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  1. All teams won't have the same rules if all states aren't in the same situation with the same restrictions.
  2. TD dipping his feet into free agents drafted in the second round.
  3. This does a good job at illustrating why a strong run game is so valuable in the passing game.
  4. This should just be a booth review going on in the background. PI stops the clock so I never understood the need to challenge.
  5. Money is nice but it's not a legacy builder. Winning a superbowl adds to a legacy even for people as accomplished as Arthur.
  6. 3 of the best players at their position are highly paid? Amazing job there champ! Gold star for you!
  7. The only reason Ledbetter gets the last laugh is because he's too slow to get the joke right away.
  8. Remember when Vick won 2 playoff games his entire career? Remember him failing to post a rating higher than 80 in the playoffs?
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