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  1. If our D line was in the Viking training camp this past Summer, they would start the Season with 1 less guy than they had yesterday..... adding Grady to their mix. I didn't see anybody else on the Falcon team that could crack their lineup. Not sure if it's talent evaluation or coaching but in that all important positional group we look subpar.
  2. Graham was listed as a 210 lb safety in High School but played a lot of linebacker and even a bit as a receiver on the Offensive side.
  3. Was surprised by it as I recall Anthony being coveted going into his draft. He had played ay a high level against the better ACC and SEC teams.
  4. " Like Stephone Anthony only difference is SA sucked in college & the pros"
  5. Anthony sucked in College? One of the team’s most athletic defensive players ... had 330 tackles, 34.5 tackles for loss, 9.5 sacks, three interceptions for eight yards, 18 quarterback pressures, 13 pass breakups, five caused fumbles and one recovered fumble in 2,264 snaps over 52 games (35 starts) in his career ... Permanent team co-captain ... one of 15 semifinalists for the Butkus Award ... First-Team All-ACC selection (media, coaches) ... first-team All-ACC by Athlon, College Sports Madness, ESPN and Phil Steele ... Senior Bowl invitee ... had a team-high 90 tackles, 10.5 tackles for loss, 2.5 sacks, 11 quarterback pressures, one interception for eight yards, four pass breakups and two caused fumbles in 711 snaps over 13 games (12 starts) ... had five tackles and 1.5 tackles for loss in 55 snaps at No. 12 Georgia on Aug. 30 ... had five tackles and two tackles for loss in 16 snaps against SC State on Sept. 6; named team defensive player-of-the-game ... had a team-high eight tackles, two tackles for loss, one sack, two pass breakups and two quarterback pressures in 66 snaps at No. 1 Florida State.
  6. " He’s awful & so is the AJC. LOL 91% agree we deserve much much better. Our team & fans should demand a much higher standard. Both the AJC & Ledbetter are part of the same low standard so I just include them together as substandard, unprofessional failures who are never held accountable for their horrible work. This isn’t being mean spirited, it’s being honest about their poor quality of work. It’s extremely dull & unfulfilling." The truth told here is sad. Have tried to support our local paper with an online subscription for the last 2 years. As several have suggested ....The Athletic is a good alternative. I resisted thinking there is no way a National sports entity could compete with a huge paper that rarely covers anything not local. I was soooo wrong. Have gotten more out the Athletic in 3 days than the AJC in 3 months. If you are on the fence, get off.
  7. Maybe an Alien took over Yo? He's one of 8-10 posters I usually pay attention to.
  8. That was well written. But one of the main premises is that McCoy holds similar or more value than Lindstrom. Not many NFL front offices would agree with that. Also, McCoy, albeit being a better Center, is not a better Guard than Lindstrom. Could he be cross trained? Maybe. He has played a year less than Chris and only had 2 starts at Guard. We have a Center. We had a gaping need at Guard. We got the right guy.
  9. The eye test says Grace is better than Riley. Not all world....but better. Is he too small? Is it just undrafted guy vs 3rd Round pick? This one is a head scratcher.
  10. The Grades on our draft in 2016 hovered around C for exactly the same reason....value. Most experts thought Neal was a 2nd Rounder drafted too early. Most liked him..... but in the 2nd round. Jones was seen as a gamble in Round 2 because he had limited playing experience. Hooper was seen as a need pick as opposed to a steal. And Campbell was considered a reach due to poor instincts and the fact that other more NFL ready linebackers available. If the 2 Offensive linemen protect Matt and make all our running backs look better, then we will get our share of A'a on the Do-Over draft ratings a few years down the road.
  11. When Brown and Carpenter were signed, they were decent players at a fair price at a position of need. No way TD knew at the time how the draft would shake out. Had Wilkins or Josh Allen or Oliver been available at 14, he had the luxury of picking them and knowing we were at covered at Guard. Did he have Lindstrom ahead of those guys? Probably not, but we don't know. We do know he thought Chris was a better prospect than Burns, Dex, or Dillard.
  12. This move really shows TD's lineage. I have always admired how the Patriots manage to have a potent running game with no name running backs. They are consistent year after year and seem to be able to get tough yards when they absolutely need them even when the Defense knows how critical the situation is. That comes from good coaching but also talent (no matter what Round they were selected). These picks besides protecting Matt, should let Ito and Hill and anyone else be productive.
  13. Konz was definitely not a Weight Room Warrior. He struggled to put up 18 reps at 317 pounds. Kaleb is stronger both upper and lower body. He's country strong and probably will be a total beast after a year or 2 of NFL strength training.
  14. If you want to feel better about Lindstrom, watch Voch Lombardi's Senior Bowl linemen practice commentary. Chris looked really good.