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  1. Alright dudes I'm back from Europe. Gonna start posting in here a lot more. Finally got a blackberry. Add up: 271DA913
  2. I'll get my brother to draft worst case scenario
  3. Yo any way you guys can slide the draft back by an hour or 2?
  4. Don't agree with everything but this is a good, objective post
  5. I'm in Serbia broham. Don't have my cell phone with me. PM me.
  6. didn't see anyone post this http://img827.imageshack.us/img827/7594/15nmwaw.gif
  7. I'm in Serbia right now. The phones waiting for me when I get back so I'll get back to you in September.
  8. I just got a bb. Can I join that chat off a bb?
  9. Vesely is more of a 3 but he can play the 4. Dude can jump out of the gym though. I don't know if you guys remember but I was posted some videos of him 2 years back. He has a ton of potential but he needs to work on his jumper and handle.
  10. If I heard correctly, there's no death penalty in Norway and the max sentence is 20 something years.
  11. lmao at this http://deadspin.com/5823471/my-frustrating-sexting-sessions-with-ron-artest
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