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  1. Because the LT that we would draft is the best player in the draft.
  2. Take Sewell and fortify the offensive line. He's a generational talent and you don't want to put a rookie in a situation where he will be sacked like Matt is being sacked.
  3. Who would you have replace DK right now?
  4. You're wrong on that. An interim coach who goes 8-3 after a team starts 1-4 is going to get looks from around the league. Not to mention he somehow has managed to get a defense that was hopeless to actually defend.
  5. Its time to sack not time to pressure. If Ryan extends the play by scrambling you can easily take off 2 seconds from that time.
  6. If you count rushing yards this was **** close
  7. Sean is banking on Hill having a monster day in order to build his confidence. I think he goes 17/22 for 350 yards and 3 TDs.
  8. If he can't get a contract with a contender I think he will retire. Next season is expected to be a rebuild year and there is no reason for him to risk injury.
  9. Pass rusher market its nuts, losing Takk is a 3rd round comp pick so it would require a team's 3rd. No one is paying that for a guy who will be a free agent and isn't an impact player.
  10. Sounds like Aaron Rodgers would have gotten a rating 11 points higher.
  11. He also did it without the best QB to ever put on a Falcons uniform 😆
  12. I read this in Mike Tyson's voice because of the typo.
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