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  1. **** outta here water freezes at 0 boils at 100. None of this -32 bs. What a random number.
  2. That's my kind of workout.
  3. lol

    what part of toronto you from?

  4. yea baby TDOT !!

  5. Thanks a lot. I read your post right before I went to bed and I did what you told me. I don't know if I did it exactly how I was supposed to but it feels much better this morning. Yesterday, I couldn't even move. Today it's a little sore but it's not limiting my motion. I don't really know what happened. For the most part I never had numbness or tingling in my fingers but when I bent my neck the wrong way or moved my arm up the wrong way, it was almost like the whole side cramped up. When that happened it would hurt like **** for 5 or 10 seconds and I would feel my arm get numb. Either way it's fine now. I though this was something I would be feeling for a week. Thanks again.
  6. ki46dinah, I need some advice. So yesterday I was playing basketball, and I felt perfectly fine after. I went to sleep and when I got up in the morning I tried getting up I realized the right side of my neck was killing me. I can't tilt my head right at all without feeling excruciating pain and I can't turn it right very far either. I tried rubbing some A535 on it and I've taken a few advils but nothing's helping. The worst part is that now I'm constantly tilting my head to the left and that sides starting to hurt now too. So any advice?
  7. If what you say is true I better see you in the NFL very soon.
  8. Have you considered writing a book? Your stories are very inspirational.
  9. Make sure not to send her a link of this thread by mistake. :w00t:
  10. I know. I don't know if there was anything I could have said or done, but I wish I was smart enough to think of something and she was dumb enough to believe it. It just sucks because I was really looking forward to having sex with her, I mean really looking forward to it. She does palates and dance, so it probably would have been worth writing a book about. That's why I got so excited and tried to tell my friend about it. Sometimes you just can't keep that kinda ##### to yourself. I felt like I had the cure for cancer or something, and I had to share it with the world. **** bro. The possibilities with someone that flexible are endless.
  11. Lmao low blow! I think we should just leave the guy alone it sounds like it's gonna take him some time to get over this.
  12. Ouch. Headshot I think you have some competition. Hope your friend is alright though.