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  1. I think they are looking at creating matchup issues over just yards. Julio was so valuable because he was a matchup nightmare that drew double and triple coverage.
  2. Julio is going to take the Titans to the cleaners next year if they want to keep him. Dude doesn't play without guaranteed money.
  3. A lot of qualities that Mike Turner had
  4. Teams typically use the #2 corner and a safety for Jones. They put the #1 on Ridley. Until Pitts proves he can't be stopped by a linebacker or safety he will face single coverage. After that you can probably expect teams to blitz a ton because the only way to win will be to hit Ryan.
  5. "You're talking about a vertical, explosive guy who ... Julio moves the earth when he runs. People don't realize that. When Julio passes by you, the ground is shaking."
  6. I think the idea is just to try to create turnovers no matter the cost and just hope that the O can carry.
  7. I just feel bad because we know there won't be another QB worthy of being drafted after this year. Ryan is going to have to play until his arm falls off.
  8. This has been a pick your poison offense for nearly a decade. But other teams just keep picking pressure and sacks...
  9. You're right. He's more like a dominant tight end ala Gronk who creates mismatches all over the field. Dumb as a bag of rocks argument.
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