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  1. Shannahan had the gravitas to get Matt's attention, even if they didn't always get along. Sark is more trying to fit in, and keep a good thing going. Not sure he has earned the right to force Matt to do anything. This may be one of the problems. In Marriage, Career and Football it is better to seize the day every day and create something positive.
  2. Solid question. I saw a few predictions that we would win a close one and no predictions of a loss to the Fins. Most posters had us winning very comfortably.
  3. The answer is not listed. Correct answer is Jai Ajai. He ran like a man possessed. When we stopped him it almost looked like luck. He and an underrated O Line (they lost their best lineman to injury early in the game) wore down the D and enabled Miami to execute a very smart game plan.
  4. I grew up with the Varsity too, but no way I would recommend it. Way too many better options these days.
  5. This is the 2nd time we have made a trade late in the off season for an Offensive Lineman originally drafted in the 2nd Round. It took Levitre a little while to mesh and Ty looks to be on a similar trajectory. Quite a formula the Falcons have found. Makes not drafting a lineman early much more palatable.
  6. "I don't know what happened to him last year but he's really good and will have to be a focal point of the offense on Sunday." He hurt his ankle in the 2nd game last year and was not the same after. Seems to be all healed now and has to be accounted for every time he's in there. Does not take plays off.
  7. I think we will know more about our OL after the Packer game. But we will also get insights after we see the Bear defense against a few more teams.
  8. Korean: Breakers Chinese: BoBo Garden BarQue : Community Pizza: Varuni Napoli Chicken: Gio's Indian: Zyka
  9. However you feel about him, there is a reason why some pretty good NFL minds had Shanahan as their Number 1 hire target at the end of last year.
  10. With a little poking around it seems the Bears are expected to win 7 on the low side and 10 games on the high. There is no shame in barely winning in Chicago in front of a good home crowd. Now if the Bears only manage 3-4 wins we will see this game differently. They are well coached and had a solid plan for us, so the 7-10 looks more realistic.
  11. His strength was adequate coming out of College but not as good as Taylor Lewan's, which is why some liked the Michigan kid better as a prospect. Lewan also had superior 40 time and broad jump. Matthews is solid but I think Tennessee stands pat in a do-over.
  12. Love the bump. Hopefully makes people think twice before judging. Think of each one as a cautionary tale.
  13. Exact same situation with my Father in Law. He got out of the Hospital 3 weeks ago, stayed in our Guest Room until 2 days ago and is now home. Head will be on a swivel the next few days at Publix.
  14. Loved him at Rutgers and was hoping we would draft him. He's such a natural athlete. I remember seeing him play Quarterback and maybe even some Safety in College.
  15. Pretty hard to believe that someone would turn down an interesting and smoking hot girl decked out in Pewter and Orange of the Bucs or Gold and Black of the Saints. I'm sure such a man exists but seems to me it would easier and far more rewarding to find common ground.