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  1. Why? I like the trolls visiting... Its amusing and a lot easier to read than some of the homeristic bile that gets spewed on here...
  2. This is one of the biggest fallacies this message board keeps spewing out... Dorsey was far from being a bust last season; if anything, he played well considering the rest of the talent that was on their DL... It is well known it take DT's a while to adjust to NFL OL's, but Dorsey is an exception imo. He didnt star for Kansas City, but he did handle his business... Please leave the BS to the media...
  3. Who is that goose in your avatar? Are ******* like this really out there? :blink:
  4. Im sick of hearing 'there is no shame losing to the Pats at home' We could of gone up to foxboro and shown the league we mean business this season, instead we played scared and coached scared...
  5. I actually think SF wins by 2 scores in this one... Hill does enough, and doesnt turn the ball over. If the defense plays the run like usual, Coffee will shred us. Their defense is very, very good and are playing an offense that is great on paper and havnt played up to it... SF imho should be 4-0 now... They will win the TOP and therefore win the game...
  6. Put the crack pipe down swifty... Ive watched 2 9's games this season and they are vastly improved. Turner will be lucky to crack 70 yards on this team and with our defense, Glen Coffee is liable to run for 125+ and a couple of scores... I am hoping like **** the birds bounce back, but ive already put SF down for a win in the MB pick 'em contest. 49's will control the clock and also win the game... 27-17
  7. I could care less about what your point is... The point of this thread is, gazoo ia an a hole, hence why all his crappy threads are bumped... lol @ insult... If that insulted you, maybe you should watch your mascara
  8. Like gazoo doesnt bring chit like this upon himself... Pull ur head out of ur azz please... People here arnt basking in the glory of JA98 being a bust, people just want to give it to gazoo cos he is a richard cranium...
  9. Funniest thing ive read from gazoo... Finally coming to terms that 98 is a bigger bust than Aundrey Bruce...
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