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  1. I like "The D-Line - Devastation, Destruction, Demotlition and Damage!"
  2. Honestly, I would give it a C. Our entire defense would look better if we were able to apply more QB pressure. Abraham and Beirman are good off the ends and Babs is good in the middle but I think we needed another DT that is a force and requires a double team. We'll see shortly though.
  3. I've been wanting us to get Shaun Rogers for a few years but he went to the Aints. I was told P. Jerry looks great in practice. Abraham, Bierman, Babs, Edwards and Jerry... hope we can get a lot of QB pressure this year. Very optimistic about this seaon. It's time to Bring The Boom!!!
  4. Brent Grimes, AKA Mighty Mouse (Here i Come To Save The Day!), has an incredible verticle leap and good instintcs. His size is both a help and a henderance, at time Qbs jsut don't see him until the ball is released then there are times when he plucks balls out of the air. The key is to move the Qb around so they aren't as accurate and DR and Mighty Mouse have great years.
  5. Let me clarify my post... By NO means do I think our defense suck. None! I think we have a very good well rounded team. I honestly believe the key to our Falcons winning it all is the o-line keep playing the way they have been the last few years and the d-line start making opposing QB's make more mistakes. I think if we had a DT that required a double team Abraham, Biermann and Babs would shine like the North Star and our entire team would improve. SN Brent Grimes - Mighty Mouse - Here I come to save the day! (My favorite Falcon right now, lol)
  6. Smiler - At 33 Abraham is still a beast at DE and Biermann's motor runs like he's a machine but we can agree to disagree... Freebird - I certainlly hope so. If we can get consistant pressure with our front 4 I think we'll be a Superbowl winning team. I for 1 believe all the defense looks better when you get QB pressure.
  7. The Giants new Brady couldn't complete a pass from his butt so they tried to keep him on it. We don't have the pass rush for that.
  8. We rotate our players but Biermann and Abraham are a better duo at DE that Babs and Peters or any combination of DTs that we have.
  9. What does it matter how many we have on the roster if our D plays well? DE, CB, Safety and LB have solid starters. DT does not. I would match our staters against anyother defense in the league and I think we'd match up very well. G-Bay showed how our middle was week. They doubled Abraham all game and made the TE or RB help on Biermann which gave the DTs 1 on 1 and they didn't get it done.
  10. Ngata may not be an option but Hainsworth will be cut and we need someone that requires a double team at DT. If we don't get Willaims or Hainsworth we need someone. QB pressure is key in making a defense. Most QBs aren't as accurrate on the move which helps CB's tremendously. Moore and Decoud are both hard hitters and great at the position. They may need back ups but they are great starters. Our biggest need on defense is at DT. I'd like to give our O-line credit because I think they are the true strongest point on our team.
  11. John Agraham and Bierman are solid DEs but Babs is our only solid DT. There are a few good DTs that will be available: Haloti Ngata (BAL) Richard Seymour (OAK) Pat Williams (MIN) John Henderson (OAK) Albert Hainsworth (WAS) If we can collapse the pocket and have Beirman and Abraham storming the outside or entire defense will improve drastically.
  12. I think DeCoud and Moore are a good tandum at safety. I am trying to understand the rational behind a lot of the evaluations of our defense. Any QB, given enough time will find an open reciever. It is impossible to cover 2 recievers a TE, a RB and a FB for more than 4-6 seconds in the NFL. The key is getting QB pressure and stopping the run. Abraham and Beirmann have the DE position solid and Babaineaux is a good DT but we don't get consistant pressure through the middle. This gives the opposing QB to much time in the pocket. We need to correct this problem.
  13. He's a great back for the 2 games he stays healthy. Do we keep him in the hopes that he can stay healthy? Do we try and trade him or just cut him? We need speed to compliment Turner and Snelling.
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