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  1. He plays for the Ravens. I think he started a couple games when Dawan Landry went out.
  2. This is the toughest lost I have to take. This **** hurt so bad. I mean I'm 16 years old, and been a falcons as long as I can remember. The lost to Philly in the 2004 NFC Championship game didn't really affect because I didn't know how big of a loss it was. I really didn't understand it. The only loss prior to this one that really affect me was the Dallas game in '06. I was really hurt because I felt like we should of won that game. But this loss right here...idk..it might be a long time for me to recover from this. IMO, the referees were bullshitting throughout the whole game. What really pissed me off was when they called a timeout right AFTER the ball was snapped, where Turner could of had 80 yard run.
  3. We can't blame the playoff positioning for this loss. I mean San Diego and Arizona took advantage of the opportunity. Something we should of did.
  4. WTF!! What is going on? Are u serious? Can anything go in our favor?
  5. I could of sworn Bertrand Berry jumped offsides like 18 times.
  6. I always wanted to watch a falcons game on NBC. I love those player introductions.
  7. We should be 13-2. The Denver, Philly, and New Orleans are games we should of won. There's no doubt in my mind if we play those teams again we will kill'em
  8. Man I got fair-weather fans around me. The same ones who were saying "Man the falcons suck.....they ain't never gonna win any games. Vick is in jail and they let go all their good players...man they're garbage", are on same ones saying " Those Falcons ain't no joke...Matt Ryan is a beast....they might go to the Superbowl."
  9. I'm sorry, but I would want a stadium like Reliant Stadium or Lucas Oil.
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