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  1. You have a sample size of 1, you don't have stats.
  2. You guys are nuts. I've never seen a group of people melt down so fast.
  3. Julio doesn't need to get up to game speed. The game needs to get up to Julio speed.
  4. How does strength and conditioning help prevent broken ankles.
  5. Maybe it will be beachfront property in 10 years
  6. I think Julio was being sincere when he said he didn't care about being the highest paid. I think he wants a fully guaranteed contract for less money overall.
  7. You don't want a dude with no playoff game.
  8. If he needs pure calories you can't go wrong with milkshakes.
  9. Constantly, those seats aren't empty for the food.
  10. Rookie contracts aren't negotiated they are what they are.
  11. He's always been a beast. He was just lazy when he got here. If he knows this is his last shot hes going to leave everything on the field.
  12. Coaches will say anything
  13. They clearly went all in on the offensive line this season. If the offense isn't top 5 this year it will be a disappointment.
  14. A projected second round pick
  15. Let him hold out then. Draft a DT in the first then tag him again next year. He isn't Aaron Donald no matter how much his agent wants him to be.