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  1. For Penei fans. I think it was written just before he opted out of last Season. Some good insights though. PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon’s offensive line participated in a Zoom meeting last month. Former Ducks lineman Geoff Schwartz was invited to join, and the current linemen had a chance to ask questions to a guy who played eight NFL seasons. Penei Sewell had questions, of course. I’m told he usually does. But what’s surprised me, and some others, is that Sewell also has some critics. In fact, when I told Oregon coach Mario Cristobal about a recent discussion a
  2. Did a search on Haskins and Theismann. All I found is that Haskins was wanting to use Joe's old number. Either the team or Haskins asked permission. Joe said OK but added it may be a distraction. That's as close as I could find to an endorsement....not really a vote of confidence at all.
  3. We could be watching our new Front Office playing chess. For the sake of this game, let's assume they are in love with Wilson. They also know that QB needy teams like Philly and Detroit covet him too. To prevent them from leapfrogging us to the 2nd or 3rd pick, they lull those teams into a false sense of security by publicly giving Ryan a vote of confidence.
  4. If I was drafting 4th, I would very quietly let it leak out that if Sewell is on the Board, he is our pick hands down. He is the PERFECT player for the Bengals. They have an amazing QB prospect who simply must be protected. Picking 5 with a little something extra in trade with Cincinnati would be a solid move.
  5. Please stop with the "we double dipped with OL in the 1st and see where it's gotten us". Sewell is widely regarded as the most dominant lineman of the Decade. McGary had question marks all over him. Lindstom was rated highly ....but in a different universe than Penei.
  6. 4th is a tricky place to be if your QB conviction begins and ends with Lawrence. 1st 3 picks could easily be Lawrence, Sewell, and Parsons. Then you pray someone wants to trade or just take your highest rated DB. Sure ain't ideal when you are picking this high. Being Number 3 this year, is a better place.
  7. The big problem with losses to the Saints is that the most important position on their team is being manned by what many consider a 3rd string QB. Watching him operate and win makes me think we need a change in philosophy about allocating our resources.
  8. Under DQ this would have been a 14 point loss
  9. If Lance, Fields, and Lawrence had been in last year or year before's draft, where would they have been projected to come off the Board?
  10. Kudos to the early adopters on Winfield. Takes observation skills to see whether College ability will actually translate to the next level.
  11. Turned the game off after the 3rd Qtr. it was 26-10 and the win looked inevitable. And it looked like a meaningless victory that would enable the HC to hang on a little longer, drop our draft pick down away from an impact DL or QB, and solidify a level of mediocrity. Lo and Behold I turned on Sport Center a few hours later and thought they had gotten it wrong! Brought a level of optimism albeit not the variety I really like. But the loss did revive my hope in having things come to a head, and bringing about overdue Coaching changes.
  12. You were one of the few. Most wanted a penetrating defensive tackle or end. I recall the majority being either lukewarm on the pick or downright hostile.
  13. Adam Rank's published predictions last June for the 2019 Season: Browns 10-6 Ravens 9-7 Chargers 11-5 Broncos 2-14 Bills 8-8 Colts 12-4 Titans 3-13 Jaguars 11-5 Eagles 13-3 Cowboys 10-6 Rams 12-4 9ers 3-13 Falcons 11-5 Vikings 5-11 Bears 13-3 He wasn’t just wrong but HORRIBLY wrong about 15 teams. That’s half of them. This guy is supposed to be an expert.
  14. It's difficult for me to think of anything at all that Hill does better than Gurlie. Unless you assume that the lower workload and injury histories of the 2 will project in Hill being available more. Gurlie did not do much at the NFL Combine when he came out, but even the Bench Press that he did participate in was slightly better than Hill.
  15. When you look at their combine results they are almost the same guy. Only odd thing is that Mack was lauded for his thick biceps and dedication to Strength. Whereas the knock on Hennessey is he lacks mass and length (they were almost identical height and weight coming out of College). And....Matt out benched Mack by 3 Reps.
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