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  1. Julio caught the dagger in that game.
  2. Money is nice but it's not a legacy builder. Winning a superbowl adds to a legacy even for people as accomplished as Arthur.
  3. He's probably going to die soon
  4. So you have a head start on everyone else!
  5. Sounds like a 3rd round compensatory pick
  6. 3 of the best players at their position are highly paid? Amazing job there champ! Gold star for you!
  7. Oh I get you, I just think Ledbetter is an idiot.
  8. The only reason Ledbetter gets the last laugh is because he's too slow to get the joke right away.
  9. Remember when Vick won 2 playoff games his entire career? Remember him failing to post a rating higher than 80 in the playoffs?
  10. Spend 2 first round picks on it
  11. They gotta cater to the paying Saints fans if they want to sell tickets.
  12. Would you call a silver or bronze medalist in the olympics a loser?
  13. So how did he win a popularity contest
  14. Yes Atlanta linemen are known for being popular.
  15. He was getting sacked before finishing his drop it was pathetic.