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  1. If the shoe was on the other foot, do you really think we would be focused about how sweet it would be to win the final game in Louisiana? Not me! I would be trying to figure out how the OC would scheme to get Julio 1 on 1 against their least physical cornerback or wondering if the off season moves to get a more powerful offensive line would pay dividends against a historically potent pass rush. The rest is just filler stories and distraction. It's about getting to the Super Bowl. It's then about winning it. Period.
  2. "And posted today is an article of Grimes and Miko crying about how disrespected he has been in Tampa." Talk about timely! Read the article.....the Board would have gone ape over that Grimes interview if he was a Falcon.
  3. I mentioned that this game would be like a kitten tussling with a puppy. I want a do over. The game was more like a cuddly kitten versus a rabid raccoon. GB's reserve linemen were as good or better than our starters.
  4. You clearly have not been watching us. It will be a fight to the death between a cute puppy and a 2 month old kitten. Good day to take up Pickleball or rake leaves.
  5. Hard to imagine going into 2018 thinking Duke Riley or Vic Beasley were going to be studs. I mean one can always hope.....but realistically those two's ceilings are solid mediocrity. Trufant on the other hand was expected to consistently play at a high level. He has disappointed.
  6. Can you imagine how much more effective Grady and Takk would be with a legitimately feared pass rusher in place of Beasley? We would all be much happier with the play of the secondary for certain.
  7. "Man, we're so depleted on defense I'm starting to hear Beasley's name being called by the announcers." Now that is funny.
  8. Wow Now that is the real going deep. Good job scouting the Refs!
  9. Watched the Super Bowl against the Pats in the Caribbean. The higher class places had theme parties but there was not a lot of attention put on it. Left one after 10 minutes when I realized the smallish TV was almost an after thought. Kinda felt like you were on an Island.
  10. Looking at these lists it reminds me how much better the food is in Albuquerque, San Fran, NYC, Miami, and Orange County. We have a great city but for it's size and diversity our food is just OK. Gunshow is pretty unique and Stone Bowl for Korean is good, and for New Orleans style sandwiches the new Po Boys sandwich shop in Decatur smacks.
  11. When I go to a new city I try to get either food the city is good at, or food that I can't get where I'm from. Atlanta is not really good at any particular cuisine ( Southern food and Barbecue are good in dozens of cities), but it has solid Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Steaks, Burgers, and Mediterranean. What do you crave?
  12. It's not about realism, it's about an attitude. I find it impossible to imagine Luke Kuechly or Clay Matthews uttering those words.
  13. This concerns me. Whether it's true or not, I want my young linebackers to believe that with strength, speed, and skills they can be effective with stops every down.
  14. Anyone with a 16 year old wouldn't bat an eye. It's just what is popular. If you have any recollection of being a teenager you remember music that is different from what your parents like is good, and listening to what other teenagers like is good. It's hard to find cutting edge music of any generation that was eagerly embraced initially by the previous generations.
  15. Not a classic beauty but certainly cute and a great athletic body. If she is smart, she's a prize.