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  1. Not very good at it
  2. I don't understand the pitch plays being called.
  3. Its illegal to tackle now
  4. It doesn't help that there hasn't been a bad offense to play against yet.
  5. Leadership counts for something. The D lost its two leaders and 3 of its best players. Debo made the D what is it to be honest.
  6. Score 50 and pray
  7. I don't know how you can like Poole
  8. Score more points than the other team
  9. Panthers were holding on every play. Grady was pissed.
  10. You totally can if he is going for more than 200 yards that game.
  11. People are worried because the red zone issues from last season are still there, and look even worse.
  12. A slant or something on those would be easy yardage.
  13. Not playing Julio in the redzone again
  14. “Matt Ryan still can’t get recognized at a Panera and it gets worse if he stands within five feet of the cookie display. Any object of remotely significant interest is a cloaking device for him. In an Ikea he turns into the Predator.” That is gold
  15. And the problem with going all in on one season is an injury or 2 can tank the entire season.