in 1.5 quarters in superbowl loss playing the stupid zone prevent defense and this stupid coach still has not learned that crap dont work. Why cant he just keep doing what has worked the whole game why change it up and play that stupid soft defense every time we go up by 10+ points.
  12. Why is this (I used a word here that required my mouth to be washed out) forcing it to fukkin julio jones when he has 4 man around him. WE HAVE OTHER RECIEIVERS THAT ARE OPEN FUKKIN MATT RYAN
  13. i dont know what drugs you are on but i want some of what you are having
  14. Literally 0 pressure from the bronwns on that last play but stupiid matty ice looks like he is running for his ******* LIFE.... I Cant wait till hes gone
  15. I mean who the **** wants to see Pats winning another SB...at this point even their fans are like "o yah boy we got another one eh " ... Sadly it seems like it will be a easy SB win for them this year
  16. What kind of question is this.... anyone who says anything OTHER then last year superbowl choke is CRAZY
  17. The Browns letting players like him go is the reason why they just went 0-16.
  18. Best way to get to the NFCC is for our offense to play at its full potential. Right now its playing at 20-30% . Even Yesterdays win against the Panties looked very ugly... all those FG's wont work against a playoff teams. If Cam Newton did not have a off game we lose. That first drive looked like last year offense but then it fizzled out like usual.
  19. I think most falcon fans will agree that we are not playing great this season but at the same time it was clear last week that the refs made it almost impossible for us to even have a chance to win.
  20. Would love to play the saints...as much as our team sucks this season i think the Saints are just as bad and we actually have a chance beating them. Dont think either of us are going to represent NFC in the superbowl though no matter who wins.
  21. Does anyone have a copy of the game and would it be possible to create a highlight reel of no call/bad calls from the reffs for the game against saints. I think it would be interesting to watch it and possibly share it with non Falcons fans to see their opinion on it.
  22. Its not like it makes it better that people are there but not in the seats. You want people in the seats and making noise not walking inside of stadium.
  23. Not sure what games you were watching but even in Tempa game the commentators were saying right now Atlanta is going to give them the underneath throw and tackle them fast to keep the clock running out. Few minutes after that we are only up by 7 points with Tempa having the ball. When i say prevent defense i mean loose defense where we just play the deep ball and give them easy catches underneath. If you havent been seeing that once we get the leads then i dont know what games you have been watching.
  24. Yes i know that but Prevent defense is clearly not helping us run the clock out... Seahawks scoring a TD in 47 seconds when they struggled to score all game clearly shows that. Imo just play what has worked whole game and got you the lead in the first place and you will be fine.... I watch alot of Patriots games and they seem to just play what is working for them and only change it up if it stops working.
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