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  1. If I was drafting 4th, I would very quietly let it leak out that if Sewell is on the Board, he is our pick hands down. He is the PERFECT player for the Bengals. They have an amazing QB prospect who simply must be protected. Picking 5 with a little something extra in trade with Cincinnati would be a solid move.
  2. Please stop with the "we double dipped with OL in the 1st and see where it's gotten us". Sewell is widely regarded as the most dominant lineman of the Decade. McGary had question marks all over him. Lindstom was rated highly ....but in a different universe than Penei.
  3. 4th is a tricky place to be if your QB conviction begins and ends with Lawrence. 1st 3 picks could easily be Lawrence, Sewell, and Parsons. Then you pray someone wants to trade or just take your highest rated DB. Sure ain't ideal when you are picking this high. Being Number 3 this year, is a better place.
  4. The big problem with losses to the Saints is that the most important position on their team is being manned by what many consider a 3rd string QB. Watching him operate and win makes me think we need a change in philosophy about allocating our resources.
  5. Under DQ this would have been a 14 point loss
  6. If Lance, Fields, and Lawrence had been in last year or year before's draft, where would they have been projected to come off the Board?
  7. Kudos to the early adopters on Winfield. Takes observation skills to see whether College ability will actually translate to the next level.
  8. Turned the game off after the 3rd Qtr. it was 26-10 and the win looked inevitable. And it looked like a meaningless victory that would enable the HC to hang on a little longer, drop our draft pick down away from an impact DL or QB, and solidify a level of mediocrity. Lo and Behold I turned on Sport Center a few hours later and thought they had gotten it wrong! Brought a level of optimism albeit not the variety I really like. But the loss did revive my hope in having things come to a head, and bringing about overdue Coaching changes.
  9. You were one of the few. Most wanted a penetrating defensive tackle or end. I recall the majority being either lukewarm on the pick or downright hostile.
  10. Adam Rank's published predictions last June for the 2019 Season: Browns 10-6 Ravens 9-7 Chargers 11-5 Broncos 2-14 Bills 8-8 Colts 12-4 Titans 3-13 Jaguars 11-5 Eagles 13-3 Cowboys 10-6 Rams 12-4 9ers 3-13 Falcons 11-5 Vikings 5-11 Bears 13-3 He wasn’t just wrong but HORRIBLY wrong about 15 teams. That’s half of them. This guy is supposed to be an expert.
  11. It's difficult for me to think of anything at all that Hill does better than Gurlie. Unless you assume that the lower workload and injury histories of the 2 will project in Hill being available more. Gurlie did not do much at the NFL Combine when he came out, but even the Bench Press that he did participate in was slightly better than Hill.
  12. When you look at their combine results they are almost the same guy. Only odd thing is that Mack was lauded for his thick biceps and dedication to Strength. Whereas the knock on Hennessey is he lacks mass and length (they were almost identical height and weight coming out of College). And....Matt out benched Mack by 3 Reps.
  13. Didn't realize that Hennessey was picked before the LSU Center. Quickly looking at Center ratings on 3 draft sites, all of them had Cushenberry considerably ahead of Hennessey. Did Cush fall at the last minute or was it a scheme dependent thing?
  14. Tuggle was so good, he gets a pass on that 10 year rule. Grimes was a Great find. And Finneran squeezed the absolute maximum out of the talents he had.
  15. Forgot that Bartu and Worrilow both made it at the same time. Too bad they weren't all that good. Would have made a great story.
  16. Two Part Question: 1- In past 10 years which UDFAs surprised you. Who did you think was draftable , that we were lucky to sign without using a pick, and never did a dang thing. And....who did you not give a 2nd thought to but actually made solid contributions. 2- Who do you predict will not only make the Roster but actually prove useful from this new crop.
  17. This was written a day or 2 before the 2015 Draft......would not be out of place describing Marlon. You wouldn’t think Grady Jarrett was the ideal defensive tackle due to his size, but he makes up for it with great effort quickness. He’s solid against both the run and the passer, and has the ability to start quickly for whichever team he gets drafted by. As noted, he is undersized but will likely be drafted in the second round.
  18. For those who watch a lot of Auburn football, was Marlon considered a mini Derrick? Did one shine because they other's selfless hard work? Is there a chance that Marlon eclipses Derrick as a Pro, or were they simply picked correctly with a justifiable amount of picks between?
  19. Tyler Biadasz is still available? Thought he was more highly thought of than Hennessey. Do his skills not translate as well to the next level?
  20. For those who know Christian Wilkins game, do the 2 compare at all?
  21. Had we lost a few more games and picked say 9th, we might have drafted CJ Henderson. He is a higher "rated" pick. He probably had a slightly better College career. But only time will tell if he is a better NFL player. You could argue that AJ's physicality will translate better.
  22. This draft reminds me of the flavor of 2015...at least at the top.....from the opposite point of view. We drafted for needs and came away with an average pass rusher instead of a top of the line Offensive player in Gurley. If you believe in the superiority of the 3 Offensive players picked early in this draft, it could be one of those quiet good drafts.
  23. He's faster than Mathieu with similar physicality and motor. Will probably be long gone by the 4th.
  24. Good to remember that the Tight end position takes a while to get good at. The OL, RB, and Receivers can come out year 1 and be very productive. Not so much TEs. There are a bunch of stats out there supporting this, but this fact alone makes the trade make sense. A rookie TE is a pick for a few years down the road.
  25. Read about 12 of the 20 pages, so don't know if this was mentioned.....Ryan freaking loves tight ends. The better the tight end the better he likes them but even a mediocre Tamme got a lot of attention from Matt. He takes time during off seasons to throw and bond with them. Tight ends are Matt Ryan's comfort food. We needed to feed our big dog, and we just did. If you watched highlights of Hurst destroying SEC defenses in College and then compare Ryan to the QBs Hayden had, you have got to feel optimistic.
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