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  1. I was using Millen as an example son.
  2. Maybe they could race one day, if they could ever get out of the whirlpool.
  3. I get tired of statements like that. I knew after we lost Foxworth that we were in trouble at CB, and I'm not a GM. All you have to do is watch the game!! It's not rocket science. Also, I know of 5 or 6 knowledgble football people on this board that could have done a better job than MAtt Millen did in Detroit during his tenure. But using your logic, "Matt Millen was an NFL GM, therefore, he automatically knows more than all the Lions fans that were calling for his head." Give me a break with that "all knowing" stuff.
  4. were you the one that was going back and forth with me before the 2006 draft on who was the better corner coming out, him or Antonio Cromartie?
  5. I say trade up and get Eric Berry out of Tennessee.
  6. Now after hearing this, where are all the message board, blind loyalist who insisted that we were fine at cornerback a couple of days ago. Bring in Chris McCallister like I've been saying for the longest. Bring in anybody. Is Vinnie Clark still around, LOL!!
  7. Is Rich Eisen your boyfriend Snow White Falcon? Or are you that white, reggae rapper from Canada? Informer, LOL!!!!
  8. All you blind loyalist can say what you want, but the truth is the light.
  9. No actually, Rich Eisen is. He knows nothing about "football". He is the definition of a drama queen in my opinion. When Dukes, Marshall, or Rod start talking football, he brings up some non-related B.S.
  10. I would put him third behind Tuggle. I remember Andrews running over Ronnie Lott. The trainer had him on the sideline asking what day it was,LOL!!
  11. You keep screamin' "Mike McKenzie". What has he done? He wasnt that hot with New Orleans. And for a team that is hurting on defense like them, they were sure glad to cut him loose. To be fair, I think he did hurt his knee. But, ****, he was getting toasted before he got hurt. At least Chris made plays even when his knee was not 100%.
  12. In regards to playing DT at an NFL level, I would say that his game is very much in the developmental stages (raw). When he fully learns the game (won't be long), he will be a force.
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