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  1. Alright dudes I'm back from Europe. Gonna start posting in here a lot more. Finally got a blackberry. Add up: 271DA913
  2. I'll get my brother to draft worst case scenario
  3. Yo any way you guys can slide the draft back by an hour or 2?
  4. Don't agree with everything but this is a good, objective post
  5. I'm in Serbia broham. Don't have my cell phone with me. PM me.
  6. didn't see anyone post this http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/7594/15nmwaw.gif
  7. I'm in Serbia right now. The phones waiting for me when I get back so I'll get back to you in September.
  8. I just got a bb. Can I join that chat off a bb?
  9. Vesely is more of a 3 but he can play the 4. Dude can jump out of the gym though. I don't know if you guys remember but I was posted some videos of him 2 years back. He has a ton of potential but he needs to work on his jumper and handle.
  10. If I heard correctly, there's no death penalty in Norway and the max sentence is 20 something years.
  11. lmao at this http://deadspin.com/5823471/my-frustrating-sexting-sessions-with-ron-artest
  12. +10 to Shaud VC is hands down the best dunker of all time. The man has 3 different top 100 dunk highlight reels on youtube and any combination of those puts most people's top 10 to shame.
  13. I think Sabonis was like 7'2. Bol was for sure.
  14. Nope. People associate us with the Russians since we're Slavic and were socialist at the time but we had nothing to do with them. In fact, Stalin didn't like us very much because we didn't want to be his puppet. We formed our own form of socialism that incorporated elements of capitalism. It worked better than the communist system the Soviets had and the capitalist one you have here. edit: I guess I should add that the last sentence is subjective based on your values I get what you're saying about the guns but these dudes aren't buying guns to keep the government from oppressing them, They're buying them to light up the dude on the next corner. I don't have a problem with guns being legal I have a problem with the mentalities of those who want to own them.
  15. If anything it's regressing. Everyone has access to everything and most artists are getting lazy now.
  16. lol between me and you that track has been posted in here at least 4 times
  17. You're right it all depends on where and what you come from. I understand why there's a need for guns I just didn't come from that environment where I would need one. I'm from Serbia. We have nothing to do with the Soviet's politically but culturally we're similar. Don't get me wrong I like having money too but it's more for the purposes of enjoying it with the people I care about. (And having fresh gear lol). In my culture being a good host and taking care of your friends is a big deal. Our house is always full of people and if you come to my house you're going to eat well, drink well, sleep well and anything else you need. And that's how it is with my close friends. We don't do any of that stupid tab keeping of who spent how much or who owes who.
  18. I guess I just misunderstood you then. I thought you were talking subject matter but you're talking more approach and delivery. That stuff you posted about 3000 wanting his kid to have a gun threw me off. I understand why he thinks he needs it but that stuff is whack to me. A lot of stuff in mainstream society is whack to me though. Nowadays there's such an emphasis on the materialistic and so many people are so shallow and greedy. I feel like my mindstate is in the wrong decade.
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