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  1. People also didn’t vote and participate when things didn’t go well, making it more of a burden on Gritz/Supes. Although Roddy was one of my favorite recipient videos.
  2. I also noticed Kazee carried the green dot this week instead of Campbell. I know Campbell had it a couple of weeks ago, but I'm pretty sure this was the first week Kazee had it. Also looked like they did a much better job getting lined up. Could have been a product of less motion and shifting from TB's offense though.
  3. When the penalty is declined, they restart the clock but it's not immediate. Problem is, that gives the Offense time to be up on the ball for a quick snap and not lose the 10-15 seconds typically there.
  4. Are you saying this is determined by the playcall, at the line/presnap call or a call during the actual play between Alford and Campbell. love the detail just trying to understand more about how dynamic or when the decision is made to utilize the different "wrinkles"
  5. Not planning on it. They won't release us until 24 hours which is 1:59 today's. Every nurse knows they have to get us out of here by 4:00 so we can get home for game time or we aren't leaving the room until after the game ends
  6. I would like to introduce Cole, the newest member of the Falcon Brotherhood!! Ready for game time and not even 24 hours old yet.
  7. You do realize Smitty was a part of the Ravens championship team that won it all in 2000?
  8. This is not a bash Ryan or Shannahan thread, but just a thought as to why it isn't working. Matt's greatest asset in the past was always being a rhythm passer and throwing to a specific spot on the field. He would read defenses pre snap, and the ball usually came out as soon as he hit the right step in his drop and he trusted his receivers would be in the correct spot. Very timing oriented. This new offense is more read and react. Receivers have different route options based on what the defense does once the ball is snapped. This causes Ryan to read who is open then make an accurate throw t
  9. I fully blame my wife. our first child( a son) was just born in July this year and I've dressed him in a red and black onsie for the first two games of the season. Well, we moved into a new house this past saturday and don't have cable yet, so i went to a friends house to watch the game. Apparently, she forgot this ritual and didn't get him dressed in the proper attire until just before the half when we drove down for that field goal. I blame the heart attack and rising blood pressure in the first half on her!
  10. if my memory serves me correctly, Ryan was taking a lot of 3 step drops and was not firing the pass out as soon as he reached his last step. Not that it would have made a difference on some of the free rushers, but it seemed to contribute overall to alot of the traffic constantly around his feet
  11. It's carl dukes and mike bell in the afternoon, different dukes. Jamie dukes is on during the 10 or 11-2 time slot on the Rick and Jamie show
  12. Not true. We could beat Green Bay and Pittsburgh then lose the last two and still lose the division depending on how the Saints finish out. We only hold the tie breaker over NO if they lose one more division game(us and Tampa) or we win one more division game (NO and Carolina)
  13. I'm more concerned why Osi our "designated pass rush specialist" is playing in coverage on a third and long when we need our pass rush the most!!!
  14. Excellent review. Helps me since I really don't know the specifics if the Vikings, other than we "should" win
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