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  1. As a lifelong Falcons fan I've always known that sooner or later there would be life after Julio. Might as well be sooner. People who don't stand by their word don't belong in the brotherhood. That one catch though...
  2. This boycotting business goes both ways. I can't believe Arthur voted for this crap.
  3. Call it the Iron Horse formation and blow that d@mn train whistle every time we run it.
  4. Listening to Terry Pegula's press conference today made me realize just how lucky we are to have an owner like Arthur Blank. Pegula sounded clueless, he could barely make complete sentences. It's beyond me how someone like that becomes a billionaire. Life ain't fair. It explains the sorry state of the Bills franchise though.
  5. I don't understand why you would trade in former COY Smitty, who has proven he can win with mediocre defensive talent, for another DC who has less experience than Smith did when he was hired. It makes NO SENSE to me. This is not the way to sell PSLs. If you ditch Smith it shoud be for a proven head coach. Someone with a much more extensive track record. It looks to me like we are taking a huge step back. Arthur should have kept Smitty, gotten new Coordinators on both sides of the ball, promoted Pioli, and bumped Dimitroff to the grounds crew.
  6. Hester drops too many passes and is way past his prime as a return man. I can't see us keeping both Weems and DH. Looks like we've got a little late competition for the KR spot. My guess is Hester's a goner.
  7. Hester should be on top of that list. He's way past his prime as a returner and he can't catch. Time to cut our losses and give some of the young guys a shot at his roster spot. I've seen enough.
  8. Okay Dave, I'll take a stab at your original question. Yes, the owner of private property should be allowed to set rules and regulations regarding unwanted behavior on their property. Plenty of precedent for this: No shirt, no shoes, no service for example. The difference in what the mall did vs. the baker/photographer is that the mall wasn't refusing service to these women because they're Christians, they simply asked the women to refrain from certain behaviors while on mall property. If a group of gay folks gathered in the bakery and started quietly chanting gay rights slogans the baker woul
  9. I wish Peria the best but he has to rank as one of our biggest draft busts. I never did understand the pick, that was a terrible year for DTs and Jerry had a history of injury at Ole Miss. His potential was always qualified with "if he stays healthy". Oh, and the Packers took Clay Matthews 2 picks later. That was a terrible draft in general for the Falcons. Wiily Mo is the only player from that draft class still on the roster and the only one who ever made a significant contribution.
  10. Biermann is one of our best, glad to have him back. I know Mike Nolan is. He is such a versatile player and he looks to be in terrific shape.
  11. This poll was a joke, the 33% that think he's the worst tracks with the number of registered Republicans who despise the fact that he's made them look like a bunch of bozos. If he get's anything meaningful done on immigration or climate change historians will rank him near the top 10. Pappy Bush's idiot son is hands down the worst, perhaps the worst in history, but Reagan's in the running. Reagan was disgraced when he left office after tripling our national debt, selling arms to terrorists, and letting his wife hold seances in the White House. The GOP has been furiously polishing that turd eve
  12. Worrilow is developing into the consumate pro. Everything he does is about improving his body and ability as a player. He is already a team leader. Expect him to take charge of the D this season and look for him in the Pro-Bowl. The future is bright for both him and Bartu. I love the way they play in tandem.
  13. This list has always been a joke as is most of the NFL's off-seaon filler. Matt, Roddy and Julio are obviously top 100 players and I'd probably add Willie Mo, Trufant, Worrilow and Biermann as well. I love the way our roster is shaping up. Our young D is going to be fun to watch this year.
  14. Mack and Clowney for sure. Other than the fact that he draws a lot of double teams, I just don't see what's so special about Mack. He looks solid against inferior competetion but in no way dominating. Clowney on the other hand is a certified beast but his motor runs in one direction. If he doesn't make the play behind scrimmage with his initial burst he shuts down more often than not. Of the top edge guys I'll take Barr any day. If he doesn't get the initial stop his pursuit is consistent. He is almost always either in on, or near the point of, the tackle. He has great size and is a very smart
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