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  1. Read about 12 of the 20 pages, so don't know if this was mentioned.....Ryan freaking loves tight ends. The better the tight end the better he likes them but even a mediocre Tamme got a lot of attention from Matt. He takes time during off seasons to throw and bond with them. Tight ends are Matt Ryan's comfort food. We needed to feed our big dog, and we just did. If you watched highlights of Hurst destroying SEC defenses in College and then compare Ryan to the QBs Hayden had, you have got to feel optimistic.
  2. Dane Brugler has us taking Kinlaw in the 1st. Sounds plausible. But his 2nd round pick is a total head scratcher. Can anyone justify the following pick? 47. Atlanta Falcons – Jalen Reagor, WR, TCU 48. New York Jets – Lloyd Cushenberry, OC, LSU 49. Pittsburgh Steelers – Josh Uche, Edge, Michigan 50. Chicago Bears – Cole Kmet, TE, Notre Dame 51. Dallas Cowboys – Justin Madubuike, DT, Texas A&M 52. Los Angeles Rams – Terrell Lewis, Edge, Alabama 53. Philadelphia Eagles – Jeremy Chinn, S, Southern Illinois 54. Buffalo Bills – Curtis Weaver, Edge, Boise State 55. Atlanta Falcons (via NE) – Clyde Edwards-Helaire, RB, LSU 56. Miami Dolphins (via NO) – Cesar Ruiz, OG/C, Michigan 57. Houston Texans – Jaylon Johnson, CB, Utah 58. Minnesota Vikings – Antoine Winfield, FS, Minnesota 59. Seattle Seahawks – Cameron Dantzler, CB, Mississippi State Seems like at least 9 of the 10 picks after our 47th would be superior.
  3. I don't think you can whiff on Wirfs. He's a top 10 talent and is a guy you could ignore the defense in Round 1 for. Overall great athlete (State of Iowa Wrestling champion where they take it seriously), excellent measurables and good mental makeup. I can see why you ran.
  4. The latest CBS Mock (20 hours ago) has no RBs going in the 1st Round at all! So there is a solid chance a good one will fall to early 3rd round.
  5. Thanks for the effort, but if these were accurate we would be about a .500 team at this point.
  6. Hard to judge these things. For all we know the 9ers had offered him 5 years at 16 million. He might have felt he was worth more and decided to stay put... saying such. And then they could have sweetened the pot another 10 million (He signed a 5 year deal for 26.5) Most of us given the opportunity at that compensation would jump at it and not be too concerned about the stigma of changing our mind about staying.
  7. I wonder what they saw in Quinn either during his interview, or observing his body of work, that would lead them to give him so much authority and control over the team. He just seems like a natural middle management type guy with DC being his lofty height of achievement level. As a comparison, Shanny exudes quiet natural thinker and leader.
  8. The fact that TD needed the Vic deal to go through for the other contracts to be signed, tells me he is all that good at his job.
  9. Truth is, without the Sanu trade, Gage would only see the field occasionally.
  10. A series of bad decisions plus a few injuries have completely derailed the team. Stocker, extending Freeman and Beasley and not putting proper attention on the kicking game have landed us amongst the bottom feeders. I am not including the Carpenter signing as that was hard to prognosticate. Really hurts to see guys mentioned a lot on the Board like the Viking's Bradbury have good games on National TV.
  11. Disagree A solid organization would have learned from the experience and improved! It's not the's the poor analysis and failure to take steps. Did not take a genius to realize that Shanahan played a major role in our success. That being said, it is time to improve the Management.
  12. I've heard this dozens of times. But when I watch games, Falcons as Athletes simply don't look superior to the athletic prowess of other players. Am I missing something?
  13. This is not far fetched. Brady routinely makes his free agents look as good or better than other's draft picks. Think about how well Sanu will play with Brady throwing to him.
  14. Would not surprise me if one of the guys mentioned is slacking off on route running or missing blocks. BB is ruthless when it comes to getting personnel to do their job. Sanu is someone he can absolutely count on.
  15. With the Pats it's like an early 3rd but still that is more than I expected. Win/Win