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  1. Pitts will meet or exceed expectations by mid season 2023. Chris Lindstrom is reliable every game and has the potential to be a dominating Guard. That's all I got.
  2. Maybe I'm an optimist but I thought he meant that if we are not good enough to beat a decidedly mediocre Washington, then we are not going to have an enjoyable season until next year when a few free agents and a solid draft will make us competitive again.
  3. Mayfield will be just fine...in 2024. He will probably be coveted by other teams. He will be 24 years old, 10 lbs heavier with a lot more muscle and functional strength. He will be more confident in his assignments and know what the guys on either side of him are doing. His run blocking will be off the charts and his pass pro will be at least adequate. Until then the best thing I can say is that he will help us have a better draft position.
  4. If he walks I can see our first 3 selections in the draft being OL, DL and TE Traditionally rookie tight ends can have an impact early, especially when they come from big time Colleges.
  5. The defense looks like a confidence builder for any young quarterback. the D line looks like college guys going against pros.
  6. It is official as Ledbetter wrote an "article" about it in the AJC. It is more of an announcement. I emailed him: Thanks for the update on Senat.Would have preferred to know more!I remember being excited when we drafted him.Was she released because of a nagging injury? Was it a catastrophic injury? Was he out of shape? Could he just not make tackles? Could he not create enough disruption in the Offensive line?Honestly, when I simply read he was released, I tend to ignore. Just not enough info. Do other NFL teams get this little depth? I read the Athletic which is great, but the writers closest to the team should have the most knowledge.
  7. As a reminder, some pundits saw Spriggs as a late 1st Rounder. His playing strength was questioned, but even with long arms he put up 31 Bench presses so he ain't weak. His draft profile: Athletic frame with long arms Comes out of his stance with tremendous quickness and has elite lateral movement Can get to extremely difficult backside cutoff blocks Knee bender As a move blocker, lands squarely in the strike zone and rolls hips and feet under him to to wash down defender or secure a down-block Shows good patience in space with ability to become solid combination blocker in zone scheme Looks to finish Able to adjust his assignments on the fly Is active with his hands in pass pro Will throw jabs with both hands rather than offering them up for defensive ends to swat Has tools to substantially slow pass rushers when timing his punch Durable, four­-year starter
  8. So much easier to find a good RB in later rounds or UDFA than a Safety. We will look back on Grant as a smart pick
  9. As someone pointed out it is easier to find an A level wide receiver between picks 15-45 than an A+ Receiver who happens to have lined up as a Tight End. There seem to be studs that are 6'1"-6'3" 205-215 coming out every year..... and usually several good prospects in the first 3 Rounds.
  10. Even a middling 2nd Round pick is a great asset. The following receivers were picked in Round 2 (May be a few I have missed): Anquan Boldin, Jordy Nelson, Michael Thomas, Jarvis Landry, Davante Adams, and of course Rob Gronkowski.
  11. A lot of Scouts had late 1st to 2nd Round grades on Jalen. This was a clear follow through on taking the best available player. He faced some excellent pass rushers in College. Worst case he cannot master the transition to Guard and becomes a solid Right tackle capable of filling in at Left Tackle in a pinch.
  12. The amount of vitriol here is uncalled for. The OP took some time and thought to think like a GM. Will be interesting to see how the picks in "both" drafts pan out. Takes creativity and knowledge to specifically say why he liked or did not like a pick. This is the kind of post that gets me thinking. Strongly disagree with his analysis of the Dalman pick. I was surprised he lasted that long. Don't know enough about Graham to comment.
  13. The other thing Dalman has going for him is his Dad. I am sure his Dad is doing everything in his power to prepare his son to deal with the most challenging aspects of playing NFL Center: Guys out weighing you by 35 lbs are trying to run you over.
  14. "he wasn't decent until last year" Key phrase. Light goes on for people at different times. If he makes similar progress over the next 2 years with far better coaching, we may have a player.
