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  1. he didn't even really kick him, just look at it.
  2. Oh, messageboard tough guy! Not everyone can be as hard core as you. In real sports players can actually be less effective, miss games and have shorter careers due to injuries. In fact, the Falcons drafted a DT years ago who got hurt and never played a game in the NFL. Like I said, every player is going to be hurt once or more in their career, so if your so concern on players injuries, please take up chess, I don't think they have players that had pull fingers yet.
  3. All computer animated? So that means no human actors but only voice actors?
  4. Sorry but every player is going to be hurt, thats just how sports are...get over it
  5. TD is going to check out every top prospect so don't get your hopes up...But I do believe 110% that it will come down to Glenn Dorsey or Sedrick Ellis, no DT in later rounds is nothing compared to the talent Ellis or Dorsey have.
  6. So we should sign a kicker that is aging instead of drafting a promising one? Sorry but this would be a bad move. I rather just keep Mort tbh.
  7. A swastika can be either good or evil...if they took a picture at the other angle, it wouldn't look like the evil swastika.
  8. I wouldn't bother in trying to ask a question, it never gets answered.
  9. if we trade Hall to the raiders, what the **** do we get in return?
  10. Who knows why...but when the cap keeps getting higher and higher, it gets easier and easier I guess.
  11. the way I see it, No Defense, No chance
  12. Wait, since when did they draft a kicker in the first round?
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