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  1. Holly crap i want that white hoodie so bad. I only wish they will have it in Tall size as I am 6'5 with long arms Any word on how much it will cost? Plz pm me when they are available.
  2. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO Get him out of here
  3. Why would there be a peep. We are 2-7 **** team we dont deserve any news on nfl.com. Not sure how we won but i am sure it had something to do with Aints stinking it up .
  4. What kind a **** fan are you that would turn his head back on a team because they hired a coach you dont like. Dont let the door hit you on the way out
  5. Lol you guys seriously think we can actually win out of top 10 ?
  6. I remember when Atlanta Falcons would comeback in games...that hasnt happened in a while these days.
  7. This lol ....we GOT LUCKY to win AT HOME vs a team that was riddled with injuries...a team that literally asked a women broadcaster if she wanna come out and play for them at half. WE 100% deserved to lose this game. QUINN doing quin things on that 4-14 last drive doing the stupid prevent play that has 100% FAIL RATE !!!! We gave up 25+ points in 1.5 quarters in superbowl loss playing the stupid zone prevent defense and this stupid coach still has not learned that crap dont work. Why cant he just keep doing what has worked the whole game why change it up and play that stupid soft defense every time we go up by 10+ points.
  8. Why is this (I used a word here that required my mouth to be washed out) forcing it to fukkin julio jones when he has 4 man around him. WE HAVE OTHER RECIEIVERS THAT ARE OPEN FUKKIN MATT RYAN
  9. Great win against Denver no i am excited.

  10. Cant wait for the season to start.

  11. Was a good season despite the playoff meltdown. Well get them next season.

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