  15. Can someone please find a few of the better posts that absolutely guaranteed we were taking a QB? They were so heartfelt even if wrong.
  16. I was neutral when we drafted him. Did not know his game but some Scouts liked his potential. What soured me was Getting Reports like this in 2018: Atlanta Falcons defensive end Takk McKinley underwent surgery on his left shoulder, a procedure the team called "minor" without disclosing details of the recovery time. McKinley tweeted a picture following the surgery with a message boasting about being ready to record double-digit sacks now that he has two healthy shoulders. And then this in the Summer of 2020: Pressed on whether having his option declined is extra motivation, McKinley said, "It was a wake-up call. It was more motivation. It made me hungry, you feel me? Not saying I wasn't hungry in the past. Just got to go prove it.'' McKinley has had issues with both shoulders and is coming back from offseason shoulder surgery. He dropped a significant amount of weight and is now at 248 pounds, down from close to 270 last season. The UCLA product spent the entire offseason in California with Laura Scott of ProSport Physical Therapy & Performance. "Pretty much went at it Monday through Saturdays,'' McKinley said. "Pretty much all day to lose weight and get in the best shape of my life.'' Falcons coach Dan Quinn immediately noticed the difference in McKinley. "From a rehab standpoint, he really looks rock solid,'' Quinn said. "He's dropped weight. He's strong. But I think the speed part, that was one of the things he and I discussed during the offseason. So he's lighter than he has been totally by design to make sure one of the very best parts of his game is his speed and his get-off. "As far as the strength [of his shoulder], he really stayed disciplined to the plan as the rehab portion goes. So he's off to a good start with it. The first day of contact he wanted to see it and trust it.'' I no longer trusted anything he or rehab people or coaches said about Takk. Was actually amazed when reports surfaced that there was even a remote possibility of a trade. Who would want him?
  17. "I bet he has a lot of bad weight on him" Might take that bet. University of Michigan has an excellent Strength and Nutrition program. This kid put on 75 lbs from when he started school there. A lot of that is from better eating and a state of the art Weight Room. Visually his body composition looks typical for an NFL lineman.
  18. Au Tiger nailed it. The sport is so intense with so many injuries that depth is key. If you look at the Saints record since TF was put in charge of Pro Scouting 8 years ago, they have only had 2 losing seasons and even those were close to .500. Hard to know until we see the results but it looks like from the draft, free agent signings, and UDFAs that we upgraded our entire Management team. Now, can you imagine if Terry came into a situation with a healthy cap situation?
  19. If Dalman is our starting Guard we in trouble. Unless he somehow gains 20 pounds in the next 5 months.
  20. Hennessy doesn't look powerful enough to play Guard even in a zone system. Either does Dalman. I like Dalman slightly better in terms of potential but Hennessy was the higher draft pick. Jalen Mayfield on the other hand looks the part even though he has mainly played Tackle.
  21. KOG brought attention to Karl Joseph from W Virginia a few years ago. I had never heard of him and of course he became a 1st Round pick. How does Grant compare to Joseph coming out of College?
  22. The 2021 NFL Draft class does not have any standouts at the safety position, but it does have some prospects who could be good picks late in the first round or early in the second round. In this post, we are going to rank all draftable safety prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft, led by the versatile Richie Grant out of Central Florida. 1. Richie Grant, UCF 6-foot, 197 pounds 2021 NFL Draft grade: First round The only safety with a first-round grade in the 2021 NFL Draft is Central Florida’s, Richie Grant. Grant has had an outstanding college career and has been a force against both the run and pass.
  23. What was the benefit to SF blowing smoke about Mac Jones? What could they gain by this?
  24. Was expecting something horrible. Was very accurate for when it was done.
  25. Used to be the shrewd GMs kept silent....said nothing at all. Now in the age of AI and Analytics, they seem to have formulas based on a blend of saying nothing, speaking in generalizations, and leaking specific false information. It's sophisticated and if this Board is an indication, highly effective.
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