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  1. It's actually near my parking, literally about a block away on the same road and same side of the road. I paid $221. Only because Lot L sold out so fast. But I was wondering the same. I know the area somewhat and I don't believe it's unsafe. I mean, don't leave anything visible in your car but that's any of the Lots. You should be ok. Not a bad walk either. It looks like a tiny parking area. That's the only thing I can think of. Not 100% the answer but I know F which is just north of L is an ok area.
  2. I agree. Braves did it right with the Battery. I know the Hawks are planning something like that so hopefully them and the Falcons team up on that effort. I know originally there was suppose to be like 18 mil put into the surround area for just such an area. I do tailgate but typically just me and whoever goes with me buys like a publix sandwich and drinks a few beers. No cooking. Now I used to be a part of a big tailgating group of like 50 people. Honestly it was fun but we'd get there so early it wore me out. Almost like a work day. Very stressful. Now I like maybe getting down there between
  3. Just a quick question for anyone who bought parking with mobile entry. I bought LOT F that has mobile entry. When I view the ticket it can be scanned but then it states that my ticket must be printed so it can be scanned by the tenant at the lot. Anyone has the same thing that purchased in a lot like LOT A or B? Or anywhere that can be mobile really. I ask because their is a few things about LOT F like one it can't be clicked on the map. It also states it is .7 miles away from MBS when in fact it's more like .4 to .5. They have lots further away stating it is .5 away. So I see that LOT F is gl
  4. I agree that Trufant is more NFL ready but Alford probably has the more talent between them. I'm very excited for both of these guy's future with the Falcons. The question is, Alford or McClain at nickle? That is one I haven't seen answered. Probably McClain but should be interesting as the season goes on. Now hopefully we get a pass rush so all of them don't look bad.
  5. Yep, this is BS. He shouldn't be allowed to set the team up this off season. The GM's job is pretty much done once the season starts so this is hardly a punishment for him minus his lose of salary.
  6. Something that really bothers me about this is all these replays of head shots to defenseless wrs. Where are the refs and the flags they were suppose to be throwing. The refs really need to start making these calls consistently. They allowed this to continue to happen. If they called the games consistently they could of stopped this a long time ago.
  7. I remember Toney's senior yr when Florida State played in the tournament and Harry along with his family attended. They talked about them a lot and that's when I found out.
  8. They were probably listening to the 2LIveStews yesterday. A caller called in and basically said white receivers (Wes Welker) were only successful due to a specific system. Basically they were system players. For what it's worth, The Stews quickly put an end to that and even laughed about how ridiculous it was.
  9. Then again, I've always liked Redman a lot and felt that way before we even drafted Ryan.
  10. Good question and I'm not really sure. Redman maybe by just a tad. I think Redman might have a better deep ball.
  11. We need to get back to ball control and keep the score low and just give us a chance in the 4th qtr. Forget all this explosive BS. Play like we normally do and run the ball and run chunks of the clock off each drive while putting up points. This will be key to getting back on the right track and making the playoffs. This should be a close game but hopefully it will be a low scoring game with us lining up for a last second winning field goal. Just win baby!!!
  12. Wow, nice stats. Probably a little bit of everything you mentioned. We definitively needed Julio. Now hopefully the o-line can give Ryan time. We shall see. I'm on the fence but am not ready to jump ship yet because he's smart, works hard, and is determined to be a winner. I do think he has to take more risk and get the ball into these playmakers hands even when they are covered sometimes. Sometimes I do think he's quick to just dump it off instead of making a tough throw down field.
  13. I actually agree 100% with this. Matt Hasselbeck, who used to be pretty dam good, is a good comparison. He's not quite elite but he is very good. He does have to do it against elite defenses though but I remember back in the Joe Montana days and he used to struggle against those great Giant defenses so sometimes, or most of the time, great defenses shut down great offenses no matter how good the QB is. Some perfect examples is the yr NE went undefeated and the Giants defense made Brady look less than average. Giants vs Montana back in '90. Average then hurt him for a few yrs. Tampa vs the Rams
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