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  1. Is that standard issue foot speed for Offensive Linemen or is Knappe athletically blessed? He seemed really quick in those drills.
  2. Anyone know how he compares physically with DiMarco coming out of College?
  3. Doesn't have an NFL ready body but he does have the frame and work ethic. Could easily become a rotational player somewhere in a year or two.
  4. Hard to imagine Quinn giving the nod to draft him out of Minnesota. Probably why he has focused on adding DL guys from the moment he arrived here. That was arguably his biggest concern to mold a strong DL when starters were Babs, Jackson and Hageman. Luckily he was up to the challenge.
  5. How about just not finding a legit starting guard. If we get Lamar Holmes level of play from our starting Guard and Swing Tackle, that could take us right off the rails.
  6. I rarely read anything about any of our picks pre draft on this board other than Hill. I think many astute posters here not hearing what TD and Quinn had to say in analysis, and seeing their favs go later .....would have had a similar grade. This is a promising draft for us, but not necessarily for every team.
  7. Thanks for posting and I think by the answers so far, you can be assured that you are not alone. Always better to let stuff like this out than let it stew inside you.
  8. If Riley and Debo came out in the same draft, who would you take based on measurables and on field production?
  9. To the winners: Please chime in with your thinking to get those 3 right.
  10. Looks like a really good draft. The FO must have weighted the need at pass rusher a whole lot more than the upgrade at FS. Dorian and Kittle slid a lot. Time will tell if they outplay their draft slot. This draft will be particularly interesting to see the Redos in 2-3 years. It was fun to see the re-draft with hindsight from 2016.
  11. Add 15 lbs of muscle on him and he could be NFL ready.
  12. How do teams get intel on other teams? With the extreme secrecy and all the smoke...seems like it would just be a guess based on perceived team needs and past draft tendencies. To give up a valuable 3rd Round pick, you would almost need a spy in other war rooms.
  13. Kudos to Random Fan for remembering Stephen White's critique of Joey Bosa. Saw him as robotic with a high floor and low ceiling.
  14. Curious...At pick 93 if you had gone OL or DE or Linebacker, which 2 or 3 guys were the highest rated on your Board?
  15. Good memory: vaughn mcclure @vxmcclure23 Bears signing Danny Trevathan, according to @AdamSchefter. I expect the Falcons to sign Jerrell Freeman. 4:12 PM - 9 Mar 2016 Hard to know when they leak stuff to reporters in hopes it gets out to further their true goals. The contingencies and "what if" scenarios have gotta be fascinating on the Inside.