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  1. I just like the potential of moving Lofton out to SLB and have McClain in the MLB but feel it could be the other way around. I have to say McClain is better than Spoon. Its all not going to matter though because I doubt he get past Miami.
  2. I will take him because he is a football player. You can find ways to get them on the field. And that is hard for me to say, I am an Auburn fan.
  3. McClain has Crones Disease so that may have him dropping in the draft. It could affect his stamina. But I think McClain would be a great MLB and Lofton could move to OLB.
  4. How is the Pats are not getting anything called on them. I mean come on 2 penalties for 10 yards. This is a joke. We have to play better, don't get me wrong, but this just doesn't seem right.
  5. Come on. That was a joke of a call that only Brady gets. He still needs to go though.
  6. I wasn't talking about the catch or the spike. The Gonzo PI was not questionable neither was the intentional grounding on the play. Also there were a lot of other plays over the course of the game
  7. This is an absolute joke of an officiating crew. They are calling like they have an agenda.
  8. If we use the 3-4 I think it will be to get pressure when Abe needs a breather.
  9. Brock missed time his senior season to an injury and his replacement played spectacular. Brock stepped aside to help the team. He started the all but 2 games that year though. Brock can challenge for the spot. He is a solid player just not the eye popping player.
  10. Your right, Farve had the name that still kept the extra player out of the box. I am just saying until Clemmons or whoever else proves themselves, running room could be limited.
  11. Its a lot harder to run when D's stack the box against you. Until the Jets QB shows he can beat you deep expect Jones's numbers to be down.
  12. It is just another guy that we reportedly had interest in, that has signed elsewhere.
  13. Safety Roy Williams has asked the Cowboys to either trade or release him by the end of the day Tuesday. The Cowboys aren't having much luck finding a taker with teams believing he's going to be released anyway. Trading or releasing Williams would save $2 million against the salary cap. Source: Dallas Morning News http://www.rotoworld.com/content/playernew...amp;line=140616 Would you be interested if he is released?
  14. FoxSports.com's Alex Marvez reports S Jim Leonard has verbally agreed to terms with the Jets. The Baltimore to New York pipeline continues, with Leonhard joining Rex Ryan and Bart Scott. The Jets secondary should be greatly improved with Leonhard and Lito Sheppard providing significant upgrades at safety and cornerback. Source: FoxSports.com Related: Jets http://www.rotoworld.com/content/playernews.aspx?sport=NFL
  15. The Saints game bothers me the most. For 2 reasons: 1 we missed the interception and 2 the Philly game was taken from us, we never had the last second chance. If Boley makes that INT we are in control of our on destiny as for home field.
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