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  1. The irony of that statement from the same guy who came up with the name PeeAngelo Hall.
  2. We won the most important game against them though. I would say the LSU game hurt VT worse then the BC game.
  3. Board continues to decline. smh @ both of the top 10 list in this thread
  4. ....and then you got to put up with those Boone Stutz freaks..........:laugh:, Don't make me bump the boonebino thread.:P That would be classic if you did.....I know you're a Rockets man blood but you gotta love what the Hawks are doin' to the Celtics right now, right? The original boonebino thread got lost in the transfer to the new boards. But I like what the Hawks are doing but part of me would feel bad for KG if the Hawks did win the series. KG is from where I'm from(Greenville, SC), I played at his basketball camp and we won the championship. He was nice, I've met him a few times. Hawks a
  5. I'm guessing both with the name Brian Lara.
  6. ....and then you got to put up with those Boone Stutz freaks..........:laugh:, Don't make me bump the boonebino thread.:P
  7. Well posting it in TATF is not going to help. We are here to talk about the Falcons not racism.
  8. TATF is pathetic, you got people making racial threads in a forum about the Atlanta Falcons, those folks need to see their way to the Oprah and Dr. Phil Message Board. And then you have some idiot who keeps making threads in TATF talking about the sport "Cricket".
  9. There are black and white racist fans in every single fanbase for whatever sport you can come up with. So if racism is going to control whether you're a fan or not you might as well stop watching sports. It's the world, there are ignorant people in all races, that doesn't define one whole race just because those people are ignorant.
  10. Well with the way this board views Vick it's hard to tell when someone is joking, my bad.
  11. You must take responsibility for what is in your sig. His sig has nothing to do with whether he's a Falcons fan or not though.
  12. lol @ this turning into a Vick thread because some Idiot has a problem with "Free Mike Vick" in someone sigs. Anyway welcome, now you already see how this board is.
  13. Question, why are you using JaMarcus Russell as the guy that "vick fans" should go cheer for? He's not the only qb in the league.
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