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  1. Players value security above all else. Signing a new contract means more guaranteed money. Anything can happen in the final year of a contract, they might play amazingly and earn a massive pay day, or they might get hurt and lose a ton of money. Signing early gives players guarantees and it reduces the chance of losing a player to free agency. If this is not the norm already I would not be surprised if it is soon. Teams are watching Atlanta secure all of their best players without even letting them sniff free agency.
  2. Who? Never heard of him.
  3. Because Julio had 3 years left on his contract and Jake had 1.
  4. Or run out the clock instead of passing
  5. No one is forcing him to play either. He can sit out 3 years if he wants to flush his money down the drain. At the end of the day hes with Atlanta for 3 more years or traded to another team. Atlanta doesn't have to pay him jack especially a year ahead of their schedule.
  6. Hes old and its his last real chance at getting a contract.
  7. The offense stalling and leaving the defense on the field all the time.
  8. I had no idea Matt cared so little about the team that he would push back his schedule because he had some kids.
  9. Don't pay him, he can eat a 12 million dollar loss for sitting out the season.
  10. The price for a franchise QB is anything but realistic.
  11. Because watching it once isn't good enough
  12. Imagine that, a coach developing players!